Mike Perry knocks out Thiago Alves in 60 seconds, calls out ‘fat f*cking b*tch’ Darren Till at BFKC KnuckleMania 4

Mike Perry does not get paid by the hour.

The reigning “King of Violence” polished his crown on Saturday night with a blistering 60-second knockout over former bare-knuckle champion Thiago Alves to cap off BKFC KnuckleMania 4 from Los Angeles.

In what was billed as his toughest fight to date, Perry walked through Alves in impressive fashion after he came storming out of the gates and began throwing bombs at the American Top Team veteran. Alves just never got settled into any kind of rhythm with Perry aggressively looking to put him down with every single punch he unloaded.

As Alves backed up towards the ropes, Perry unleashed a flurry of shots including a brutal left hand that blasted the Brazilian and put him on the ground.

Alves struggled to get back to his feet, although he beat the 10 count being applied by referee Dan Miragliotta. When the referee asked Alves to put his hands up to prove he was ready to continue, the UFC veteran was still standing on rubber legs and that was enough to end the fight.

Perry immediately began his celebration as he moved to 5-0 in bare-knuckle competition with his third-straight stoppage after putting down Luke Rockhold and Eddie Alvarez in his previous two performances.

“My easiest fight yet, just like I said it would be,” Perry shouted following the win. “I’m the undisputed king of bare-knuckle. I’m No. 1 pound-for-pound. F*ck anybody who thinks differently. I’m the king in this bitch.

“Come and see me, bro. If you want the smoke, if you want the money — I want all the smoke and all the money!”

With this latest win, Perry continues to cement himself as the face of BKFC and undoubtedly the biggest draw in the promotion. His only problem now might be finding competition but he already had an idea in mind for his next fight.

Darren Till, you fat f*cking bitch, get your ass over here or I’ll come to the U.K,” Perry said. “Nate Diaz got a fight with Jorge Masvidal, some east coast versus west coast shit, throw the hands. I would have asked for a faceoff but he would have told me square off with myself motherf*cker, so shout out to him.”

Prior to Saturday night, Perry claimed that Till turned down a $2 million offer to fight him in BKFC after they’ve danced around a fight for several years dating back to when they both competed in UFC.

As for Diaz, he was in attendance at the BKFC card on Saturday but he has business of his own coming up with a boxing match against Jorge Masvidal.

Perry might get help drawing some star power for his next fight after Conor McGregor became a part owner of BKFC. With the kind of pull and attention that McGregor commands, Perry might just get Till or another huge name to accept the offer to face him in BKFC later this year.

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