Dana White FIRES BACK at Internet Trolls, Alex Pereira posts hilarious sparring footage, Conor

In Today’s MMA news:

Craig Jones taunts Conor Mcgregor
Mike Perry tells crazy story about fighting cr@ck dealers
Merab Dvalishvili’ hilariously triade against the UFC bantamweight division
Israel Adesanya’s coach reveals three the most possible fights for Adesanya’s comeback
Michael Bisping reacts to Conor McGregor acting debut
Alex Pereira posts hilarious sparring footage

00:00 Craig Jones pokes fun at Conor McGregor
00:28 Mike Perry tells crazy story
01:50 Merab Dvalishvili goes off on the bantamweigh division
03:34 Israel Adesanya’s the most obvious future opponents
04:23 Michael Bisping reacts to Conor McGregor’s acting debut
05:43 Alex Pereira and Glover Teixeira sparring in the middle of the road
06:20 Dana White gets irritated
07:16 Top 3 MMA memes



All right let's get this show started Craig Jones pokes fun e kindor McGregor Craig Jones shared a sweet clip of him Cruising through snowcat mountains this Weekend but couldn't help himself from Teasing the notorious when writing the Caption which said reporting live from Conor McGregor's left [Music] Nostril my pert tells a crazy story About fighting crack dealers on the Latest episode of the overdogs podcast Mike Perry recounted a hilarious memory From when he nearly fought crack dealers After they didn't want to pay him $10 For winning a basketball game you can Watch the full episode on the conai Media YouTube channel one time I played Basketball in Grand Rapids two on two me And my homie I was staying in his crib In Grand rappers we played Two on Two Against these dudes at the street court And we won bro it was like I think we Was playing to 11 or 15 and we won by Like a point or two and he was Definitely Grand Rapids now look it was For $10 it was for $10 and then when we Won and they was like the dudes was like No we ain't F to pay you and I was like No that bro I'm about to fight these People my boy is like no Mike chill bro He's just a Hooper and I was like no bro That I'm about to fight this dude he pul He put his hands in his pants and he

Pulled out of his ass and he gave it to His friend so he could fight me and he Didn't want to drop the CRA he was Holding the CRA in his ass so he could Sell it to the Rock hands bro I swear to God bro this happened Prof Rob V goes Off on the bantamweight division taking To social media as Professor machine Morab took his viewers on an Entertaining lesson explaining the Situation of the current UFC Bantamweight Division I'm back with breaking news Everybody so we know the champ shali Call out number six guy Chito to avenge His loss of course choa will beat skinny Guy again and he will become UFC new Champ already chto Vera called out Number four Cory sangan to avenge his Loss want to kick Cory of course Cory Will beat Cheo again and he will become UFC new champ and Cy will call out Number five Peter to get his loss back Peter will win against Cory again and Peter will call number two this handsome Guy and of course this handsome guy will Beat Peter Again and then here comes the news I Will avenge my loss and call out number 885 Frankie science out of the Retirement What the [ __ ] is going on guys and hey Henry seudo what are you talking about Me don't think I forget about you I'm

About to retire Al Sterling's B plug his Name is not morat [Music] Morat brain damage we have result from Hospital hudo has a longer tongue than Himself but no worries Dr meab will fix This problem on February 17th See you there Henry I'm coming for You his rign his coach reveals the most Obvious opponents for his return Speaking with Sky Sports New Zealand Is's coach Mike Ango listed three Possible fights for AOS come back to Action saying that's up to the UFC who He fights izy is back in the gym the Rest isn't really in our hands it's Really about the options that the UFC Are putting together and they are about Putting together a great show that's a Great draw that gets bums on seats and Eyes on screens obviously Izzy draus is One of those fights isra Assan is one of Their biggest stars draus is a new upand Comer so that certainly has some appeal But whether it's then or that Opportunity is still there later really That's not in our court what we know is We have to prepare for that potential Fight we have to prepare for a potential Fight with Strickland we have to prepare For a potential fight with Hamza because Those are the most obvious options on The table and the timing it's not up to Us out of these three options who would

You like to see Izzy fight next leave Your thoughts in the comment section Michael bisin reacts to Conor McGregor's Acting debut earlier this week Conor McGregor announced that he will play a Prominent role in the upcoming reboot of The classic film Roadhouse set to be Released this March in the latest Episode of the believe you me podcast Michael Bisping reacted to the news you Know I could see that trailer today and Be like don't give up your day job bro But you know hey God bless him good for Him no that going to be a big big big Success so they bring in this badass Dorman Dalton you know what I mean and He goes to war with the local Mafia Right I'm not sure if when you bring in This badass Dorman him being a world Famous UFC fighter is got to solve the Problems you know what I mean number one He's not no one's meant to know how much Of a badass he is secondly if you're Known for being a fighter you're just Going to a attracts trouble do you know What I mean I'm not slagging the movie Off I'm just saying like you know in my Experience you don't throw an Internationally world famous fighter on The door and go right because that's Just like a challenge do you know what I Mean yeah Alex Pera has posted a video Of him sparring with Glover tesera in The middle of the road check out this

Fun clip of the two Warriors play Fighting [Applause] Dan White gets irritated while kicking It on IG live Dana White's boundaries Got pushed when a troll mentioned he Should be punished check out the UFC President's Reaction what else you got anybody got Anything good other than stupid [ __ ] all The dumb [ __ ] you guys are posting on Here right Now yeah get him Angela punishing me punish me for what What the did I Do what the did I Do you ain't doing anything but texting Dumb [ __ ] on here anyway so go watch It listen up fight fans we've been Working behind the scenes on a Newsletter that will allow you to read And see content we can't always post on Here this will allow us all to better Stay in the Talk time for today's top memes third Place was found over on Facebook and was Posted by fight sport Focus second place was found over on Reddit and it was posted by a y boy Dan and the top picked meme was found Over on Reddit and was posted by Thomas Graham 76 thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't

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