Sean O’Malley SLAMS his doubters after UFC 292! MMA Community LOSES IT over ‘early stoppage’, Rogan

MMA news today:

SEAN O’MALLEY slams his doubters after UFC 292 win

ALJAMAIN STERLING reacts to ‘early stoppage’ in Sean O’Malley fight

CHRIS WEIDMAN reacts following UFC 292 loss to Brad Tavares

MMA COMMUNITY loses it over ‘terrible stoppage’ in Sean O’Malley vs. Aljamain Sterling fight

HENRY CEJUDO slams Sean O’Malley and calls him out to a fight

00:00 – Chris Weidman reacts following UFC 292 loss to Brad Tavares
02:13 – Sean O’Malley slams his doubters after UFC 292 win
03:39 – Aljamain Sterling reacts to ‘early stoppage’ in Sean O’Malley fight
05:36 – Henry Cejudo slams Sean O’Malley and calls him out to a fight
06:01 – MMA community goes mad over ‘terrible stoppage’ in O’Malley vs. Sterling fight
07:35 – TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get this show started In today's video Chris Wyman reacts Following UFC 292's lost Brad Tavares Sean O'Malley slams his doubters after UFC 292's win Al Jermaine Sterling Reacts to early stoppage in shot O'Malley fight Henry sahuto slams Sean O'Malley and calls him out to a fight And the MMA Community is furious over Terrible stoppage decision in the O'Malley burst Sterling fight Chris weidman's come back to the Octagon At UFC 292 did not go according to plan As he lost my unanimous decision to Brad Tavares in an interview with ESPN mma's Megan olivey after the fight Weidman Shared his reaction to the loss and Declared that he's not ready to retire From fighting yeah oh it was uh it was Some experience I really was uh grateful The whole time Um Just uh to make that walk again not Knowing if I was going to be able to do This again you know to be back at an Arena and You know I have a fight week and make Weight and everything I was really Grateful for I think it'd end up being a Fun fight Um I thought I won the second round to Be honest Um but Yeah it was uh like

I'm just happy to be here and I and I Hope I could be an inspiration to people Who have had you know big setbacks in Their life that you could you know come Back from it on the highest level Whatever you want to accomplish you Could do it Um I'm not done so I I I'll be back better Than ever but this was a good uh Opportunity for me to get back in the House again He also acknowledged that he was Hesitant to throw leg kicks during the Bout post-leg snap injury itself was There hesitancy was there concern was There worry especially in that first Round about the like There was I I didn't think there would Be to be honest I I it's foreign you Know usually someone kicks me I kick him Right back and I kick really hard I was There was hesitancy Um there was probably a little bit of Ring rush I told I wouldn't this is all You know no excuses I was I told the Brad Um after the fight like he's an awesome Dude and I mean kind of stood there the First round I guess he was worried about My takedowns uh and I was just kind of Getting a feel to be in there again Sean O'Malley has emerged as the biggest Winner of the UFC 292 card the moment he

Knocked out reigning Champion Al Jermaine Sterling in the second round of Their Clash during the post-fight press Conference O'Malley addressed those who Had doubted him sending a clear message To his critics yeah I definitely just Exceeded my expectations like to go out There and actually do it like that it's [ __ ] crazy but they're still gonna be The haters on Twitter they're still Gonna be the bantamweights that are yeah But before I thought Peter like this Dude's not can't be peer it's Peter Young you can't beat him go out there Out strike and beat him fight now Joe There's I had like I don't know the odds But I bet I wasn't a favor in this fight Going into it everyone was counting me Out and I go out there and do that I Could fight whoever next and it's gonna Be like yeah but so this is just how it Is uh it makes me laugh not because I Mean to be honest if I wasn't me and I Was looking at me versus algae I Probably would have put money on aljo Too like he was he Win streak It was dominating the Bantam way Division the best band point of all time Defended the belt three times and then I'm coming up my best win was against Peter Young in a very very close fight I mean the odds you know I would have Probably bet against me too if I didn't

Know me and know the confidence that I Possessed After his defeat to Sean O'Malley at UFC 292 Al Jermaine Sterling took to social Media to share photos with his wife and Team captioning them with the reassuring Words I'm more than all right I have Everything I need right here at the post Flight price conference Sterling spoke About the loss expressing that he was Okay and he could have continued the Fight despite the loss Sterling gave Credit to O'Malley acknowledging him as A skilled fighter it definitely sucks I Mean I'm not gonna lie about that There's a lot coming into this fight You know the quick turnaround everything But I was happy to do it Um no excuses Sean Hey he did a good job of the one thing I Knew he would be good at is that step Back counter I mean I felt like the Fight could have still kept going to be Honest I thought I was I rolled over to Try to come back up and I mean as soon As he stepped in I was fine but it was Just one of those things Can't be mad at the rough It is what it is man losing sucks it Always does Um Especially losing to him But honestly he's a good fighter man I've been here before man I have I mean

A lot worse though with Marlon Mirage And I was able to bounce back and put Together a pretty good streak to even Get the Bell you know so It's just one of those things Life Goes On And it's what whatever you decide to Make of it you know it's just one of Those things and I'm gonna remember this night for a very Long time and it's going to fuel me for Just bigger and greater things Sterling Also made it clear that he wants an Immediate rematch that is a hundred Percent what I would like the most and It's not saying like Sean doesn't Deserve it people like he could go out There and beat me again and I think he Just strengthens his case that he's as Good as he says he is but I think I've Earned I I would like to think that I've earned My right to get an immediate rematch Yeah after UFC 292 multi-division Champion Henry sehudo hurled insults at O'Malley and then called sugar out to a Fight he tweeted congratulations at Sugar Shawn how can you say you're the Best in the world when you are not even The best in our city at Dana White can't Give him Cheeto because he sucks and if You give him Murad he's only going to Wrestle let's run it in Phoenix Many including UFC analysts Joe Rogan

And Daniel Cormier believe that O'Malley's stoppage win over Al Jermaine Sterling was a bit premature Many fans suggested that the early Stoppage was deployed by the Profit-minded UFC to Crown a more Marketable fighter as the champion here Are some reactions [Applause] But you want to give the champion a Chance to recover [Applause] Wrote another [ __ ] early stoppage I Pray that me or my teammates don't have Mark Goddard in the cage again we are Fighters let us fight till the end Brian Kelleher tweeted very very Pro UFC Business stoppage in my opinion Dylan Danis never mind that was an early Stoppage Jimmy Manawa said I don't know about That stoppage what's everyone think you Should have stopped it then if he was Going to eljo was turning and moving When it was stopped Ricky Simmons Tweeted early stoppage not saying O'Malley didn't win but you can tell the UFC slash Dana White is pushing so hard To get O'Malley to stardom I don't think I've ever seen a fight end like that With someone defending themselves 100 in Early stoppage it makes sense because O'Malley sells and aljo doesn't Arthur Bateson said gotta let Champs

Fight it out an absolute early stoppage Especially when it's the belt holder Agendas though Here are the top three memes we found on The internet today third place was found Over Reddit and was posted by a user Named Dana black Our second place meme was found over Facebook and was posted by a user named Robert And her top picked meme of the day it Was found over Facebook and was posted By a user named UFC kink Thank you guys for watching if you liked The video please leave a like And Subscribe to our channel to keep up with The latest MMA News