Chael Sonnen CONFRONTS Daniel Cormier LIVE on Air! Khamzat FIRES BACK at Kamaru Usman! Colby-MVP

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00:00 Marvin Vettori out of UFC Vegas 90 main event
01:50 Mark Coleman awake & responsive
03:13 Colby Covington goes off on MVP
04:29 Gilbert Burns issues statement on UFC 299 loss
05:39 Khamzat Chimaev fires back at Kamaru Usman
06:52 Chael Sonnen confronts Daniel Cormier over recent comments
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All right let's get the show Started let's start today's news with Marvin vtori withdrawing from the main Event of UFC Vegas 90 Victoria has been Forced out of his upcoming match up Against Brendan Allen scheduled for April 6th due to an undisclosed injury As a result the UFC is now searching for A new main event to headline the Upcoming card which takes place at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas on Thursday Evening Victoria personally confirmed The news guys I wanted to tell you Firsthand you know cuz you see a lot of [ __ ] in the internet but I wanted to Tell you myself I'm not going to fight April 6th I got hurt it was kind of a Freak accident and I can't go into a Fight hurt is the first time that I'm Pulling out of any bout I'm super sorry To all my fans and to everybody that was Looking forward to see this fight happen Trust me I'm the first one that wanted This fight cuz I wanted to put my hands On this guy you know at the same time [ __ ] happens and we got to roll with it Nothing we can do I'm going to focus on The recovering as fast as I can as best As I can and uh I'm going to be back you Know this [ __ ] means everything to me And I never pulled out of any on my Fight even in in my amateur career I can Just tell you that I'll be back stronger Than than ever and and we'll run it back

You know and now to my opponent it's on You're not going to hide no more I know I'm going to see you either in the cage Or not I'll see you around you know I'm Fed up of all your [ __ ] you sit down In front of a computer and you become Hulk when you see me you're like a quiet Little girl all smiles trying to be nice I punked you once already you know you Know I sat down I told you you got Knocked out twice by these two dudes you Know what happened over there you funny Looking thing man look like you came out Of a griffin episode it's on I'm your Big shot you got to bag me for another Shot I don't give a about fighting you I'm making your favor I'll smash your Face just cuz you you look funny to me That's it I'm see you soon Mark Coleman Is awakend responsive 2 days after Saving his parents the UFC Legend was Intubated and sedated due to smoke Inhalation that damaged his lungs However Coleman is now awake and Communicating with his family from his Hospital bed in Toledo Coleman's family Shared a video on Instagram capturing Him hugging his daughters and talking to Them from his bed after receiving Treatment for his lungs which was the Biggest concern following his heirless From the house fire Sight I'm the happiest man in the World I swear to God I'm so

Lucky I can't believe my parents are Alive I had to make a decision was cuz I Got out of my room and went to the door And it was already horrible I couldn't Breathe I almost had to go Outside I making me got him I can't Believe It I got him but I couldn't find Himmer Coleman's daughters Morgan and Kenzie Started to Gund me on his behalf to help Pay for medical costs as he continues to Recover from the horrific ordeal we've Attached a link to the page in today's Video Description Kobe Covington goes off on Michael Venom page MVP made his UFC Debut on Saturday night securing a Victory over Kevin Holland by unanimous Decision this impressive win not only Earned the new UFC signing a place in The welterweight rankings but also Caught the attention of many however Ever one man who did not share the same Sentiment is Kobe Covington in a recent Interview with submission radio Kobe Mostly blasted the former bellor fighter And also took Jabs at Holland saying the Guy is trash he's a bum look at his last Fight before that he got beat by a guy That fights in Indian casinos he got Beat by Mike Perry we saw how the Mike Perry experience went in the UFC guy got His nose crooked smashed and knocked out

Like three or four times in a row it Just shows I mean the guy's just hype They're trying to Hype him up they're Giving him a guy in Kevin Hound who's a Complete scrub I mean a 50/50 fighter at Best in the division and that's the best You can do that pathetic fight and Pathetic walk out like that wasn't Entertaining man no dude like it doesn't Work it only works when you're good and At the top of the division not when You're fighting scrubs that shouldn't Even be fighting in the UFC in the first Place I didn't make anything of it I Just saw another UFC Easy Money paycheck If the UFC wants to give me that in the Future Gilbert Burns issues a statement On UFC 29's loss on Thursday Burns Posted a video to his YouTube channel Reflecting on his knockout loss to Jack De la Melina Burns gave respect to his Opponent and despite the loss he still Believes he can become the UFC Welterweight champion while already 37 Years of Age uh first of all first thing that I Want to say shout out to Jack D Mandolina what a tough one and I saw it Today on the news everywhere he broke His arm Maybe the first or second kick that I Threw the guy didn't show it man and uh 37 not getting any younger but I do Believe I I I have everything that I

Need to become a champion you know for Sure I need to clean up food work Defense technical stuff combos I was Throwing a lot of single Shots but I still there you know I still Alive is still alive in the division I Know it can beat so many guys and uh Yeah the dreams still alive they still Want to become a champion it's not just The dreams my goal and I'm going to Guess what I'm going to work very hard For that for sure hamashima have fires Back at Kamar Usman in a recent episode Of his pound-for-pound podcast Usman was Asked by CH sunon whether Hamza shim Might have felt special during their Fight at UFC 294 the former champ Responded that Hamza did not stand out As special to him noting that there was Nothing unique or different that he Hadn't encountered Before you with Gilbert by the way what Was chamay have like what was he like Was he different was he special chill You know you just you you get in those Those type of fights and those positions To where you you build something up in Your mind in your head and everyone's Especially now in this machine of the UFC of MMA you build them up in your Head then you get in there and you Go that wasn't that that wasn't special That there was nothing different friend That I haven't seen had I given it a

Little bit more had I given myself a Little bit more credit that would haveit More sheim might have responded tweeting Don't talk too much musman you're lost This people are proud of their losses What the he followed up with I never Choose my opponents only cowards choose Their opponents undefeated sh Emoji chel suon confronts Daniel Cormier Over recent comments during the UFC 299 Broadcast Cormier was question about Whether senon is among the top five Fighters to never hold a belt to which He responded with a firm note now in a Recent episode of good guy bad guy Sunnon confronted DC regarding his Answer Cormier was able to draw a laugh Out of CHA and wiggle his way out of the Difficult conversation by joking that he Was set up and blamed his answer on AI an Undisputed belt I love cha but I'm Not going to sit here and say CH was one Of the best fighters to never hold the Belt he's not one of the top five guys No bro right Dan Henderson Yeah J I got to tell you cor I got to Tell you Daniel I fought Anderson for The belt and you were there I had two 108 rounds I didn't have to beat him I Just had to run out the clock or which Had 90 seconds left you're telling me I'm not one of the best really I don't Think that you mean That I chill can I see something can I

Just say something chill and I will tell You first off they set me up and then When you look at it look at it very Closely there's a thing called AI right And and it it almost takes your voice And says things for you and that wasn't Me CH that wasn't me you once said are You GNA believe me or Your Lying Eyes Look at your boy up there chill getting Played by the AI time for today's top memes third Place was found over on Instagram and Was posted by not WWE second place meme was found over on Facebook and was posted by Robert and the number one meme was found Over on Instagram and it was posted by As shopped as it Gets thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk