Watch Eduardo Riego score insane comeback in 3-on-1 fight at event featuring chaotic 2 vs. 2 bout, 5 vs. 1, and more

MMA truly is the sport of kings.

On Friday, Dogfight Wild Tournament 2nd Impact took place at Tarraco Arena in Tarragona, Spain, and delivered some of the most insane MMA-adjacent action you will ever see.

The brainchild of Spanish YouTuber Jordi Wild, the event was Wild’s second foray into combat sports promotion and featured a number of unorthodox matchups, including a no-rules fight, 2-on-2 MMA, a 5-on-1 “Last Survivor” bout, and a four-man “Bloodsport Tournament” that was striking only.

The main event was a 3-on-1 matchup that was absolutely electric. Eduardo Riego faced off against three smaller men (Manuel, Ivan, and Tomas) in two-minute rounds, and things did not go well for him early. As it turns out, three is quite a bit more than two, and Riego was swarmed immediately, barely surviving the trifecta’s onslaught.

Things heated up in Round 2, however, as Riego managed to choke out one of the fighters, forcing the referees to stoppage the action and remove him from the cage.

Now it was 2-on-1, and with the odds a little more evenly stacked … Riego still struggled because two is still more than one.

HOWEVER, in the third round, things took a major turn.

Riego managed to choke one of his two remaining opponents out with a mounted guillotine, turning the tide entirely. Now a 1-on-1 contest, his remaining foe stood little chance, succumbing to a rear-naked choked just a few moments later.

After the bout, the three defeated men were all class, hoisting Riego on their shoulders and parading him around the ring like the modern-day hero he is. A comeback for the ages.

The co-main event was a 5-on-1 survivor fight that was exactly like it sounds: Cesar Alonso faced off with five separate fighters, one after the other, having three minutes to get the finish in each round. Alonso is a 5-5 professional MMA fighter and he dispatched the cadre of opposition with relative ease, mowing through each man, primarily by relying on his grappling.

The event also featured multiple fighting surfaces. Most bouts took place inside a traditional cage, however the “Bloodsport Tournament” took place on an elevated v-like structure that was basically two ramps forcing the fighters into the center of the surface. The first of those fights resulted in one of the most brutal knockouts of the year so far, when “The Monkey King” (Emilio Montesclaros) got demolished by a knee from “El Ninja” (Sergio Hidalgo).

It should also be mentioned that throughout this phase of the proceedings, Jordi Wild and his fellow commentators sat overlooking the fighting surface from ornate thrones with a katana in front of him and a gong to the side. Wild also interviewed the fighters from this position after each bout.

The no-rules bout was a bit of a let down, as it ended up being a pretty standard-issue bare-knuckle MMA bout, but the 2-on-2 bout delivered as Alberto Rondán and Nicolas Martínez dominated Chiky Arroyo and Pau Peñalba in a chaotic display of paired fighting.

The event also featured a number of other attractions, from a heavy metal band playing an interlude, to a stand-up comedy act in the middle of the cage. The whole thing was entirely outlandish and the raucous crowd seemed to love every minute of it.

You can watch a replay of the entire event below.

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