Ex-UFC Heavyweight Champ Brock Lesnar Pulled From WWE Royal Rumble Amid McMahon Lawsuit Controversy

Brock Lesnar is not expected to appear at tonight’s WWE Royal Rumble according to a report from PWInsider.

The outlet reported that as of Saturday morning, Lesnar had not traveled to Tampa, Florida where the event is scheduled to take place. One source is said to have revealed that the former UFC champion had been withdrawn from the event and would be replaced by an unnamed wrestler from the NXT brand.

The sports entertainment juggernaut intended on having Lesnar appear at the promotion’s annual showcase of the immortals, Wrestlemania, later this year, but those plans appear to be up in the air after the ‘Beast Incarnate’ was implicated in a lawsuit against WWE founder and former chairman Vince McMahon.

Brock Lesnar Was Promised Sex with plaintiff in exchange for signing a new contract

On Thursday, The Wall Street Journal reported that McMahon was the subject of a federal lawsuit after he had allegedly sexually assaulted and trafficked a former WWE employee on multiple occasions over their multi-year relationship. The plaintiff — Janel Grant — claims that McMahon not only abused her sexually, but he also forced to her have sex with other executives and WWE Superstars.

Though Lesnar is not explicitly named in the lawsuit, it was reported that he received multiple sexually explicit photos of Grant from McMahon. The complaint also alleges that Lesnar was offered the opportunity to have sex with Grant as part of his signing a new contract with the company. After Lesnar inked the new deal, McMahon allegedly texted Grant “that part of the deal was f*cking U.”

According to the lawsuit:

“That December, McMahon gave Grant’s personal cellphone number to the WWE star, the lawsuit said. The wrestler asked her to send a video of herself urinating, the suit said, and after she did, he called her a “b*tch.” That same month, the suit said, the star expressed a desire to “set a play date,” but a snowstorm disrupted his travel plans.”

Vince McMahon has since resigned from TKO Group and WWE and vehemently denied the allegations being levied against him.

Brock Lesnar has not yet addressed his alleged role in the report.

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