PISSED OFF Belal Muhammad RESPONDS after being denied UFC title shot! Burn’s wife on UFC 296 br@wl!

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00:00 Joe Rogan criticizes Leon Edwards’ ‘ego-based’ decisions
01:02 Bryce Mitchell posts another bizarre video
03:20 Gilbert Burns’ wife breaks silence on UFC 296 br@wl
04:24 Belal Muhammad responds after being denied UFC title shot
05:59 Aljamain Sterling responds to Dana White’s ‘weird’ explanation
07:58 TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get the show Started let's start today's news with Joe Rogan criticizing Leon edwards' Strategy used against Kobe Covington Rogan who called the fight cake has Criticized the ego-based decisions made By Edwards at UFC 296 the UFC Welterweight champ engaged in grappling With cumington towards the end of the Fight which the UFC commentator believes Was a mistake speaking on ESPN Rogan Said what was interesting is that he Made choices tonight that were not the Best choices to win the fight but almost Like to prove a point like he chose to Engage Kobe in grappling in moments Where he did not have to where he could Have defended and got back up to his Feet I think that would be a better path To Victory where he could have Completely dominated the fight Absolutely dominated it he found himself On the bottom at the end of the fight Getting punched by Kobe which really Didn't have to happen that's not the way You want to see a guy who's as good as Leon Edwards fight you don't want to see Him make ego-based decisions when you Don't have to especially when he's so Superior standing up Bryce Mitchell has Posted another bizarre video in the most Recent video posted to his social media Mitchell accused Google of putting a Picture from UFC 296 of him being

Knocked out on purpose Mitchell says That he's the only fighter whom a Picture of being knocked out unconscious Was on the front page of a Google search So every day since my fight I've been Making a video because I've had an Undeniable urge to do so and I really Just am thinking about just moving on in Life I'm not really dwelling on the past It's not heavy on my mind or my heart or Anything like that but I've had an Undeniable urge to to talk about these Revelations I've been having and today I Had one as I got on the Google I went to Type something in to find an address to Where to go to in town and when I typed It in on Google uh or I had to pull up Google a picture of me is underneath the Scr uh scroll bar the search bar and um It's me out cold l sideways while I was Sitting there twitching okay and what I Want to tell y'all is that it is a fact That they will never ever ever put a Picture of another fighter laying Sideways out cold on the uh underneath Google on the front page it's also a Fact that um you know they're never Going to put any of my accomplishments On the front page of Google do you see They're never going to put a picture of Me holding my hand up proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord and King they'll never Put that picture on a front page of Google and they'll never put another

Picture of another fighter out cold on Google so what I'm telling you guys is I Am being persecuted I became very aware Of it today when I went on to Google and This is a allout media attack by Satan Because Satan controls this media and All of us Christians out there know that And uh I just want to let y'all know you Just can't embarrass me you can't Humiliate me because I don't care about Other people's opinions Fans quickly fled into the comment Section prompting Mitchell to realize That he's not the only fighter with a Knockout picture featured on the front Page of Google Bryce responded writing Okay I was wrong apparently they do post Picks of unconscious Fighters I just Never noticed that before till I saw Mine but anyways I'm still censored and That's a fact the truth scares them Gilbert Burns's wife breaks silence on Strickland dupy BR as most of you guys Likely know by now Strickland and dupi Were involved in a physical alteration Amid crowd at UFC 296 this all went down Around Gilbert Burns who was with his Family at the time now Burns's wife has Revealed details of the incident from Her perspective in an interview with MMA Fighting Bruno Burns said he Strickland Was like excuse me excuse me and I was Like all right then darinho pulled Joshua and told me get out of there

They're going to fight we were looking At the big screen and didn't see Anything Jamal Hill pulled me as soon as He noticed they were going to BR at First Strickland and dupi were fine Shook hands and everything but there was No other interaction between them Strickland texted darinho later Apologizing asking if something had Happened to me and the kids Pedro is Watching the braw from Front Row he Loves it he's sitting there the melee Going on and he's watching it Joshua was A bit scared aren't they going to fight Already why is it going on already I Said oh son he called him out to fight Right there and he went for It while Mohammad fires back at Leon Edwards after his decision win over Kobe Covington last Saturday's UFC 296 event Leon Edwards scuffed at the possibility Of a championship fight rematch with Number two ranked belal muhammd now During an interview on series 6m fight Nation B fired back saying that Edwards Was in the same position 3 years ago and He was the one asking for a title shot Bal is also mad at the fact that despite Being on a 10-0 unbeaten run Edwards Still believes that Bal doesn't deserve The opportunity to fight for the title The fight happened you saw the fight not After the fight was over who would you Have rather have fought for sure Leon

Now now especially just because of the Way Leon's talking and you know acting Like I don't deserve it and I'm looking At this guy like man you you're really You're really sounding real dumb right Now and it's just pissing me off uh more Than anything because you were in this Position three years ago you were in This position where you had this long Streak and nobody gave you a shot so you Know how I feel so the fact that you're Acting like oh man he hasn't earned it Yet you [ __ ] I'm on a fight fight I Mean nine fight winning streak five of Those fights are against top 10 guys uh Four of those are against top five guys I've literally beaten every single Person in the Division that wasn't the champion I have A more ranked wins than Usman and he was The champion so don't tell me that I Haven't earned it I haven't deserve it You just sound dumb so like that's What's pissing me off more than anything Kobe like I would have walked through Kobe I fought him that night I'm looking At this guy like bro this is the guy That they gave the title shot to this Guy literally uh looks like a amateur Fighter Al Jermaine Sterling responds to Dana White's weird explanation Sterling Arrived at UFC 296 this past weekend Expecting to receed tickets but upon

Arrival found the doors locked to the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas later Speaking at the UFC 296 post fight press Conference when asked about the Situation Dana White said this Alaine Sterling tweeted that he had tickets Tonight and that they got pulled I'm Wondering if you know anything about That well they were tickets that he uh He was with a sponsor I don't know how They got pulled or what happened but the Team reached right out to him and he was Like yeah never mind I'm good I'm going To leave now in a recent YouTube video Sterling responded saying that this Explanation is very weird and he was Irritated by the whole situation so I'm Just you know I'm not trying to Fan the Flames I think somewhere there was a Little bit of a disconnect I just the Only thing I didn't really understand is Uh someone sent me a clip of I guess Dana saying that um the tickets were Through a sponsor I I don't know what That was about cuz I've never had had Tickets from a sponsor for any of the UFC fights I always go through the same Exact channels every single time but This is the first time that that's Actually happened so uh that was weird I Don't know if that was like what someone Told him but no I I actually asked for Tickets through the UFC channels and Just

Unfortunately either way regardless I Think uh should have been informed a Little bit earlier before you know I Just had a feeling like something just Felt weird I was like you know I never Got the email and talking to my my Fiance Rebecca and as we're going there We're getting close and I'm like okay They just said that they're completely Out of tickets I'm like this is Absolutely crazy now we're hopping out The car we're stuck outside people are Asking for pictures I'm irritated so now I I kind of like brush people off Because I'm I'm dealing with something Trying to figure out what the hell to do I'm embarrassed for me I'm embarrassed For my fiance um we're outside and it's Cold I'm like well this kind of sucks It's it's uh just a very unfortunate Thing Time for today's top three memes third Place was found over Facebook and was Posted by hilarious [Music] MMA second place meme was found over Reddit and was posted by heavy Limbs the top picked meme was found over X and was posted by MMA Daily thanks for watching if you like The content smash that like button Button and don't forget to subscribe to Stay in the Talk