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Welcome back to another episode of Scenic Fights' Fight Scene Breakdown. My name is Chad Vázquez My friend is Logan Lo and together we're going to
break down the grappling scene of a 2014 Chilean film, Redeemer Starring Marko Zaror. [Chad] Nice high kick! [Chad] Alright, a little exaggerated, a lot
of big movements. [Logan] Right [Chad] Looks cool for the camera. [Chad] That's a legit move. Ōuchi gari [Chad] Alright so now we're in a foot lock here. [Chad] so he's going for an Achilles lock with
the feet hooked outside.

It's also referred to an Outside Ashi. There was a kick that was involved, and I
caught the kick. Me being Marko's opponent. Logan being Marko. This hand either it was free or had a grip. The front foot steps The back foot comes in and now the front foot
comes around for that take down. The leg was still held. The front foot that was used to trip the opponent,
came over, sat down, into this lock. Marko's opponent used a figure-four-grip and if you look closely it was on the shin. His feet is crossed outside and he started
leaning back to apply breaking pressure. There are some problem's here. Better grips, the one I prefer is using a grip like so making a fist grabbing it hand high Here I'm much more on the ankle and now I
can fold the foot and apply a break. Legs, I think they can be better. One leg inside. One leg outside to the hip, like so. This is a classic version. From here, I can use this foot to manage distance
and to place me properly on the ankle.

And now from here. We'll go really slow. For the finish, I bring the heel towards his butt. I'm on my shoulder, and now as I roll my shoulder
back, I extend my hips forward and I even look back to bend the foot. And that applies breaking power on the ankle. [Chad] Marko did manage to get up. [Chad] What he did was, he engaged this leg
here using his hand. Moved it over and stood up and stepped over the leg. [Chad] Now the opponent went into something
called an X-Guard. He hooked the knee. From here he stretched out the legs and swung
over to some leg attack. I wouldn't say this is the best X-Guard. Usually this top leg you're looking at right
now, goes to the hip.

While this bottom leg, stays to the knee so
it's not here, it's here. And as far as the transition to another leg
attack. There's a better option. What he could've done, was take this leg and
as he went to stretch him at angle come back down to an ankle here, and do a trip. If it works, I can come up and slide right into an Ashi Garami situation and I can go right into a foot lock again and then keep on attacking and have proper control. [Chad] Alright, Ippon Seoi Nage he catches
himself on the feet.I don't know how? [Chad] Inside trip! Alright. [Chad] Now we're in the
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu transition.
[Logan] Scarf [Chad] Yup scarf hold, he's punching.

[Chad] Transition Turtle, now we're wrestling. [Logan] Oh nice! [Chad] Yeah [Chad] Next technique I want to cover is the
Ippon Seoi Nage. Now I already went over that on the Donnie Yen
break down that I did before The difference though is that this one was set
up by a punch. Meaning during the exchange a big hook came
on, on this side here. I block and I hook. That's the difference and this could be valid this could be valid if the guy is just throwing
a wide punch here and I have good timing and and good eyes this could be a valid entry.

Now there was a counter, his opponent, he
did a forward flip to his feet here. I don't know how real that is. I think that's just the movie being very flashy. But it happened. The opponent held on to the arm and went for
an inside trip. Which took the fight to the ground. There's a knee being thrown here. Now the fight, the pin transitions from side
control to a Scarf Hold. Also known as a Kesa Gatame. From here, Marko's opponent use this position
to hold on to Marko and use his free hand here to start punching. What happens, the bottom person, Marko blocks
and he decides to not stay here and roll out into what's called a turtle. From here we see a combination of wrestling
and jitsu working together. The wrestling aspect is to control here, okay. This is actually a great position to start
punching at. This is a legit fighting position, I can hold on here,
and start punching. Marko's opponent was maneuvering side to side.

pexels photo 933964

The reason why he was doing that, he was trying
to find space to get his feet in. He must have had a situation where the elbow
is tight and he couldn't get in, so he switched over went on top, and now, from here, his feet got in. So Marko responded in the right way, on certain
details here. Okay, the first that I'd say is that his opponent
had this type of rear-naked choke where the hand is behind the head and as I explained in a previous video with Donnie Yen. My partner can start reaching to grab the hand and
pull it off, which is what he did. He also continued by using this hand to push
off the leg and to roll into his opponent to establish top position and from here he went into a guard
and started attacking. Alright double leg. Sprawl. That's an Outside Head single.
That was really nice. Marko's opponent went for a Head Outside Single. So from here he managed to step in work a shot and land right so.

Head went into an armpit He let go of his grips and got right into this control. Marko responded correctly. He started bringing hips out and started pushing my hands downward to break it and face into his opponent. Now the next move is a little tricky.
It's really cool. It's an Inversion to a Crab Ride. [Chad] He dropped down and
dropped right to this position. Feet like so. My hands on the ankle so I have control I have to off balance him immediately using my shins and knees,
I'm going to widen out his knees so that you can see that his hips will lower down to me. Once I achieve this, I can reach up and grab the hips and pull him to me to make him sit down on my shin. My feet lift up so you can see right here,
his feet are off the floor, From here I shoot the legs forward,
and I establish a control around the waist. Now I can choose, either seat-belt first or
a hook first. It depends on what you feel him do, if he's
educated, he understands what's gonna happen next.

He understands you're taking his back, So you might have to feel out what comes first. In this case I can go foot first then the seat-belt and then fall to my side to proceed to my choke. Marko managed to rotate out into his opponent. His opponent pulled the arm and got his feet
over really quickly and locked up into a front triangle. Now if you saw, his opponent, paid
dearly for not doing a couple details I mentioned on a previous video about Donnie Yen. He didn't control the armpit or the leg. If you're dealing with a really strong person who has the power to get on their feet pick you up and slam you that is real and that's how he was able
to get out of the triangle choke.

There was a lot of great grappling. My favorite scene particularly was the one where Marko's opponent went for that single leg back take, inversion to the crab ride right into that back take. That was really cool. Somethings I didn't mention,
there was a great armbar transition There was something that I would say were done wrong but overall I liked how it looked like. There was sense or realism. So I think that scene and other things. That would lead me to give this scene a A- Thank you so much for watching! If you're interested to train with me and
getting into what you just saw check the link below Evolution Muay Thai NYC that's where I'm located at.

Also if there's any other scenes that you
want us to break down. Leave it in the comment section. Don't forget to subscribe and hit that like button and I'll see you next time..

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