Sean Strickland SUBMITS a fan on Ski slopes! Sterling BRUT4LLY ROASTED over new physique! Dana-BKFC

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00:00 Khamzat Chimaev laughs at Adesanya’s grappling video
00:52 BKFC president talks meeting w/ ‘great guy’ Dana White
01:50 Rampage Jackson & Shannon Briggs hilarious back & forth
03:33 Joanna Jedrzejczyk & Zhang Weili reunite
04:45 Bisping gets honest on Sterling’s title shot at 145
07:35 Strickland makes a fan tap on Ski slopes
08:17 TOP 3 MMA memes



All right let's get the show started in Today's news Hamza shimay have laughs at Isra's grappling video Adis recently Posted a video to his social media Displaying how he's working on his Wrestling one more one more one [Music] [Applause] More Good good look for the Finish get it again get it again 10 Seconds come on get out Joh Second she might have laughed at the Last stop in her skills by posting Laughing emotes in the Comments efc's president on meeting a Great guy in Dana White B KFC's President David Felman recently had a Business meeting with the UFC CEO and it Looks like the two organizations will Cooperate in the near future in an Interview with MMA fighting Felman said This about the meeting it was more of Just creating an ally that's really all I have to say it was a great meeting He's a great guy he's doing his thing With the UFC and we're going to do our Thing with bkfc we're going to be the Biggest combat sport on the planet as Far as doing business with the UFC in The future Felman wasn't opposed to the Idea especially if there was a chance For cross promotion deals that could

Allow fighters from the UFC to compete In the bkfc and vice versa he continued We want to grow our sport we want to Make our sport the biggest it can be if That means teaming up with other Promotions we have nothing against doing Anything like that because we think that It's just going to make the sport grow And the company grow and the business Grow so anything that's going to make it Grow we're down for it Rampage Jackson Has a hilarious back and forth Interaction with Shannon Briggs after Much back and forth former two-time Heavyweight boxing champion Shannon Briggs will find finally get a chance to Face former UFC light heavyweight Champion Quinton Rampage Jackson inside Of the boxing ring the two are set to Clash on June 1st in Qatar Rampage and Briggs wasted no time going back at it With one another after the announcement This is starting to look like it could Become the most entertaining buildup to A fight in boxing history how the your Ugly going to guarantee some [ __ ] that You can't do don't guarantee [ __ ] that You can't can do you know I'm only going Train for two weeks because I want to Win but I don't want to kill you I'm Just keeping it real how old are you now Brother 52,000 all right see you full of Yourself when I when I come when I show

Up in guar I'm have me a walker for you With twoing tennis balls on the bottom Of that mother cuz your old ass going to Sleep take that red head out you got Plenty heads go put on another [ __ ] You look hey you look like Father Christmas over there check that [ __ ] out My must bigger than yours my [ __ ] bigger Than yours I see hey you know what I Ain't going to lie you you do got a big Ass I when you jack off your dick like a T roll that big ass hey put put your Fist up let me See see This see that it's a lot of power behind This One you got a deformed hand deformed Yeah look I didn't even know you was Handy my boy I would have left you Alone like a whale your big ass stomach Over there Like a whale you just over there just Hanging out in the pool Jan W and Yan And jri reunite in a video posted to her Instagram page Wy Jen shared a warm Embrace with her rival and two-fight foe Yanna and jric as the two reunited and Shared dinner Together So guys remember I think like we are not Kids but we humans so uh today with the Champ tomorrow we are not but we always Going to be hum so that this is what's Most important and what we can give for

Free is love and smite to each other That's the most important thing so one Day we can beat the hell out of each Other and the next day we can have Dinner so I appreciate thank you Appreciate See you here yeah Here Okay Good not perfect okay but going to be Delicious it's going to be delicious for Sure Michael Bisping gets honest on Alaine Sterling's title shot at 145 Sterling will make his featherweight Debut against eighth ranked Kelvin Kar At UFC 300 on April 13th many believe That if he beats Kar he could become Next in line for a totle shot speaking On his bym podcast Bisping shared his Take on Sterling at 145 and explained Why he doesn't believe Alo stands a Chance against the current champion Alex Volkanovski and the reality is Alain was Massive at 135 I don't know how he ever Made it I don't know how he ever made 135 so 145 could he do better could he Challenge volkanovski more than likely No you know I mean could he show up and Have a fight of course he could what you G to say that banovski uh can't be Alain Sterling are you going to sit there and Pull your face at me like I'm an idiot For suggesting that I'm not saying he Can't I'm just saying don't tell me

Alman Sterling can't can't beat Alexander bulanowski with his size and The grappling that he shows well well Well every man is capable of beating Another one when the when the Ingredients are just perfect okay but We're talking about Alexander Volkanovski is one of the greatest of All time and yeah lost to Islan makev Twice other than that I mean look at the Performances with Max Holloway and all The other people that he's beaten you Know what I mean listen I like Al jering And I wish him all the best against Kelvin ker and you never know if V beats Toria then there's a chance there but You can't go Oh the man that just got knocked out Shan Al is going to come up and beat the Greatest ever the man that's been Dominated everyone at featherweight for Ages okay really fair enough fans roast St Jermaine Sterling over new physique The former UFC champ recently posted a Video to his Instagram page where he Shows off his new featherweight physique Eljo will make his UFC return at 145 Which is just 10 lbs over the weight Class he's competed at his entire career And yet his physique has changed Drastically Fans and trolls alike we're quick to Flood the comments roasting Alo for his New look one fan wrote you off the roids

Another said where the MBS at 145 means More Eminem aljo looking like he's ready To get oiled up goodbye to the most Aesthetic UFC fighter in history 135 Pound eljo won't be able to bully the Featherweights big body Funk bro looking Like a compressed Jon Jones it's weird Not seeing Alo look like he only has .5% Body Fat Sean Strickland makes a fan tap While hitting the ski slopes Strickland Does it again this time he got called Out by a fan while out on the powder After being taken down by the fans Strickland reversed the position and Submit the man in the snow here's the Clip oh no [Music] Time for today's top memes third place Was found over on X and was posted by Taiu Iasa second place pick was found over on Facebook and was posted by a user named Robert and the top picked meme was found Over on X and was posted by MMA Fan thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk