Fans BRUT4LLY ROAST Islam Makhachev for GAINING WEIGHT! Colby RESPONDS to Dana’s criticism! IanGarry

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00:00 Volkanovski reacts to Ilia Topuria’s Instagram BIO
01:12 Rampage Jackson reveals why Ian Garry turned down podcast appearance
02:51 Sean Strickland goes snowboarding
03:22 Themba Gorimbo vows to be the 1st person to beat Shavkat Rahkmonov
05:01 Colby Covington responds to Dana White’s criticism
06:23 Fans roast Islam Makhachev
07:39 TOP 3 MMA memes



All right let's get the show Started let's start today's news with Alex volkanovski reacting to OT toor's Instagram bio speaking to David adisan a Few days ahead of UFC 298 volkanovski Said that he looks forward to humbling Ilot Toria and making him change his Instagram bio which currently says that He's already the UFC featherweight Champion vul also said it better not be Ila's manager or wife who changes it he Wants Ilia himself to change it to 14- One experienced champion on just going To play you know just going to Humble The the dude you know what I mean so It's like me I'm like okay time will Tell you know what I mean like press Next press conference couple of days you Know your words are going to be much Different you know you're someone's Going to have to go onto their their bio On the Instagram and change it literally Themselves so what a humbling experience That's going to be and I'm going to make Sure I'm going to make sure I don't want The manager I don't want their trainers Or the or his wife or anything doing it I want him personally to change that uh To 14 and one and contend or whatever He's going to change the champion to Rampage Jackson reveals why n Gary Turned down an appearance on his podcast Last year Rampage launched the Jackson

Podcast and has since interviewed Numerous Fighters including well-known Names such as Gilbert Burns and Cain Velasquez one Fighter the former UFC Champ was eager to speak with wasian Gary but unfortunately Gary never Appeared on the former UFC Champions Podcast speaking on the MMA hour with Ariel helwani earlier this week Jackson Opened up on the situation and said that Gary felt that he was going to be mocked On the podcast and that's why he didn't Come we are really had we already had Somebody um decline they said I was Going to make fun of them but I I Haven't been really making fun of who Was it who was the sensitive Sally um honestly I can't I can't Remember his name they CL I think it was That I think it was that guy that what's His name Ian I think he's com I think They finally guy M he didn't want come In first what's his name Ian the [ __ ] I Don't know e Mall Ian with the wife That's come Ian Gary what's his name oh Ian Gary What I'm not going to make fun of him Yeah Uh well you know it's it's tough is is Is that true though his wife got a Boyfriend didn't no no that is not true That's rumor too I don't know I listen I

Don't proba I don't like to ask people About their personal lives okay I leave That I personal if you drinking piss or not That's personal Sean Strickland goes Snowboarding the former UFC champ is Still enjoying his time outside the Octagon following UFC 297 loss to Drake's dupy in a recent video posted on His IG page Strickland showed off his Snowboarding [Music] Skills I'm Done [ __ ] Done Tempo gimbo reveals big plans for 2024 grimbo recently faced Pete Rodriguez in a welterweight preliminary B at UFC Vegas 85 and only needed 32 Seconds to get his first UFC finish now A few days after the victory gimbo did An interview on MMA today and said that He plans on getting the UFC Welterweight Title within the next 10 months grimbo Also believes he can beat the undefeated Shaa ranov and vowed to be the first Person to do it there's a lot of things That can happen in the next 10 months Brother I do not I do not see myself Going through the rankings not because Like I saw some people been thinking That I'm being being en TI I feel like I Can jump the line I'm not going to jump The line I'm going to fight someone on Short notice in the top 10 and beat them

The way I would do the UFC is going to Say is next and that's how it's going to Happen that's that's how we talked about Before it's like if he's gonna do this He's gonna have to like take a short Notice fight against R I know in my Heart for some reason I've always felt This in my heart I'm going to be the First guy to beat shf cat And give him his first loss does all Look like people say he will make B to With me but for some reason from the day I saw that guy I just said to myself I'm Want to be the guy to beat that guy so Maybe that's going to be shut I beat him And then the UFC because I don't think a Lot of people expect would expect if I Take a fight sh lot of people W expect Me to win but I believe in myself so Much that I believe I'm going to be the Guy to beat him give him the is f us I Promise you this Kobe Covington responds To Dana White's criticism following Covington's UFC 296 loss to Leon Edwards Dana White spoke to Media during the Post fight press conference and shared His honest opinion on cumington labeling Him is slow and Old my take on it is uh you guys will Let me know what you think but when You're 35 years old and and and or any Age in this sport you're like yeah I'm Going to wait waiting is never a good Idea in this sport uh this sport doesn't

Wait for anybody and I think he he Looked slow tonight um he got out Wrestled um you know Leon Leon looked Good Leon looked fast looked like he had Trouble dealing with his speed and uh And then getting out wrestled too and And not to mention the fact that Leon Absolutely destroyed that leg too during A recent appearance on submission radio Covington addressed Dana's post-fight Comments saying I haven't been able to Be in in touch with him white I'm in Touch with Hunter Campbell and they're Aware of what's going on the UFC is Aware of my foot and giving me the best Care possible they're aware what's going On with the facts I was on a broken foot The whole fight it is what it is I like My boss giving me hard rough criticism Because it makes me want to work harder And prove them wrong but I respect Dana's opinion he's done great things He's changed my life I have no bad Things to say about Dana fans react to Islam makach chev's new interview the UFC lightweight champ recently did an Interview with the French media out Where he discussed the timeline for his Potential return according to makev He'll make his return either in June or July 2024 June July I have next fight I did Just one training every day nothing like Hard but I still training every day

Because I'm a champion I have to defense My belt I have to be ready you know Always now everybody want to take my Boat fans in the comments weren't happy Over the lack of activity from the champ And also noticed that makev has gained Some weight here are the people's Reactions one fan wrote bro looks like a Literal meatball with a beard Islam Ben Eating no usada he's juicing more than Ever bro looks 200 lb close to two years And still zero title defenses against The lightweight bro talking 7 to eight Months Jesus do Champion even want to Fight that's why vul is the goat this Guy's not making 55 for much longer Training every day for an eating contest Ruined the best division in MMA by never Fighting You hear Fighters say they go into Fights and camps with injuries cuz They're Fighters and that's how the game Works not for Islam he gets all the time He Wants today's top memes third place was Found over on Reddit and was posted by Silly Feedback second place meme was found Over on Reddit and was posted by Danger Mouse and the top picked meme was found Over on Reddit and was posted by OT Smell Model A the man look at this guy this Guy is huge man look how always

Wrestling with this guy look oh let me Get the let me get The when I came to dastan I smash you And your guys why I smash you on your Guy oh man this guy's strong how big is This guy right now oh my God hold I get The I get the leg oh man get a load of This guy but Islam Islam what what did He Say thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk