Chito Vera ACCUSES Sean O’Malley of CHEATING at UFC 299! Strickland CALLS for a rematch w/ DDP!

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00:00 MVP ‘not happy’ with his UFC 299 performance
01:14 Jorge Masvidal sends a warning to Nate Diaz
02:42 Francis Ngannou reflects on his KO loss to Anthony Joshua
04:43 Mike Tyson starts training camp for Jake Paul
05:16 Strickland calls for a rematch against Dricus Du Plessis
06:18 Chito Vera accuses Sean O’Malley of cheating
06:44 Henry Cejudo calls out Chito Vera
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All right let's get the show Started start today's news with Michael Pige not being happy with his UFC 299 Performance MVP made a triumphant debut In the UFC Octagon last Saturday Defeating Kevin Holland via unanimous Decision in a recent YouTube video MVP Revisited his bout with Holland and shed A bit more light on his dissatisfaction With the Performance yeah man it's annoying cuz I Literally could have done so much better Than This uh you know it's weird cuz as much As like Obviously clearly I won clearly I you Know landed the the cleanest shots and So on and so forth I swear to you this Was not one of my best Performances by far and I don't even Mean it as in terms of not being able to Knock him down cuz I've spoken about That before sorry not knock him down Knock him out cuz I think I can but Genuinely this was almost a tired Version of myself which is weird to say Because a dominant performance so yeah It's good because it's like I can't wait To get to 100% myself because Seriously everyone's in trouble you know What I mean So mpol sends a message to Nate Diaz After their boxing match announcement Diaz and mosol have ditched a rematch in

The cage for a 10- round Pay-Per-View Boxing event scheduled for June 1st at The Kia Forum in Los Angeles the bout Will be fought at 17 5 lbs and marks Mall's second professional boxing fight Following a 2005 win over Joseph Benjamin as for Diaz he had his first in Ring appearance back in August of 2023 Where he lost by decision to Jake Paul During Wednesday's episode of the MMA Hour a fired up mosal discussed the Matchup and sent a warning to Diaz Complete my camp out here just doing the Boxing night training because I want to Murder this guy and there's nothing Personal with him but I want to beat the Breaks out you know he always said that The referee saved me I don't think Anybody with common sense would agree so I think uh this fight right here puts an End to all that [ __ ] I'm going to be In the best shape of my life I know he's Going to be in the best shape of my life It's not like he's fighting Jake Paul And's coming up off the couch he knows That if he's not in shape I'll make him Look bad and I'll get him out of in two Rounds he knows with me you got to die Every day in the gym to maybe step in That ring and have a Fighting Chance you Know cuz I don't I don't play that [ __ ] Man I'm trying to kill this mother and He knows it personally I mean he has the Scars to prove it you know he sees them

Things every day in the mirror when he Looks and goes this guy's going to try To kill me bro so can get in Mr get your Ass in shape I'm coming to break your Face Francis andano reflects on his KO Lost Anthony Joshua on Wednesday the Former UFC heavyweight champion took to Instagram to address his devastating Defeat to Anthony Joshua this past Friday and G who revealed that he didn't Feel well before the fight and was Dozing off in the locker room despite The set back he said he's far from Finished and will definitely be back in The boxing ring I remember being even in The locker trying to warm up and then Bro he wasn't going I I I was feeling as Sleep I told Eric like bro something Like I'm feeling asleep I'm sweating but I'm feeling Asleep but you know I assume that's how Some people that I fought I have fought Some people that um I beat have feel Before I'm happy about that no blame to Anybody all the blame here is just about Me is the game you know walking into That we all knew it could happen I Wasn't saying it happen like that but he Was I always knew it could happen so at Least um I was always prepared for that I just have to let you guys know you Guys know that It's not over yet not at all like we Just get started the only thing that we

Would um miss here is time and I think We have some good amount of time in Ahead of us as for right Now um so going to take some Time you know for myself Che spend time With my uh with my family my friend and Then come back ready go back to training Get prepared for another uh challenge For another adventure because that's What we do that's why we're here with The Challenges Mike Tyson starts training Camp for Jake Paul our Mike's back his Team just shared clips of him performing Medicine ball slams and crushing pad Work as he gears up for his upcoming Battle [Music] It's day one the fun just Begun Shan Strickland calls for a Rematch with Drake's dupi after a Contentious Split Decision loss that Cost him to belt at UFC 297 headliner in Toronto last January Strickland is eager For a rematch with Duke py considering Himself the most deserving contender in The weight class the former Champion Also said that the judge's decision was Influenced by the controversial comments He made during the pre-fight press Conference he took TX writing you know I Don't care about fight politics or a Belt but it makes me laugh they give Izzy a rematch to Alex after getting

Slept I lost the close decision that Dana himself thought I won everyone did The stats did that needs to be run back Followed up with and man I don't want to Pull this card but when does the champ Ever lose a close fight when you're in Canada with a bunch of dirty leftists a Fan replied because of what you said at The press conference Shawn they wanted To get you out of being a champ in a Close fight I knew they would rob you to Which Shawn responded facts my Man Chito Vera accuses Shan omelia of Greasing Vera believes that alalia was Cheating during their fight at UFC 299 Taking through social media late Wednesday he wrote who braid her hair Sean you're were greased to the Bone I Wonder how much gel they used responded Send pick of your face then omali Reposted a tweet from user Zach that Said maybe if he wasn't greasing you Would have landed the zero takedowns That you Attempted Henry cejudo wants to fight Chito Vera next speaking on the latest Episode of his pound-for-pound podcast Cejudo criticized vera for his lack of Versatility in the fight against sha Melly and explained why he's down to Fight cheito next I don't know where This dude head is but the only thing That I could say kamaro that you know There could be a potential fight with me

In Cheeto I think because of the ranking And I don't mind it I'm still trying to Get that Brandon Moreno fight but it was A striking war and this is a same reason Why you'll probably never touch a UFC Title because he just focusing on Striking I'm thinking hey if you're Getting out struck attempt to take down Get to his legs put him against the cage Clinch him do something but Unfortunately Kamar Usman she didn't do any of It time for today's top memes third Place was found over on Instagram and Was posted by as shopped as it Gets second place meme was found over on X and was posted by duy simu MMA the top picked meme was found over On Reddit and was posted by Darth Cooches thanks for watching if you like The content smash that like button and Don't forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk