Sean O’Malley LAUGHS at Dillon Danis’ excuses for Logan Paul loss! Islam RUNS INTO Usman! Valerie

CONOR MCGREGOR & CANELO ALVAREZ go back and forth on Twitter

KAMARU USMAN runs into Islam Makhachev ahead of UFC 294

ISLAM MAKHACHEV says Khabib Nurmagomedov would beat Sean Strickland with ease

SEAN O’MALLEY laughs at Dilon Danis’ excuses for DQ loss

LOGAN PAUL apologizes to his fiancé for taking the fight vs. Dillon Danis

VALERIE LOUREDA teases possible return to MMA

BELAL MUHAMMAD takes a shot at Charles Oliveira

CONOR MCGREGOR posts new grappling footage

00:00 – Valerie Loureda teases possible return to MMA
01:26 – Kamaru Usman runs into Islam Makhachev ahead of UFC 294
02:13 – Islam Makhachev says Khabib would beat Sean Strickland with ease
02:37 – Conor McGregor & Canelo Alvarez go back and forth on Twitter
03:41 – McGregor posts new grappling footage
05:04 – Logan Paul apologizes to his fiancé for taking the fight vs. Dillon Danis
06:14 – Sean O’Malley laughs at Danis’ excuses for DQ loss
07:00 – Belal Muhammad takes a shot at Charles Oliveira
07:59 – TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get this show Started in today's video Valerie Lara Teases possible return to MMA kamaran Runs into Islam makev ahead of UFC 294 Islam makev says saib would beat Shan Strickland with ease Conor McGregor and Canelo Alvarez go back and forth on Twitter McGregor posts new grappling Footage Logan Paul apologizes to his Fiance for taking the fight for Dylan Danis sha Elly laughs at denis's excuses For the DQ defeat and balam Muhammed Takes a shot at Charles Alera former Bellator bantamweight Valerie laa has posted new training Footage teasing her return to MMA she Posted this clip captioned I still got It I'll KO any of these Mother Kamar Usman has run into his lakeva head Of UFC 294 How you feeling feel good weights good About what's up about good Good another you didn't to cut right I Still cut yeah cut yeah I I want to cut I said I don't want to just be cuz it's Different now extra 15 lbs you don't Fight with that weight you just want to Walk around there I'll cut a little bit Might weigh but you don't have to drink No too much no no no not To man look he's he's Welter damn Brother you're bigger than Me good

Yes Islam makev believes khabib could Come back and beat UFC middleweight Champion Sean Strickland with ease in a Recent Instagram post Islam wrote today I was asked in one of the interviews can Kabib come back and defeat Strickland in A championship fight I can confidently Answer that he will do it easily it's Been almost 3 years since Habib retired But he never missed his training and I Can confidently say if he wants to it Will be effortless for him Conor McGregor and Canelo Alvarez have Exchanged words over Twitter it all Started when Connor tweeted one of the Greatest performances in professional Boxing this was I landed more shots on Floyd than Canelo I'd love another go to Which Canelo replied I just need one Hand with you and I don't need to throw So many punches laughing him out this Set the notorious off replying sa you Uncooked chicken I'll Stomp The ligament Out of your knee joint I don't even need Hands to end you I'll kick you raw pink Leave you looking like you were left out In the sun too long haha Freckle ARS I See you and we will see Canelo is a Cornflake no sugar Canelo replied you Act like a little kid you have a big Mouth and you know how to talk [ __ ] well But when the fight come you always quit McGregor responded Canelo you are no Draw to me I don't watch your matches

Showtime gone so by Canelo the Pauls out Sell you now grow some balls in Fight For Real cuz nobody cares about the same Old thing they have seen over and over Or sit on a sofa and wait for the real Men to Finish Conor McGregor has posted new Grappling footage as he prepares for his Return Job Belly Down It sounds like Logan Paul really regrets Taking the fight with Dylan danis in a Recent episode of his impulsive podcast Logan apologized to his fiance Nina Agdal for everything she's been through In the past few months lied in the Buildup when I said uh I didn't regret Choosing him as a as a partner Uh why you why did you regret why do you Regret it I'm eternally Sorry for Nina I I I I I'll spend the Rest of my life apologizing if I have to For putting her Through that kind of Torment it just It's it's inhumane what he did and and And and she'll hold him accountable But this is my life I dragged her into This social media fight [ __ ] she did Not sign up for this I mean she did she Did of course but she didn't she didn't Know and neither did I I don't think Anyone knew the extent to which he would

Take things no no Fight organization or promotion has ever Seen this type of buildup this is this Is narly Dylan reacted tweeting I'm not Done yet laughing him out should have Killed me when you had the Chance following his disqualification Defeat to Logan Paul at the recent Missfitz boxing event last Saturday Dylan danis made an appearance on Piers Morgan uncensored during the interview He offered several reasons for his loss Suggesting that Paul spent the entire Fight running and as such he does not Consider it a genuine defeat current UFC Champ Shan mey responded to denis's Excuses in a video recently uploaded to His social media here's a clip when you Came away through it what did you Feel about the fight the fight he didn't Feel like a fight feel like he was Running away every time I try to engage With him and try to get in there and Like trade he would run away you know You landed nine punches in six yeah I Mean but the thing that's not great is Cuz he was running though B MCC Conor Was saying it he he was running he was In a recent IG video balah Muhammad Shared his honest take on Charles ala's UFC 294 withdrawal balah believes that Olivera could get stitched up and still Compete but he never wanted to fight Islam makach Chev UFC 294 oh got what he

Wanted he is not fighting in Abu Dhabi As a fighter you understand the game Right the the training is the hardest Part but biggest fight of your life the Biggest rematch of your life you get a Cut 10 days before the fight in your Eyebrow like who are you training with Bro I've been in the training room I've Seen it happen right Anthony Pettis Before his fight with Dustin porier one Week before he got split open eyebrow Cut to the to the core and I was like Why did this happen a week before the Fight the world didn't know about it Anthony got it surgically repaired Stitched up it opened up in the fight But he still went in there and fought to Me Charles never wanted to go to Abu Dhabi he never wanted to fight an enemy Territory as he said he wanted it where He wanted it do I say he did it Purposely who knows but he chose not to Fight Here are the top three memes you guys Posted to mmam in third place Is a meme posted by user Arman second place goes to single Trip and the top voted meme was posted By a username Robert thank you guys for watching if You like the video please please leave a Like And subscribe to our channel to Keep up with the latest MMA News