Dana White backtracks, Musk vs. Zuckerberg ‘probably not’ happening in UFC

“The biggest fight ever in the history of the world,” as UFC President Dana White called a fight between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, will have to remain in the realm of fantasy.

That’s how White was forced to frame an octagon meeting between the billionaire social media titans that he pushed to promote in the UFC before talks broke down between Musk and Zuck.

“I never say never, but probably not,” White said on “Outkick.”

White said the real losers from the fight not happening were the charities that stood to benefit from the proceeds. The UFC exec said 90 percent of profits from the fight would have gone to a good cause, per Musk and Zuck.

“Listen, I like both guys,” White said. “One of the things that I try not to do is judge people by – I don’t want to be judged by my politics. I’m a believer in what I believe in, and there’s certain things that I feel a certain way about, and I don’t judge people by theirs. I don’t know exactly where all those guys stand. I don’t get into that. How I judge people is how they are with me, and how we interact with each other.

“So I like Mark a lot, and I like Elon. Let me tell you who would win in that fight would be whatever charities were picked to donate the money to – they would be the absolute winners, because I think that thing would do a billion dollars in revenue, and they wanted 90 percent of the money to go to charity. So it would have been the biggest charity event ever held in history, especially for one night, and it would have helped a lot of people.”

After creating a firestorm of media attention, the fight between Zuckerberg and Musk appeared to fizzle out. Meta’s Zuckerberg said he was “moving on” after he alleged Musk waffled on scheduling the fight, and X’s Musk accused his business rival of ducking him. Musk also shot down the UFC promoting any potential fight.

Since then, Zuckerberg has been ramping up his training, posting videos of him training inside a cage and, curiously, on a floating barge.

MMA fighters lined up to pick sides in the debate over which social media titan would win, and one even volunteered to fight on the undercard when Bellator fighter turned influencer Keith Lee respectfully called out fellow influencer Mr. Beast to fight on the undercard.

White repeatedly has blasted other promoters for promoting gimmick fights but said Musk vs. Zuckerberg didn’t qualify because it was a fight between “two of the most powerful richest guys in the world.”

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