Sean Brady wants Ian Machado Garry after UFC Austin: ‘S*** was wack to me’

Ian Machado Garry continues to make enemies within the UFC roster.

Sean Brady became the latest contender to invoke Machado Garry’s name on Wednesday at UFC Austin’s media day when he targeted the Irishman for his next fight.

Brady is currently slated to welcome Kelvin Gastelum back to the welterweight division this Saturday in a main card bout, which takes place at the Moody Center in Austin, Tex., while Machado Garry is set to face former teammate Vicente Luque on Dec. 16 at UFC 296.

“I was asking for the Ian Garry fight before I was given Kelvin, and then me and Vicente were actually DMing,” Brady said. “Vicente’s a super nice guy, super cool. We were talking back and forth because he didn’t have a fight, I didn’t have a fight. We’re literally almost pretty much scheduled and then they called us and some things changed. But if somehow [Garry] gets past Luque, which, I don’t think he will, that’s a fight I would like.”

Machado Garry has found himself in plenty of headlines recently.

UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland posted alleged messages from the 26-year-old over Strickland’s comments regarding Machado Garry’s relationship with his wife, while middleweight contender Brendan Allen accused Machado Garry of “selling your soul to the devil for money” over Machado Garry’s conduct since leaving Kill Cliff FC. Allen and Machado Garry were once teammates at the Florida-based gym, alongside Luque, and Allen ascribed Machado Garry’s comments since leaving to a Colby Covington-esque persona he believes the young welterweight has adopted in order to advance further in his UFC career.

Brady ultimately sees things the same way Allen does.

“Man, he’s very talented, but for me, I’ve been with the same group of guys since I started fighting, so it rubbed me the wrong way when he did that whole thing with Luque and like recording the phone,” Brady said of Machado Garry.

“The way he just did that, he called him, he had cameras on him like recording him and Luque having a conversation — like, that s*** was wack to me. My teammates are like my brothers, so for me, if you’re at a gym, that’s your f****** family, and for you to kind of do the s*** that he’s been doing and then talking about like training and how the guys know how good he is and he’s beating everybody up in the gym, and now I see Brendan Allen was kind of calling them out it, he’s starting to get some backlash, and yeah, I just think that s*** is wack.”

Machado Garry’s more nomadic outlook to his training has ruffled feathers even within his own division. He previously told The Independent that he was booted from Team Renegade, the Birmingham-based gym that UFC welterweight champion Leon Edwards calls home, because of what Machado Garry referred to as Edwards’ “insecurities.”

All Brady knows is that Machado Garry’s approach wouldn’t be tolerated in his own gym.

“Well, he wouldn’t be [allowed to do with us what he did],” Brady said. “We’re not a super gym, we’re not this big gym. We’re a small gym in Philly, we’ve got good guys out, we’ve got a lot of good guys, but we’re a family. If you come in, you start pulling out your phone, like let alone f****** actual cameras, like, that s*** is getting shut down. We’re not like that.

“We’re not going to film everything so God forbid you leave our team and say you did do something to one of our guys if you’re out there posting. And training is training, you know? So you can do whatever you want in training, but you get out there and fight the guy, it’s going to be a completely different story. So yeah, I’m just not into that.”

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