Michael Chandler’s FIRST REACTION after Conor McGregor fight announcement! Pereira’s new girlfriend?

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00:00 Coach Nicksick reveals ‘life changing’ payment from Francis Ngannou
01:25 Conor McGregor announces his UFC return date
02:34 MMA community react to McGregor vs. Chandler at 185
03:42 Henry Cejudo breaks down McGregor vs. Chandler at 185
05:08 Cormier criticizes Chandler for acting like McGregor’s ‘puppet’
06:27 Alex Pereira shows off his new girlfriend?
07:39 TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get this show Started let's start the new year with Coach Eric nixi revealing insane payment From Francis and ganu gano's Unprecedented departure from the UFC to Move into a boxing match with Tyson Fury Was not only a lucrative decision for Him but for his team as well in a recent Interview with MMA junky coach Eric nixi Revealed that payment from angano for The Tyson Fury fight literally brought Him to tears because he changed his life He said it was the most money I've ever Been paid by a fighter it was Unbelievable it was more than I expected Obviously Francis has always taken great Care of me but it floored me when I saw My Wells Fargo account that morning it Literally brought me to tears that's a True story literally brought me to tears Because he changed my life not only from A professional standpoint but a monetary Standpoint it allowed me a lot of Financial Freedom to allow me to be able To enjoy my coaching enjoy being a dad And a husband and I get to take the kids To Park City this weekend my daughter's 16th birthday helped us buy a new car Remember as his head coach the two title Fights with steep miic and SRO Gan he Paid me more for the Tyson Fury fight as Basically his assistant behind Dewey I Was behind Dewey and I got paid way more Than I did in the G in stpe fights and

He was taking care of me on that as well As percentage wise if he wants to box Man I'm all for it all day long Brother the MMA Community have reacted To Conor McGregor's fight announcement On New Year's Eve McGregor posted a Video to social media stating his return To the UFC will take place in June at International fight week against Michael Chandler in addition Connor said the Fight will be taking place at Middleweight if this happens McGregor Will join Diego Sanchez and Kenny floran As the only fighters in UFC history to Fight in four weight Classes hold Up ladies and Gentlemen Happy New Year to you all I'd like to announce the return date for Myself the notorious Conor McGregor the Greatest comeback of all Time will take place in Las Vegas for International fight Week on June the 29th come a little closer and the Opponent Michael Chandler and the waight Mr Chandler 1885 Lb [Music] Here's how Michael Chandler and the MMA Community reacted to the news Mike Chandler tweeted I always said I wanted You at your biggest your baddest and Your best 185 would look good on me

Don't forget who was a natural Featherweight who started his UFC career Fighting cherry pick Bantam weights Paulo Costa replied to this saying I'm Going to step in replacing Chandler Then Followed up with this pick saying Chandler at 185 will look like mini Iranians Hulk Brian kellerer wrote Every Fighter's dream no weight cut and a Life-changing future secure payday Congrats Mike chanler Matt Brown I'm not Convinced Connor will be fighting this Year not hating on him at all it's just That very few people with his amount of Money would fight unless it was a huge Paycheck I hope he does I actually enjoy Watching him fight and I think if he's Motivated he can do big things problem Is he's very unlikely to be motivated Other than to be in the spotlight fight He doesn't make enough money in fighting To justify doing it and he doesn't have Much of a chance of winning a title Again so what's the point Bren Shaw Asked odds this fight actually happens At 185 here's Henry cejudo's reaction to The McGregor vers Chandler announcement In a recent video posted to his YouTube Channel shudo said that he believes the Higher weight class will favor McGregor More so than Chandler especially since Connor gradually stacked up the weight During his Hiatus from the sport but the

Question is is he's doing at 185 lbs and A lot of that stuff actually makes sense Because he had Connor has gotten big and For that weight class Connor is short But guess what so is Michael Chandler They're both two short stocky dudes that Are going to be firing at 185 lbs I mean The time that Connor has taken off from Combat Sports and the fact that he may He may just have a a round in him to Maybe potentially get Michael Chandler Out but I think that one round I think I Believe that Conor McGregor those are His those are his best chances within Those two or within those two minutes But knowing knowing Michael Chandler Michael Chandler might go in for a Double leg or he may or he may try to Throw some hands with uh with Conor Mcgreg because there's one thing that Michael Chandler does do he is a crowd Pleaser and he does like to appease Everybody you know can Conor McGregor Really get into his head could he do What he did to to to cowboy Cerrone Could he do what he did to Jose Aldo I Mean does Conor McGregor still have that Stigma those are other questions that we That that that that I have Daniel Cormier gets honest on McGregor versus Chandler fighting at 185 lbs speaking on The most recent episode of the dcn RC Show Cormier said that he doesn't like How Chandler agrees to everything

McGregor says and acts like his puppet Hear it from DC so so my thing is this 185 is why he's laughing because it was From the moment and Michael Chandler got On that show he essentially told Michael Chandler what to do what he was going to Do how he was going to do it it was Going to be his show and now he's saying He's going to make him fight at a weight Class that neither one of them have Fought at it's happening at 185 I agree With everything that you guys are saying It shouldn't happen there I agree that It doesn't have the meaning that it Should have but I still believe it does Because I believe that uh T McGregor is Just going to make Michael Chandler do Whatever he wants and if that means Fighting at a weight class that he's Never fought at that he doesn't feel Comfortable at that's what he's going to Do because he feels like it's going to Be in his favor I think this is a game I Think Conor McGregor is the puppet Master and I think Michael Chandler is Being far too easy to play with at this Point Michael Chandler Pinocchio he's He's he's uh he's Mike Conor McGregor Doing stuff like this with Michael Chanler and I don't like it because I Like Michael Chandler but I think he Doing too much man is Alex P showing off His new girlfriend Pera and his fiance Merl recently stopped following each

Other on social media both of them have Deleted absolutely every single picture Of each other due to an unknown reason Ro and P were about to get married but Something happened that made them both React like this and allegedly and their Relationship now in a recent video Posted to his IG stories Pera showed off A woman who appears to be his new Girlfriend Fore Foreign Sure Sh time for today's top three memes Third place was found over X and was Posted by Paulo Costa second place meme was found over Instagram and was posted by his shopped As it Gets and the top pick was found over Instagram and was posted by Beaver Smash TV thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk