‘I Have Absolutely No Use For The Guy’

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Veteran head coach, Ray Longo has unleashed a scatching response to former interim welterweight champion, Colby Covington after the UFC 296 headliner’s verbal onslaught aimed at opponent, Leon Edwards ahead of their title fight over the weekend, labelling the outspoken contender as “atrocious”. 

Headlining UFC 296 over the course of the weekend, Clovis native, Covington suffered a one-sided unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46, 49-46) loss to Birmingham native Edwards in his third pursuit of undisputed welterweight championship. 

Receiving a slew of criticizm ahead of his bout with Edwards, Covington was blasted after he poked fun at the murder of the former’s father inside a London nightclub, claiming the former crime boss was likely residing in hell – where he vowed to take Edwards during their title fight.

Ray Longo blasts Colby Covington after UFC 296

And sharing his thoughts on Colby Covington’s comments, Serra-Longo MMA head coach, Ray Longo hit out at the former, labelling him and his display as “atrocious”.

“I got absolutely no use for the guy (Colby Covington), at all,” Ray Longo said on the Anik-Florian Podcast. “I just don’t. Ever since he threatened you (Jon Anik), he knows where you live, he can go f*ck himself. Couldn’t give a sh*t about that guy. What he did with Leon Edwards I think is atrocious. You know, there’s promoting a fight, then there’s being a total misfit in life and that’s the way I see it with that guy.” 

“…And, man, talk about karma, because what a piece of sh*t that fight was,” Longo explained. “I mean, the guy did absolutely nothing. And to be able to take a pro-Colby crowd, and by the end of the fight have the crowd against you – good luck, man man. I hope it was worth the money, the extra 25 percent… I think he cost (Donald) Trump the election, how about that? ‘Oh, Mr. President, Mr. President is here to watch me. Who do you got? The Queen of England.’ This motherf*cker called somebody a dope? I’d love to see this guy’s f*cking college transcripts. He’s a f*cking moron.” 

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