Mike Perry and Darren Till trade online barbs over potential fight

Mike Perry and Darren Till just can’t get out of each other’s way.

Despite Perry’s services requested as a replacement fighter for the upcoming Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis fight, and Till currently a free agent as he pursues opportunities outside of MMA, the former UFC standouts put their Twitter fingers to work Wednesday as they took shots at each other over a potential future fight.

Perry and Till have a history dating back to a long-ago sparring session that left them at loggerheads ever since (with occasional moments of mutual admiration). They are back at it again after Perry, in an interview with JNMEDIAUK, pitched a boxing match with Till should he not be needed to fill in for Danis at the Oct. 14 Misfits Boxing in Manchester, England.

“Whattya say ol buddy ol pal,” Perry tweeted, to which Till responded, “I say yes let’s go.”

When Perry continued the conversation, looping in manager Abraham Kawa and respectfully responding to a comment from Michael Bisping, that drew Till’s ire.

“You either wanna fight me, Logan or Mike,” Till wrote. “Make ur f****** mind up.”

The conversation then escalated into insults and profanity, with Perry claiming he’s angled for a fight with Till for some time. At the time of this writing, Till had the last word, answering, “S*** for brains.”

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