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00:00 Huge UFC card announced
01:47 Whittaker reacts to Khamzat Chimaev booking
03:21 DDP vs. Israel Adesanya in the works for UFC 305
03:53 Luke Rockhold signs w/ Karate Combat, debut set vs. Joe Schilling
04:30 Dana White mistaken for Joe Rogan in hilarious interview
05:42 Covington gets into heated argument w/ a feminist
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All right let's get the show Started in today's news Dana White Announces a stacked UFC Saudi Arabia Fight card in a video posted to his Social media the UFC president announced A number of fights for UFC Saudi Arabia Including a middleweight Main Event bout Between Robert Whitaker and Hamza shimay Whitaker is coming off a decision Victory over Paulo Costa meanwhile Hamza Was last seen in action at October's UFC 294 event where he picked up a majority Decision win over kamaru Usman what's up Guys here with another announcement on Saturday June 22nd we'll be going to Saudi Arabia our first fight in the Kingdom will be a fight night that will Air live and free on ABC and the main Event will be former middleweight Champion Robert Whitaker versus 13-0 Undefeated hamach chamaya to see who Will be the number one Contender for the UFC middleweight Championship white also Announced Alexander vov versus Sergey Pavlovich Kelvin gastam versus Daniel Rodriguez Johnny Walker versus Vulcan Oir and ehor potier versus Shara meam Medov the co-main event the number three Ranked knockout arst Sergey pavlovich Versus the number six ranked Alexander Vov also Kevin gastam will be taking on Daniel Rodriguez we've got Johnny Walker Versus Vulcan oir undefeated 12-0 sha Bullet versus eor poier who has 15 of

His 20 wins coming by first round round Finish this card is going to be badass From top to bottom it's going to be Historic it's our first ever show from The Kingdom tickets go on sale soon so Make your plans for UFC Saudi Arabia June 22nd live and free on Abbc Robert Whitaker reacts to hamah Shimay have booking speaking on the MMA Arcade podcast Whitaker shared his first Thoughts on his main event bout against Shimay EV the former middleweight champ Said that he is in a great head space to Face another top fight and that if he Emerges Victorious he aims to earn Another opportunity to compete for the Title and I I do understand that the Task at hand is is it's going to be Harder and I'm going to be grinding my I'm going to be grinding my ass off this Camp and yeah I'm I'm looking forward to It because it's a good thing after last Fight I didn't really I didn't have any Injuries the body is good they offered Me the fight I fought four or five weeks Ago at this point man I'm ready just Give me another one I'm I'm in like I'm In a great head space to take another Hard fight and yeah yeah I'm looking Forward to it like every every hard Fight pushes my skills to that next Level and this gets me in line to to to Get the belt back and you know that That's the goal isn't it yeah you know

I'm looking forward to the fight I Understand he's a he's a he's a hard Fighter he he likes to Grapple a lot he Uses his reach and range to to good Effectiveness he's got knockout power But honestly you know he he likes to Play the villain against these guys Against his opponents but I'm looking For an he's an honorable fighter like We're going to get in there and we're Going to have a we're going to have an Honest fight we're both going to leave It there he's not a quitter I'm not a Quitter so I look forward to to Really You know making history in Saudi Arabia A big middleweight bout is in the works For UFC 305 according to a report from Nick walshaw of Fox Sports drus dupi Versus r SAS being discussed to headline UFC 305 in Perth Australia on August 18th the fight was expected to headline Next month's usfc 300 event in Las Vegas However DDP turned it down now after Months of back and forth the two will Finally have a chance to squash the beef Inside of the Octagon who do you guys Think takes this one let's talk in the Comments Below Luke rockold signs with karate Combat following news that he's Currently coaching an ultimate fighter Style reality show opposite Tyron Woodley for hardcore FC the former UFC Middleweight champion has also signed

Off for a showdown with Joe Schilling at Karate combat 45 on April 20th the fight In April will be Rock hold's first Appearance since losing to Mike Perry in Bkfc almost a year ago as for his Opponent Schilling hasn't competed since October 2019 when he suffered a knockout Loss to Tony Johnson under the Bellator Banner what do you guys make of this Matchup who do you think will win let us Know your thoughts in the comments below Below Dana White mistaken for Joe Rogan In an alltime interview GFF the UFC President recently appeared on stage Steel's podcast who's a former reporter That famously left ESPN last August After a lengthy legal battle with the Company like many she quickly created a Podcast and felt that Dana White would Be a great guest despite his previous Promise not to anymore the UFC CEO Continues to make podcast appearances The interview saw Dana White Once Again Slam media stating that podcasts are the Way to go in the form of doing press it Was a great discussion up until the end When the podcast host confused the UFC CEO with UFC commentator Joe Rogan What's Joe Rogan's Dream what's Joe Rogan's dream Joe Rogan Dana White what's Dana White's Dream did you just think I was joean I Totally did she just called me Joe Rogan

You thought I was Joe Rogan yeah I Thought you were B before Joe was ever B Did a 2our podcast I flew here from from Vegas and and and she thought she was Interviewing Joe Rogan [Laughter] Jesus Kobe Covington gets into a heated Debate with a feminist Covington Recently appeared on dment TV where he Got into a heated argument with a Feminist over Donald Trump the woman Asked Kobe what Freedom Trump has fought For and after that things went from zero To 100 real quick I do have one question Question in particular what Freedom do You feel like Trump has fought for you Know he supports law enforcement Military the people that fight for our Freedoms in this country you know Joe Biden he's sending them to these Senseless Wars to fight these wars he's Also fought for our freedoms as everyday Americans look at inflation look at our Economy right now our economy is Destroyed you think our economy is doing Good right now under Biden at least from Like the statistics I've read yeah like It has gotten better whether people like To admit it or not what about our border Girls like Lake and Riley that are being Murdered by the legal that are coming Across the border you're talking about The woman who was like raped by the Cartel supposedly no she was on the

College college campus randomly attack Why do you guys believe this is a [ __ ] War let's start there oh No let me tell you let me tell one the Biggest adversaries of the United States They are invading another Free Nation They are literally Violating what's going on any other Country but your own why do I because Those are people and Also what about about people here we Have we have cities that are rotting That people are squatting on land that Are you know criminals are coming here And the crime is rising we have to care About America first we need to close our Border no other country just allows ilal To come time Republicans talk about this And they say we have to care about our Own people when it comes to like welfare Programs they have voted them down over And over and over again when it comes to Bills that actually help relieve poverty They have said No time for today's top memes third Place was found over on Facebook and was Posted posted by Robert the second place meme was found Over on Instagram and was posted by as Shopped as it Gets and the top picked meme was also Found over on Instagram and was posted By TMM Official thanks for watching if you like

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