Bobby Green torches Dillon Danis over recent beef: ‘He can’t stop messaging me’

Bobby Green has a big fight coming up at UFC 304, but there’s another name he’s added to his hit list.

Green meets Paddy Pimblett on the July 27 pay-per-view event in Manchester, England. Speaking on The MMA Hour, “King” previewed the Pimblett matchup, but said another fighter has also been relentlessly talking smack to him in his social media DMs.

That fighter? Dillon Danis.

“I don’t even want to give this guy the f*cking clout or the shine …” Green said. “It’s the guy who sucks clout like no other. That guy is looking to suck up clout anywhere he can find it.

“The Logan Paul fight [with Danis], that was f*cking horrible. It was such a terrible representation of what he should put as his work of art. That’s a terrible representation of that, and so he’s been hopping in my DMs and trying to talk sh*t to me, to promote to fight this guy. I’m like Dillon, Dilly, I don’t know where you think we’re even on the same level. I’m a full-fledged killer, you’re just a talker. You [haven’t] even fought nobody real.”

Green said it all began after Danis’ back-and-forth with former UFC fighter Paige VanZant, which saw VanZant light up Danis as a “piece of sh*t” and not a real fighter. Danis’ approach to trash talk and promotion is behavior Green would like to use as an example for young fighters — specifically, how not to act.

“I was talking to the young guys saying, ‘Don’t be like those guys.’ Because why? You’re going to hate it when [someone like VanZant] tells you [that] you ain’t sh*t,” Green said.

“He jumped his ass in there, and now he’s begging for a fight with me. Man, before, these guys wouldn’t pay attention to me. I would post sh*t, I would talk sh*t to them, and they wouldn’t even pay attention to me. And now Dillon, he can’t stop messaging me.

“And I’ve been kicking his ass every f*cking time. Kicking his ass.”

In his most recent outing, Green earned a lopsided decision win over Jim Miller at UFC 300 in April. Green said he’s been hoping to get the chance to fight Pimblett for quite some time, and now he has it.

It’s no coincidence that Green sees Danis and Pimblett as similar when it comes to trash talk and accolades.

“In real life, [Danis is] getting beat up by a Logan [Paul], he’s getting beat up by a podcaster,” Green said. “He’s getting beat up by a fake wrestler. In real life, you’re not one of us. It’s the cool kids versus the brats. And Paddy’s another one of the brats. Look how he talks.

“Look at him acting spoiled and sh*t like he did some sh*t. You ain’t done nothing in this motherf*cker yet to be talking about, and thinking you’ve earned something. You ain’t earned sh*t yet.”

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