Dana White FIRES UFC fighter for BITING his opponent! UFC vet GOES OFF on Laura Sanko! Poirier-Denis

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00:00 Dustin Poirier slams Benoit Saint Denis for staph excuse
00:53 Michael Chandler has a message for Conor McGregor
01:51 Bisping ‘doesn’t buy’ Conor McGregor’s return announcement
03:03 Rose Namajunas opens up on her recent struggles
04:32 Sean O’Malley mocks Henry Cejudo
05:31 Andre Lima gets tattoo of bite marks
06:10 Dana White fires Igor Severino for bitting his opponent
06:56 Former UFC fighter goes off on Laura Sanko
07:48 top 3 mma memes



All right let's get the show started Let's start today's news with Dustin Poier reacting to benois St Denise staff Infection excuse after their intense Fight at UFC 299 St Den attributed his Defeat to a staff infection in an Interview with MMA junkie porier Responded to these comments saying I Think all that's just talk if anything I've learned in the sport fighting for As long as I have is people are going to Chirp it's all noise it's all noise he Shouldn't even you say those types of Things things like I had an infection I Was battling something you say that when You win you don't say that when you lose I've gone into many fights with staff Infections with a fractured foot with Lacerated bicep with staff infection in My ear all kinds of stuff that's Fighting we on the mats every day Everybody has something going on going Into fights but you can't say that when You lose you got to hush it up Mike Chandler has a message for Conor McGregor McGregor recently announced That he'll make his return to the Octagon in the summer against Michael Chandler now in an interview with fight Joe Chandler reacted to Conor statement And sent him the following message the Direct message to Connor is get your ass In the gym because I am coming I coming This summer to do an ass whooping of

Biblical proportions the likes of which Nobody has ever seen and I'm extremely Excited about it I'm excited for the Entire world to be watching um you know You guys and the UK fans as well whether You love me or you hate me you got to at Least respect the grind whether you're Flying the the my flag or their flag uh Conor's flag or your own flag whatever It may be there's going to be a showdown This summer and it's going to be Absolutely spectacular so make sure you All tune in and to everybody who has Supported me over these years thank you For your patience and I'll see you at The top Michael Bisping doesn't buy Conor McGregor's return announcement While speaking on his bym podcast Bisping sh his honest take on McGregor's Recent announcement Bisping said that until the UFC Announces Conor's return he is not Taking any announcements from McGregor Seriously this he's looking a little Slimmer he's looking you know not quite As bulky he says that he got the call so The call that I assume that he's talking About would be a call from the UFC Saying listen everything's good we're Ready to book a fight we um you know There's no usada issues remember that Was kind of a a stumbling block for a While you had to do the six months and All the rest of it

However we have heard this before he did Say that he was coming back at15 pounds Against Michael Chandler I I think off The top of my head there's been two or Three times that he said this I guess When we get an announcement from the UFC That's when it will feel a little bit More real I don't assume that he's lying He's not talking out of his ass but he's Done this before he said that he's Retiring before as well many times you Know fair play is doing the rounds right Now promoting Road house a lot of people Saying good stuff about it I'm looking Forward to seeing it Rose nunz reacts to Her win over Amanda heas after dropping Back-to-back fights the former Strawweight Champion achieved her first Win since moving up to the women's Flyweight division with a unanimous Decision win over Amanda heas in the Headlining bout at UFC Vegas 89 speaking To Media following the event Rose opened Up about coming back from two losses in A row and her mental struggles during Recent times yeah man it's been uh the Last couple years of my life have been Pretty rough you know not like um I Never let it get me down too far you Know what I mean um but I've definitely Had a lot of hurt um in in my recent Past for sure but you know God gives me The strength you know the joy of the Lord is my strength so I just I just

Keep going 100% yeah definitely that That question goes into my mind all the Time like why am I doing this even just In the locker room like why am I doing This remind myself like I'm the best you Know like this is also what you know it It sounds so crazy but it really and Sometimes I don't understand it but God Really designed me to do this fighting Fighting beat you up man emotionally Everything like that not just the Physical stuff like the the mental and And psychological things you know just But but uh I I choose to be loving Regardless you know choose to just not Let that effect make me a certain way or Bitter or anything like that just Forgive you know and keep moving Sean Ell continues to mock Henry Cejudo has posted a new video of him Mocking cejudo's fight breakdown Videos what's up guys hater cejudo and In this video I'm going to be breaking Down shot my Cheeto Cheeto Vera and what I would have done I'm a six I'm an Olympic gold medalist world champion uh I won the Olympics in wrestling gold Medalist and uh so what I would have Done against Sean is I would have Fainted and then threw a leg kick that's What she it would have landed 100% And Then I would have probably took Down either from Orthodox or from Paw um But anyway see what Sean was doing he

Was throwing a jab and the Jabs where You throw your back hand oh no it's do So you throw it doesn't really matter I Would have just bed it and threw a leg Kick and there's just no way Sean could Have stopped that he's not that good at Striking so if I would have fainted and Then leg Ki into a double leg I feel Like I would have beat it Inside trip Andre Lima gets a tattoo of Bite marks in the second round of the UFC Vegas 89 bout eigor srino had Andre Lima's back near the cage and proceeded To bite Andre on the arm referee Chris Tagnon intervened when he noticed the Bite mark on Lima's arm and promptly Disqualified srino for the unacceptable Behavior shortly after the fight Lima Chose to memorialize the incident by Getting the bite mark Tattooed [Music] Dana White cuts seor srino for biting His opponent shortly following the Controversial ending Dana White informed MMA journalist Kevin ioli that cino's UFC run began and ended that evening at The Apex writing those were two upand Cominging undefeated Fighters if you get Frustrated and want out of the fight There are plenty of ways to do it but The worst thing you can do is bite your Opponent now you get cut and lose the Biggest opportunity of your life not to

Mention he's going to have real problems With the NSC in addition to cutting Srino for his inexcusable actions white Also gifted Andre limo with a bite bonus And gave him an extra 25k for the bite Tattoo writing I was going to give him 25k now I'm giving him 50k this is Awesome Jamie Varner goes off on Laura Senko former UFC fighter Jamie bner is Not a fan of Laura senos as a UFC Commentator after Saturday's UFC Vegas 89 he tweeted Laura Sena sucks so bad at Commentating she's a tryhard that speaks About things she knows nothing about Talking about blast doubles and how Tiring it could be in the first round of The fight like what do you know about Any of those things stay in your lane Try hard Laura is ruining the fights by Talking so much leave the commentary to The people that have actually fought a Female UFC fighter should have that job She's just annoying in his obvious she Is trying so hard and doesn't know what She was talking about you're high if you Think she knows anything she's the worst I've ever heard in my life Holly Holm Should have that job Laura responded Writing what's ironic is that we Actually fought on the same card for Titan FC and warmed up next to each Other it's okay though he can have his Opinion time for today's top memes third Place was found over on Reddit and was

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