Police: Jon Jones claims drug-testing agent ‘fabricated a story,’ was upset he used profanity

Jon Jones may have his day in court over accusations that he allegedly assaulted a drug-testing agent that came to his home to collect a sample, but the UFC heavyweight champion has not been arrested nor taken into custody over the incident.

On Sunday, a report from NBC News erroneously stated that Jones was arrested Saturday after a police report surfaced from a Drug Free Sport agent who claimed that she left the fighter’s home “terrified” after he allegedly took her phone, intimidated her during the visit, and threatened to kill her. As a result, a summons with two separate charges — assault and interference with communications for allegedly taking the phone — was issued.

Representatives from the Bernalillo County in New Mexico as well as the Albuquerque Police confirmed to MMA Fighting on Sunday that Jones was never arrested nor taken into custody over the incident.

Jones also stated as much with a separate post on social media, within which he responded to those rumors and also vehemently stated that he plans to fight the charges against him.

“I wanted to address some misinformation that has been circulating this morning,” Jones wrote on Twitter. “I woke up to false reports that I had been arrested . I have not been arrested. In fact, I am currently in Texas with my daughters at a volleyball tournament. I must admit, it’s disappointing to have to clarify these things again, but I understand that I may be an easy target given some of my past issues. it’s important to set the record straight and make sure the truth is told.

“I was recently visited by testers while I was celebrating a birthday and taking a nap. Upon waking up, I was caught off guard by the unprofessionalism and protocol by one of the testers which caused frustration leading me to use some profanity I regret. However, I want to emphasize that at no point did I threaten , get in anyone’s face , raise my voice to anyone or engage in any form of assault. It’s unfortunate that false news has been spread without proper fact-checking. I want to assure you that I will vigorously defend myself against these baseless accusations. The truth is, the incident simply did not occur.”

Albuquerque Police also issued an updated version of the report initially filed by the drug-testing agent seeking to press charges against Jones over the alleged incident. In the report, a police officer was able to speak to Jones over the phone and took notes regarding his response to the allegations.

Jones claimed that he was “bothered a little because he had been hungover from the night before” and he had already read the report that the drug-testing agent gave to the UFC and “she was a liar.” Jones stated that “he never made any threats of harming anyone or killing them.”

In the original report, the drug-testing agent, identified as Crystal Martinez, stated that Jones told her “why you f****** people come so early, do you know what happens to people who come to my house … they end up dead.”

Jones claimed he never said that but did tell the agents, “tell everyone at headquarters not to send people to my home so early because it could be a dangerous environment.” Jones told police he said that when the drug-testing agent asked if he wanted to add any quotes to the report she would file about the drug test. The report states that Jones clarified that he meant that “a party could be occurring” at his house or “multiple people could be there.”

Jones admitted that the did use profanities toward the drug-testing agent but claimed he later apologized for swearing at them. He also denied taking Martinez’s phone or putting in his pocket as she alleged in her initial report to police. Jones said he did pick up her phone at one point believing it was his, but then he claims he set it back down on the counter. Jones told police he believes Martinez “was pissed off at him for using profanity” and thus “she fabricated a story.”

Before leaving, Jones claimed that it seemed like the situation was over after he high-fived Martinez and hugged her co-worker who came along to collect his urine sample. Jones posted security camera footage from his home along with his original statement on Saturday, and he was provided a link by police to upload that footage for the case files.

As of Sunday, there are still no official charges showing against Jones in the online records available for Bernalillo County in New Mexico. UFC officials acknowledged a request for comment from MMA Fighting regarding the situation involving Jones but have not responded as of this publication.

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