UNSEALED docs REVEAL Dana White GOING OFF on Jon Jones! MMA Fighter SUFFERS broken neck in training

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00:00 Johnny Walker issues a statement following KO loss
01:24 Magomed Ankalaev issues a challenge to Alex Pereira
02:04 Alex Pereira responds to Ankalaev’s callout
03:08 Conor McGregor donates £25,000 to Ryan Curtis
04:19 Eddie Hall dropped by a head kick in MMA sparring
05:23 Dana White slams ‘sc*mbag’ Jon Jones in 2014 texts
07:25 MMA community react to the White-Ferrtitta unsealed conversation
08:20 TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get the show Started let's start today's news with Johnny Walker issuing a statement Following UFC Vegas 84s loss taking to Social media on Monday Walker reacted to The knockout loss he suffered at the Hands of meam man and KV and provided an Update for his fans he posted this video Captioned winner learn right at coach Fighting the best in the world one Little mistake cost the win you don't Make make so you can't break me you Didn't build me so you can't kill me Let's keep climbing what's up Everybody I'm good just a little scratch On my nose uh I'm going to watch my Fights I want to see what mistake I did Later on and I'm going to leave my YouTube channel here so going to do a Little recapitulations to see what I did Wrong and to talk more about the Fight this it is what it is we fight the Best in the award you know I'm one of The best in the world are going to fish The best award could be me could be him So he have a better night than me Congratulations to to him my hope he get The belt now and I'm going to keep Grinding keep going forward keep going Upward thank everybody for the support And going to take a few days off and Come back to the gym come back better Mega Med ink live issues a challenge to Alex Pera during the first UFC event of

202 4 anai have made a powerful stat and By knocking out Johnny Walker in round Two of their Clash his calculated and Vicious performance has distinguished The Russian within the light heavyweight Division potentially Paving the way for A totle shot in his next fight T to Social media on Sunday an C issued a Challenge to Alex peda and assured him That he will not grapple if they do Fight for the UFC light heavyweight Title writing Alex I will make a deal Like I did with Johnny note wrestling Kickboxing I'll test your jaw I hate Much harder than aisna anytime anywhere He followed up with this Pick P seemingly shut down the call out Writing P vers Hill UFC 300 guys let's Focus on what Jamal matters and then I'll focus on breaking another record by Making two title defenses in the Shortest time Possible [Music] Up Conor McGregor has made a generous Donation to Ryan Curtis former Bellator Fighter Ryan Curtis has suffered a Devastating injury during training Featherweight Contender Liam cor a close Friend of Curtis's announced on social Media that Curtis suffered a broken back Broken neck and dislocated spine in Training and has lost use of his arms

And legs Court also shared a GoFundMe Page seeking donations to provide Support to Curtis and his family we've Attached the link in today's video Description after the news broke Conor McGregor sent a message of support and Made a generous donation of £25,000 to The injured fighter what's up everyone I Just want to make this video and show Support for a young Dublin fighter Ryan Ctis who had a very bad injury a Lifechanging injury just Reon I want to Let I want to show my support and let Let let Ry now on his team now that We're all with him he has a young family A young daughter and there's a golf on Me setup that you can H you can support and i' i' ask us all To to to throw a bit of support behind It and play and thank you so much and God Bless Eddie Hall gets dropped by a head Kick in an MMA sparring session the Former World's Strongest Man winner Eddie Hall is preparing to venture into Mixed martial arts after his stintz Boxer the former strongman is now Training for an MMA tournament scheduled For February 17 2024 Under The Finisher Championship Banner in qar however it Hasn't been an easy transition in his Latest training video the massive 350 lb STW man was seen getting knocked down While sparring with a 6'9 professional

MMA fighter here's the clip pre-warned That he was a bit of a Lethal Weapon I Was very cautious with this guy didn't Want to attack him to be honest it just Just wanted a feel each other out and uh Yeah you we'll wait and see I get a nice Little kick to the face in a second it Was a good wakeup call for the first Round of Sparing okay was a good One my life in a white slams scumbag Jon Jones in 2014 texts in a revealing Exchange on May 24th 2014 Dana White Expressed frustration to then UFC Chairman Lorenzo fatia regarding Negotiations with John Jones the Conversation which was recently unsealed As part of the UFC antitrust lawsuit Sheds light on the intricate dynamics of Securing fighter contracts in the highly Competitive world of mixed martial arts The UFC wanted Jones to agree to a Contract extension and rematch with Alexander gustavson who had nearly Beaten Jones in his previous fight Jones Was refusing to sign the extension Without a significant bump in pay he Also wanted to fight Daniel Cormier not Gustas white and fatita seemed Personally offended by Jones's Reluctance to accept what was offered Dana sent fatita text asking what's up With Jones did he straighten up or is he Still being a Scag still a douche but

We're inching closer ferto replied Heaven moved on money but sent the Letter with an ultimatum awesome white Row back that punk Lorenzo he needs to Know we don't need him or he will cover More than he already does at the time of These texts Jones and the UFC were still One year away from what would possibly Become the biggest stress test of their Partnership a hit-and run accident that Left a pregnant woman with a broken arm And Jones facing jail time however even Back then the future Hall of Famer was Already a source of frustration for White in an unsealed legal exchange White reminded the plaintiff's lawyer Michael delangelo that Jones hadn't Always been a model citizen inside or Outside of the cage dangelo asked white So you wanted Mr fatia to let Mr Jones Know that the UFC didn't need him yeah White responded and be in negotiations Delangelo added no white responded do You know Jon Jones's history just to be A scumbag in life I mean you could get Pretty much every guy who works for me To testify that yes I was not happy with Jon Jones's Life Choices here's how the MMA Community reacted to the unsealed Conversation between Dana and L Enzo Hola boy wrote 100% free pass from Dana Lorenzo that was a private conversation Like any haters want their own private Texts aired for all to judge may have

The tables turned the UFC needs John now This was right after multiple fail drug Test and a hit and run arrest where he Was filmed returning to the scene of the Crime to collect and neglected to help An injured pregnant woman just cuz he Caused an accident with yes that is the Context that is missing or did everyone Forget 2024 the the year of the truth Cat Williams I mean they talk like that About all the fighters this letter is Actually a lot nicer than what I thought Dana would be like LOL I mean wasn't Dana right I want Jon Jones to lower my Casket so he can let me down one last Time Dana is a tier one level scumbag JN Could only aspire to that level of Shittiness time for today's top memes Third place was found over on Instagram And was posted by as shopped As It Gets Second place meme was found over on IG And was posted by a username Beaver Smash TV the top picked meme was found over on Reddit and was posted by random thoughts 12 thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk