Tyron Woodley ACCUSES Sean Strickland of LYING! Dana White IS BACK on a podcast! Pereira-Polyana

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00:00 Alex Pereira spars Polyana Viana
01:19 Jamahal Hill responds to criticism of UFC 300 main event booking
03:02 Demetrious Johnson gets honest on Volk vs. Topuria rematch
04:31 Dana White is back on a podcast
05:15 Woodley accuses Sean Strickland of lying
06:52 Dana White shuts down rumors of Chimaev vs. Adesanya
08:06 TOP 3 MMA memes



All right let's get the show Started in today's news Alex P spars Pana Viana recently a picture of PETA With fellow UFC roster mate Pana Viana Has been circulating on social media it Looks like the two have become friends As P has posted new sparring footage With the female strawweight Fighter We keep that Pressure Jamal Hill responds to Fan backlash of UFC 300 Main Event booking on Saturday After UFC 298 Dana White announced that P would be defending his light Heavyweight tou against Hill in the main Event of UFC 300 on April 13th white has Previously promised that UFC 300 will Have a historic card from top to bottom Yet some fans feel like the main event Is a bit of a disappointment speaking in A recent YouTube video Hill said he Doesn't understand the outrage that Followed the official announcement Because the card is loaded with top tier Matchups and defended Dana from Critics a lot of it's been a lot of Outrage a lot of disappointment and Things like that to like to be honest It's crazy to me cuz for the most part Like people these are a lot of these People are the same people that spent The better part of I don't know a year However long trying to call call a me

Crybaby but it's crazy to see How a card can be stacked and people are Crying like like like let's really let's Really be real it's really really crying Because you had unreal expectations for Something now granted I think Dana will May have well did he did overstep with Some of the comments that he made but he Had every intention on delivering on Those on those comments as as you know Anybody who's followed the UFC for some Time whenever Dana tries to tell you He's trying to deliver something he Wouldn't talk like that if he wasn't Trying to deliver like something that You that that you people would feel is Mind blowing or other or otherworldly Demetrius Johnson gets honest on Volkanovski versus Toria rematch Speaking in a recent YouTube video DJ Said that he doesn't like vul's chances In a rematch with Toria and if it goes Down there's a big chance that vulk Would get knocked out again but the Question is does he do immediate rematch Like for me after listened to the press Conference banasi was like man I wasn't Able to get I was going to start adding More things To the Fight but when I sit Here if ilot gets to the opportunity to Touch You you're going to

Sleep so I don't know what other tool Set he was going to bring to the fight To stop IL from getting to Him right like if they do a rematch all IL has to do is touch him he has to run Away from ilot to porya for 25 minutes He's got to stay on that Moon Arc he's Got to keep on making Ilia guess to Where ilot doesn't really overextend It's not like Alex vinoski has a range Advantage uh I don't think Alex vonos is Faster than him uh I I do think Alex Vinoski does use more tools with the Kicks and the push kicks or what not but I truly feel like ilot dor is a bad Match up for Alex fanos because he Doesn't give Frustrated Dana White is back on a Podcast white recently hopped on a Podcast with howy Mandel where after Just 30 seconds in Dana got up and left Saying he's had enough podcasts and is Not doing anym now just one week later Dana is back on another podcast this Time White made an appearance on games With names hosted by Julian Edelman I am soing tired of doing Podcast I'm not doing any more Podcasts What's up buddy thanks for joining us Man no thanks for having me man so Uh games with names is a production of IHeart Radio Tyron Woodley accuses Shan Strickland of lying after Strickland

Gave sneo a brutal Beatdown Jake Paul Slammed the UFC middleweight for Sparring with an untrained individual And offered to fight him in Puerto Rico For a million dollar while Strickland Appeared interested he eventually Dismissed the idea because of possible Legal consequences from the UFC in a Recent episode of real sh right quick Woodley lambasted Strickland for lying And talked about how the UFC can't stop Him from sparring with Paul Jake Paul Offered him a million dollars why you Ask Hunter so right so Sean Strickland Went a hunter who you ask your dad you Can fight you don't have to ask nobody If you can fight and Hunter Campbell Told Sean stria no legally they cannot Stop him from sparring Jake Paul Jake Paul said he wanted to spar him the same Way sneo walked into the cage I want you To know he had to walk through security He had to be signed in on the list I Know that that's the Apex that's the Apex they let him come in there he Signed something to go in there and do That right so if he can do that he can Spar with anybody he wants to you see All the time you saw Nick Diaz sparring With Andre Ward you think that was a Great idea no Jake Paul didn't say come And meet me in the in the arena and come And meet me in a sanctioned fight he Said come to my gym nobody can stop him

From doing that at all Sean Strickland Is a ho for Action Hunter he a ho for Beating that dude up like that and he Could have just went took I would have Never asked a mother can I go and Spar Somebody for a million bucks I'd have Been on the next fight to Puerto Rico They way shuts down rumors of an adisan Rashima at fight on Tuesday afternoon a Photo went viral showing the Kingdom Marina website featuring isra veram shim As the main event of UFC Saudi Arabia Many fans flooded to social media Debating whether the announcement was Legit it was later revealed that the Website was fake and that the real Arena Website does not have the UFC's June Event on their schedule yet following The photo going viral the UFC CEO took To his Instagram stories shutting down The rumors and taking a shot at MMA Media writing not happening it was a Fake post all the MMA media that ran With it are the problem absolute clowns White also took shots at MMA junkie Specifically for reporting that Cuda Wasn't interviewed after UFC 298 loss Because he quote unquote already retired Once to which Dana responded writing More piece of sh clickbait what I said Was it was Mor Rob's time for the mic Huge win for him and Henry already Retired media face palm followed up with Yahoo sports also ran the fake HZ versus

Hamza fight Yahoo sports ran a fake Story Yahoo sports that's how bad this Is right now Insanity time for today's top memes Third place was found over on Instagram And was posted by raw Power the second place meme was found Over on X and was posted by a user named O MMA And a top picked meme was found over on Instagram and was posted by Beaver Smash TV thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk