Nina Drama & Brendan Schaub BACK AND FORTH + Strickland GOES OFF! Khamzat SHUTS DOWN UFC 300 fight!

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00:00 Conor McGregor posts new sparring footage
01:33 Fans accuse McGregor of sparring low-lever training partners
02:00 Bisping criticizes Strickland for demolishing Sneako
03:36 Brendan Schab & Nina Drama go back and forth on X
05:59 Sean Strickland goes off on Brendan Schaub
06:35 Khamzat Chimaev shuts down potential title fight at UFC 300
07:37 TOP 3 MMA memes



All right let's get the show Started start today's news with Conor McGregor posting new sparring footage McGregor has started preparation for his UFC return against Michael Chandler Which according to Dana White will Happen this fall in a video shared to His social media McGregor scen sparring A tall opponent who struggles in the Standup game against the Irishman 10 Seconds I'm Sorry three Minutes Many fans in the comments accused McGregor of sparring a low-level Training partner one fan wrote stop Sparring yes men and get someone that Tries to hurt you facts but the meat Riders will defend it regardless Connor Only spars Bantam weights in the pfl I See stiffness stuck in the mud almost Playing touch butt in the park damn Where'd you find this guy LOL this guy Will never be champ he's sparring a Stick figure Michael Bisping reacts to the Shan Strickland versus sneo sparring session Speaking on his bym podcast Bisping Shared his take on Strickland Demolishing sneo in a brutal sparring Session and criticized the UFC fighter

For doing so Bisping believes that it Was too much and Strickland could have Stopped his opponent with just body Shots teeing off on a guy like that Right on sne like Sean did against sneo To the face with full power shots you Can break a guy's nose you can break his Jaw you can detach a r you can knock him Out you can cause a concussion right you Can do some real real nasty damage right If you want to make a dick out the guy And you want to get the buzz and you Want to embarrass him and you want to Make yourself feel big like a big man or Whatever you could just give him a nice Little body shot a nice little body shot Right because a good body shot Boom sock the wind out of him drop him To the floor like I did to Lewis right And you can all laugh about it do you Know what I'm saying um so he could have Gone to the body he chose to beat the Hell out of him like that you know it's Like it's like I don't know I mean Listen he is who he is you know and and I do feel to a certain Degree Um he's living up to that he's trying to Live up to that brand do you know what I'm saying that he he has become not a Caricature of himself because as long as I've known Shan he's always been the Same way but people have come to expect A certain type of behavior from Sean so

Therefore you get trapped into the cycle Of perpetuating that myth Nina drama and BR and sha go back and forth on X the Back and forth started after Brenan sha Suggested the UFC arrange the Sha on Strickland versus sneo sparring session Here's the thing with this so this is at The Apex so it's it's at the it's a UFC Controlled content you have Force Griffin there you have uh Jake Shields Is there as well So this is All orchestrated this is all designed it It's just weird to me I you know I mean I don't know that sinko kid I know he's Talking [ __ ] about Mikey that's our boy It's weird to have a guy who is a former World champion just kind of tee off on Him um even though he asked for it Ignorance is bliss kid an idiot clearly If you're going to get beat up by Sean Strickland is there's something weird About it it's all Orchestrated by the UFC It's just a weird route they're going You know like all this had to Be like sneo had to get okay from the UFC from Dana White they had to call Sean Strickland like this wasn't like he It wasn't like he showed up at Sean Strickland's gym in Orange County the USC at the okay this I'm sure you had to Sign some you know Waivers it just I don't know it feels

Weird to me Nina reacted to Sha's Comments tweeting here's the thing about Brandan sha I love the guy but this take Has to be more stupid than sneo agreeing To spar Shan Strickland LOL Brendan do You really think Dana way in the UFC Would risk it all for sneo and Strickland I have the answer it's hell No laughing my ass off sha replied Listen here's the thing about Nina Marie Love the girl but she's new how long are We going to pretend the UFC has morals And this is such a reach Maria you Attend every Power slap event for Starters which was created by the Ownership of the UFC legit MMA Journalists are banned for not giving Cupcakes questions from UFC events don't Even get me started on fighter pay Assuming UFC is open to a YouTuber Getting his ass whooped is far from a Bad take a lawsuit doesn't scare the UFC Please look into the current lawsuit From over 100 plus former Fighters I can Go on how this is far from a reach still Love you Nita responded by posting this Vid captioned I don't know I just got Here at Brandon shop I'm still new LOL How many genders are There I don't know I just got here Sean Strickland also chimed in and blast his Shob writing when did the world become Soing soft they used to let kids box in High school they used to raise men why

Did you stop it that was the most badass Thing sneo has ever said so he got hit In the head biging deal you [ __ ] but Again we've all seen you fight so Laughing my ass off he followed up with Laughing my ass off they act like I Mured a man so a man wanted to fight and Got beat up so what that's how you Become man don't belittle him he took His ass beating like a man and we'll be Better for it good job I was Impressed hamah shimay shuts down a Potential title fight for UFC 300 rumors About hamza's potential involvement Surfaced during Monday's episode of the MMA hour when Ariel haani revealed that Shimay have has been considered as a Possible opponent by the UFC for either Jus dupi or Leon Edwards in which either Or would serve as the main event Unfortunately with the holy month of Ramadan ending just days before UFC 3 Begins on April 13th she might have said In a conversation with MMA uncensored That he will not be available for the Card I will fight everybody brother Leon And theye see anyone man but not in Ramadan I think is a Ramadan you see 300 So maybe with somebody in Saudi Arabia I wants to fight There not fighting in Ramadan Anymore time for today's top memes third Place was found over on Instagram and

Was posted by a username as shopped as It Gets second place meme was found over on Instagram and was posted by daily do Smma and the top picked meme was found Over on Reddit and was posted by Liam ho Fan all right guys here's another Announcement for UFC 300 Sean Strickland Faces number four Brandon Roy valal I Get a truey m i don't know who the you Are but in a different set I might hit You okay so there you have it ladies and Gentlemen that fight is also at UFC 300 See you Soon thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button button And don't forget to subscribe to stay in The Talk