Daniel Cormier rips fan taunting Jordan Burroughs after Olympic trials loss: ‘What a piece of trash’

UFC Hall of Famer and two-time Olympic wrestler Daniel Cormier has no time for disrespectful fans.

On Friday, Olympic gold medalist Jordan Burroughs was eliminated from the United States team trials in what could be the final match of his career, falling to Jason Nolf in the semifinals at 74kg. Afterward, as Burroughs left the arena, a fan started taunting him while shouting, “Career is over,” which led to the Nebraska alum turning around and yelling back, “What have you done?”

None of that sat well with Cormier, who took to social media to unleash on the unruly fan shouting at Burroughs after what was undoubtedly one of the toughest moments of his career.

“What a piece of trash this guy is,” Cormier wrote on Twitter. “To yell go home to a guy who’s represented our country the right way for 13 years, seven World or Olympic titles is insane. This is why Arman [Tsarukyan] punched that fan. People behave with no consequence.

“This dude possibly wrestled last match of his career and this is what you give him? I love how manning jumped to his guys defense. Sometimes I am so lost in the way people act. It’s mind boggling. J.B., you’re still the man. Time gets us all. Also Jason Nolf is a dog!”

Burroughs, 35, likely goes down as one of the greatest American wrestlers in history, with a long list of accolades on his résumé. Unfortunately, he’s now failed to make the past two Olympic teams, with a loss to Kyle Dake in 2020 and then falling to Nolf ahead of the 2024 games.

In his post addressing the incident, Cormier referenced a different altercation at UFC 300 where lightweight contender Arman Tsarukyan got physical with a fan in the crowd during the walkout for his fight with Charles Oliveira.

Tsarukyan explained that a fan flipped him the middle finger and got a little too close for comfort as he was walking to the cage, so he responded.

“He showed me, ‘F*** you,’ and he wanted to punch me and I wanted to punch him back,” Tsarukyan said at the UFC 300 post-fight press conference. “That’s it. So guys, no one show me, ‘F*** you.’ It doesn’t matter who you are, I’m going to punch you in the face. You can show me ‘F***’ from like 200 meters, I’m not going to punch you.

“But when you’re close to me, it’s, like automatically. I’m from Russia. Don’t do that, please, or I’m going to go to prison in U.S.”

It sounds like Cormier agrees with Tsarukyan’s actions, especially after what he witnessed during the U.S. Olympic team trials in wrestling on Friday.

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