MMA Community THRILLED by HUGE UFC 300 fight announcement! Bisping CRITICIZES Strickland! Dc-Miller

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00:00 Strickland’s crazy theory for why Adesanya lost to him
01:19 Bisping slams Strickland for his recent comments
03:10 Cormier explains why Jim Miller shouldn’t be in the UFC HOF
04:47 Dana White announces huge fights for UFC 300
06:19 MMA community react to UFC 300 fight announcement
07:26 Top 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get this show Started let's kick off today's news with Shan Strickland sharing a crazy theory For why adisan lost to him months after The huge upset Victory Strickland was Asked about isra adanna in a recent Interview with ESPN mma's Megan olivy There the middleweight champion said That his victory over izy was made Easier thanks to the former Champion's Mental state Sean believes zisa faltered When he talked trash to him due to the People around him and it's the exact Thing Strickland is trying to void During his reign as UFC champion hear it From sea you know what it is at some Point we all lose do I beat the South African yes I think I beat him I think I Knock him out I think I you know bring Him in deep water but at some point we All lose you know and you could be like Izzy laying in a in a bathtub of flower Petals and you could have an Entourage And people falling around but at some Point someone's going to make fun of you For having sex with your dog and then You're going to crumble as a human being And get a d why that just not me because Like I'm I'm level but what I'm saying You guys is you're not going to see me Lay in a b bathtub of rose pedals and Tell you that I'm the greatest in the World I'm just a idiot who goes and gets Hit in the head for money and currently

I'm the best at getting hit best at not Getting hit in the head Michael Bisping Reacts to Shan Strickland's threats Towards draus dupi after an ugly leadup To the first UFC pay-per-view of 2024 Strickland issued a direct threat to Drake's py on his podcast the man dance On Monday warning his opponent that if He talks about his childhood again he'll Get speaking on his bym podcast Bisping Reacted to these comments from Strickland and explained how he would Deal with this situation bisbing also Blasted the UFC champer past comments About the 21-year-old female fighter who Passed away in a tragic car crash it's Already scheduled they're going to fight So I wouldn't say I'm going to stab you I would say oh yeah you want to bring That up you want to play that game bro I Am going to beat the living [ __ ] out of You Saturday night you say that one more Time I'm already going to beat you I Already plan on defending the belt but If you go there I am G to punish you Brother don't say I'm going to stab you I think I think he I think he Would well he'll go to prison for a very Long time Sean comments on a lot of Controversial [ __ ] and doesn't give up L that young girl that passed away I Thought that was Dis no no no I thought that was Disgusting right girl passed away and

He's gonna come out and speak lightly Dana tried to do a nice thing because She said she wrote it in a diary I want Dana to know my name oh look at you guys You're all just trying to get clout on Social media you're doing this for likes While doing it on an Instagram post four Likes right uh but then someone can a Guy that's going to find fight you That's going to step into a ox gun with You can mention something personal right And then all of a sudden that's off Limits and mention it again and I'll you You know what I mean it's like yeah Daniel Cormier is still not sold on Jim Miller becoming a Hall of Famer Miller Scored a third round submission over Gabriel Benitez at UFC Vegas 84 this Past Saturday leveling up his record to 26 and6 and won no contest within the UFC the American has the record for the Most fights and most wins in the UFC but Despite holding these records he has Never held a title speaking with dcn RC Cormier said that Miller never being a Champ or not even fighting for the title Is the reason why he shouldn't be in the Hall of Fame the UFC could cut you if You lose two fights in a row Jim was Fighting at a time where you had the Opportunity to lose more fights I don't Know what his longest losing streak is But if you lost two three fights in a Row they had the right to cut you so

It's just a matter of was that Jake yeah he's lost four in a row he's Lost four he lost four fights in a row How often RC do you see someone lose Four fights in a row and not get cut so It's like he he was kind of riding that Border riding that fine line so I do Respect the hell out of everything he's Done but I still don't think that it's a Hall of Fame career just just because he Never truly reached as much as people Want to talk about cowboy Cerrone being In the Hall of Fame and he shouldn't he Fought for the title and I believe that If you fight for the title or at least You touch the mountain top then you can Be seen and held in that high regard as Some of these other guys Dana White Announces two new big fights for UFC 300 The UFC president has announced two more Fights for UFC 300 including the BMF Bel Being online white took to his Instagram On Tuesday announcing that Justin gatei Will be defending his BMF belt for the First time against Max Holloway with the Scrap taking place at Lightweight 50 wins between them 34 Finishes two of the best strikers in the Sport two of the most durable fighters In the sport two of the most aggressive Guys in the sport gaii destroys all guys With leg kicks and Power in both hands Max is regarded by many to be the best Boser in the UFC

And has made many top 10 guys look like They don't even belong there with them Two of the all-time greats in their Division and this fight will be five Rounds for the BMF title in addition to This bout Jim Miller will fulfill his Wish of fighting a UFC 300 as he'll take On Bobby green all right guys I got two More fights for you for UFC 300 Jim Miller 40 years old is the alltime Leader in UFC wins at 26 he's got the Most UFC finishes in lightweight history As at 16 and he's tied for most Submissions in UFC lightweight history With Charles Olivera at 10 and now he is Attempting to break into the top 15 and One of the nastiest divisions in the Sport and he will be facing the guy that Fights anyone anytime anywhere Bobby Green here's how the MMA Community Reacted to the gate chers hallay fight Announcement Michael Chandler tweeted Gate chers Hollow you kidding me Absolute Banger can't wait to watch that One I'll be cage side for hash UFC 300 B Muhammad said wow Justin vers Max is About to be fire traak car Sandu said Good Lord Luke Thomas really fun scrap Potentially very brutal for both but Especially Holloway highrisk High reward For him my only concern is making sure Whoever wins that the BMF title and Weight class title don't intersect feel Like they should have different orbits

The guild said really hoping this Doesn't go the way of gayi Tony let us Pray for Max Chase Hooper the Max and Justin fight alone guarantee that UFC 300 is going to be a banger Brennan shub O I see you Mike sauce I'm terrified for Max best way to ruin your career is Going against Justin s Tony it's no Disrespect I've been a fan for a long Time brother just how I feel he's moving Up to 155 I'm confident he'll land shots And have volume but he won't have the Same power as we saw BR Dustin listen up fight fans we've been Working behind the scenes on a Newsletter that will allow you to read And see content we can't always post on Here this will allow us all to better Stay in the Talk time for today's top memes third Place was found over on Reddit and was Posted by Dana black St second place meme was found over on Instagram and it was posted by a user Named Rd MMA the top pick meme was found over on Facebook and was posted by low kick MMA Thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk