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Vitor Belfort started knocking out opponents back in the 90s, became UFC champion in the 2000s, and later set the record for most knockouts. Today we will look back at the career of the powerful puncher, who was nicknamed “The Phenom” for a reason.

Belfort has always been considered a spoiled brat. As a teenager he trained with the best jiu-jitsu masters, hung out with Hollywood stars, got the most coveted girl in Brazil and became the champion of the most prestigious world promotion. He has almost 25 years of a successful career and many records behind him. And even if he couldn’t get away in time, Vitor Belfort will forever be a “Phenomenon” who managed to put several generations of opponents out of the way at once.

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VOR Belfor faced off against the Formidable Matt the LW lindland the odds Were against Belfor with questions about His takedown defense and conditioning Lingering in the air but oh what a Comeback it was in a blink and you'll Miss it moment Belfor Unleashed a Lightning fast left hook in response to Linden's right hand sending him crashing To the canvas The Knockout was so brutal That lindland remained unconscious for What felt like an eternity that Victory Marked a Resurgence for the Brazilian And shortly after he found himself back In the UFC unleashing Dynamite on none Other than Rich Franklin Lyin didn't Know where he was lands on his button Credit to uh Matt Lyin tries to work the Tak down on the ground

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