Vinc Pichel slams Ismael Bonfim for UFC Sao Paulo weight miss: ‘I decided to take away his ability to fight and make money’

Vinc Pichel decided to show Ismael Bonfim the consequences of his actions.

Pichel was slated to face Bonfim in a lightweight bout on Saturday’s main card at UFC Sao Paulo, however that fight was ultimately cancelled after Bonfim badly missed weight at Friday’s official weigh-ins. Bonfim tipped the scales at 159.5 pounds, three and a half pounds over the lightweight limit for a non-title fight.

Pichel, 40, posted a statement to his social media following the weight miss blasting his opponent for “unprofessionalism” and stating that he ultimately declined to fight an overweight Bonfim in an effort to feed the Brazilian a heaping serving of “self responsibility.”

“So as you know my fight is cancelled,” Pinchel wrote. “My opponent didn’t even try to make weight and I decided to take away his ability to fight and make money for this unprofessionalism, which I’m sure he regrets. I am huge on self responsibility and he showed none by his actions and by missing weight by so much, so I decided to give him some for his actions.

“I’m sorry to everyone who was excited to watch me throw down and also happy to ruin parlays against me at the same time. In my 15+ year career I have never missed weight. If you are upset about my decision, I’m sorry but there is no one else to blame but my opponent. You will see me fight again soon!”

UFC Sao Paulo takes place Saturday, November 4, at the Ginásio do Ibirapuera in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Heavyweight contenders Jailton Almeida and Derrick Lewis headline the event.

Bonfim was one of three fighters to miss weight for the event. A scheduled bantamweight contest between Victor Hugo and Daniel Marcos was also cancelled due to a Hugo weight miss, meaning UFC Sao Paulo will now proceed as an 11-fight card.

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