Fans SLAM Dillon Danis over dig at Sean O’Malley’s ’69’ tattoo! Mighty Mouse WINS BJJ tournament!

MMA news today:

KURT HOLOBAUGH gives some inside information about Conor McGregor coaching TUF 31

JON ANIK reacts to Paul Felder coming out of retirement

ANTHONY SMITH clarifies his comments about Alex Pereira

DEMETRIOUS JONHSON wins IBJJF Master World Championships at brown belt

MMA COMMUNITY slam Dillon Danis over dig at O’Malley’s ‘69’ tattoo

SEAN O’MALLEY O’Malley responds to Cejudo claiming ‘Sugar’s last fight did 350k PPV buys

00:00 – Demetrious Johnson wins IBJJF Master World Championships at brown belt
02:13 – Jon Anik reacts to Paul Felder coming out of retirement
02:57 – Sean O’Malley responds to Cejudo claiming ‘Sugar’s last fight did 350k PPV buys
03:53 – MMA community slam Dillon Danis over dig at O’Malley’s ‘69’ tattoo
04:52 – TUF 31 contestant reveals Team McGregor had several practices canceled due to the Irishman not showing up
06:12 – Antohny Smith clarifies his comments about Alex Pereira
07:44 – TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get this show started In today's video Demetrius Johnson wins The international Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation Master World Championships at Brown belt John annik reacts to Paul Felder coming out of retirement Sean O'Malley responds to sahuto claiming That Sugar's last fight only did 350k Pay-per-view buys the MMA Community Slammed Dylan Dennis over dig at O'Malley's 6-9 tattoo tough 31 Contestant reveals team McGregor had Several practices canceled due to the Irishman not showing up and Anthony Smith clarifies his comments about Alex Pereira Demetrius Johnson recently showed off His impressive Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Skills at the ibjjf master World Championships Mighty Mouse joined the Featherweight division for age 35 Plus At brown belt which had a whopping 38 Competitors the former UFC champ won six Matches and took gold in his master two Brown belt featherweight division Thank you In the finals Mighty Mouse won via Points going 10-0 against his opponent S In a recent video posted to his social Media John annik reacted to news of Paul Felder coming out of retirement the 39 Year old UFC vet retired back in 2020 When he lost to Rafael dosaños by Split

Decision Folly out here just trying to enjoy a Ride on the uh jolly green Giants Reading these headlines That you might be coming out of Retirement I knew you weren't retired Paulie I knew the whole time I knew you Weren't retired so uh now the question Beckons who wants it we changed the Nickname the iron lung Paul Felder that Puffer on the same page nickname comes In front of the name and uh we'll see in 2024. let's go Henry cejudo recently took to his YouTube channel to take him as Sean O'Malley saying that Suga is not as big Of a draw as many think Triple C also Revealed he had someone at ESPN tell him The Buy rate for UFC 292 which was Headlined by Sean and aljo guess what Guys I have friends in ESPN I'm not Gonna say who You guys want to know what Sean O'Malley's Buys in the pay-per-view he Did he did in between he did any Anywhere between 300 000 to to 350. That's it that's all Sean O'Malley made In pay-per-view by O'Malley responded to These comments tweeting Henry saying me And aljo only did 350k pay-per-view According to his girlfriend Source I Just talked to the UFC and I heard Upwards of 570k legit no kizzy not Making this up her to algro versus Henry

Did 135k also Henry's 5-2 LOL Dondanis is going after Sean O'Malley Again this time Dennis had some harsh Words for O'Malley over his six nine Tattoo back in the day sugar got the Controversial rapper Takashi 69 to Tattoo it on him in honor of him so when O'Malley tweeted UFC champ 18-0 28 years Old life's crazy Dennis took a shot Replying this is all canceled once you Let six nine tattoo a six nine on you Clown the Tweet about o'malley69 tattoo Has sparked widespread discussion among The MMA community on Twitter one fan Wrote Dylan you finally have fans don't Ruin it I'm not a tattoo guy and I'd Never get another man's nickname Tattooed on me but I don't think that it Negates that Sean is a world champion LOL common Dan it's w Dylan assab yeah I'm not a fan of that tattoo L on this One Suga would de-atomize you Connor Ain't gonna like you no more laughing my Ass off Conor and Sean are like best Friends The Ultimate Fighter 31 contestant has Revealed that team McGregor had several Practice canceled due to the Irishman Not showing up in a recent interview on Just crap radio he said no he definitely Missed a lot I don't think he showed up To one weigh-in I know there were Several times where they may have Canceled their practices I remember

Sometimes the guys would get all the way To the Apex our team in a sense enjoyed It when they would go because we love The hours we had we had 10 a.m and 4 P.M And they had 12 p.m and 6 p.m so by the Time we would get back to the house just Before 6 that is when we had time to Cook and shower there weren't many People in the house we chilled in the Hot tub all of a sudden they came back In several times and we thought they Were training and they said they Canceled it there were quite a few times Connor didn't show and counter canceled Practices I definitely think he could Have been way more involved than he was Speaking about the Chandler versus McGregor fight hollabaugh said after Spending a lot of time with Michael Chandler and seeing how Mike Chandler Trains and then knowing who Conor is and What Conor is doing and how Conor is Training I have to give the edge to my Guy Chandler man I think he's going to Want it so much more than Conor is going To want it either one of them gets the Chance to quit Chandler's not going to Quit but if Conor gets the chance to Quit he's going to want to get out of There and that is when Michael Chandler Will finish him I'm going with Michael Chandler During a recent episode of the bym Podcast Anthony Smith clarified his

Recent comments by Alex Pereira which Started the back and forth between the Two Smith is clearly frustrated with the Situation as he believes he didn't say Anything offensive about Pereira and Called him out for being too sensitive Yeah I don't know what he's so mad about But he so I text Glover and was like What what are we doing here like I don't know in Glover the nicest guy in The world is a guy I don't know what This [ __ ] talking is I'll talk to him And I don't really care it's just I was Confused I don't know what he's so mad About he's like he's got this Persona That he's this big stoic You know Silent killer When in all reality seems like he's Pretty sensitive He's a little sensitive because he is Are you saying that he's a little I'm Not saying that I'm not saying I'm not Saying that but say this Is a little sensitive crybaby I know He's a little sensitive he's a little Bit it's really just his size I'm not saying if they're going to write Articles about this already when it Comes down to it anyways I don't care if Alex is mad I could like I know that Like he's this stoic monster that Everyone's afraid he's not that guy to Me like we're both Fighters we're both

Put our pants on the same way like he Might knock me out but he might [ __ ] Not too so like who knows And here are the top three memes picked On the internet today our third place Meme was found over Twitter and was Posted by a user named simu MMA Our second place pick was found over Facebook and was posted by a username Bjjspot And the top picked meme of the day was Found over Facebook and was posted by a User named Robert Foreign Thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the talk Foreign