UFC Legend in CRITICAL condition after SAVING his parents from a house fire! UFC releases 9 fighters

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00:00 Paddy Pimblett open to potential fight w/ Conor McGregor
01:15 Bisping not a fan of O’Malley’s move to 145
03:03 Cory Sandhagen slams Chito Vera after UFC 299 loss
04:57 UFC parts ways with 9 more fighters
06:53 Mark Coleman hospitalized after saving his parents from a house fire
08:11 TOP 3 MMA memes



All right let's get the show Started let's start today's news with Patty piml saying he's open to a fight Against Conor McGregor Patty recently Appeared in an interview with Rob Moore On his YouTube channel there he was Asked about his future and also who he Would face in a dream fight piml Revealed that his ideal bout would be Headlining a card at anfield Stadium Against Conor McGregor Petty also stated That he's confident he could defeat Connor if they did Ever Clash What's your dream fight Um someone in Unfield what me dream fight like Probably you'd have to say Conor cuz he McGregor cuz you get paid more than Fighting anyone else Way fighting him Yeah so you probably have to say him do You think you could make Conor fight at Anfield can happen know I mean so Yeah how how would you see you fighting Cono [Music] Wouldn't want to give too much Away now obviously he's a striker put Him on his back and try and submit Them I reckon a lot of people would want That fight they might do you see in the Future I Michael Bisping is not a fan of Shaun 's move to 145 on his byn podcast Bisping waigh in on a possible title Bout between Elli and ilot Toria Bisping

Believes that before moving up in waight Elli should defend the belt and at least Three times however if the UFC decides To arrange this fight in Spain in the Next few months then he thinks it would Make sense because this way other Contenders don't have to wait too long For their title Shots I agree I agree with everything That you're saying so so in no way am I Advocating for sha oral to step up I Think there should be a hard and fast Rule unless there's no clearcut Contenders you got to defend about three Times before you move up but just we're Playing in the spirit of a devil's Avocado right think about it like this Sha noral gets the jet from Dana flies Off the Spain we have the fight Relatively quick turnaround because he Just fought as well that gives Volkanovski a bit more time to rest and Recover you know and just for just for The sheer spectacle of it you know as a I mean I would like if they could do it Quick yeah I wouldn't necess listen who Wins You Gotta Fight You Gotta Fight The Contenders of course you do we know that But if they're willing to do it quickly Quickly so the rest of the division Doesn't have to wait morab just fought You know what I mean hang out for a Minute he just fought if they're willing To do it quick get the jet [ __ ] it

What's it called burn B Arena Supporter shal's probably going to get Beat let's beat okay but I don't know I Mean after seeing that Saturday night I Don't know it's easy to say that Cory San Higgins slams Cho Barrow following UFC 299s loss the Sandman has posted a New video on his YouTube channel of him Breaking down the fight between shaal And Chito Vera in the video Cory prais Sugar for an impressive performance and Criticized Homeless looking Vera Describing him as a punching bag you can Watch the full video on Cory's YouTube Channel we've left the link in today's Video description we got a big one today Al versus Cheeto Cheeto obviously had no Business being in their cage with om Ali Really tough showing by Cheeto awesome Performance by om Ali got to give the Guy all the credit in the world um Although he was fighting like a homeless Looking Cheeto so okay all right I'm Going to try to spend this whole Breakdown not [ __ ] on Cheeto the Whole time but it's probably going to Turn into me [ __ ] on Cheeto the Whole time that fight really frustrated Me because it was one just unbelievably Uncompetitive two I feel like a dummy For thinking that Cheeto was going to do Better because that's almost literally What all of his fights look like unless He gets some type of knockout and three

I just think that it's not that cool That Cheeto even got that opportunity And to begin with because like I said That's what we all should have seen Coming I don't know why I bought into The Cheeto hype that was really stupid Of me okay you be uh dumb Cheeto you get You're about like 4 months away from Like your hair hair and your beard being About as ugly as Cheetos by the way just Start changing hair good on Ali other Than that Cheeto is pretty much just a Punching bag Cheeto doesn't move like This very well he was just absolutely Styling on him because Cheeto one isn't That good hate to say it if you're a Cheeto fan but he's not that good and Then uh that sounded really mean but It's kind of True agree with me agree with me I agree I the UFC has parted ways with nine Fighter Recently X account titled UFC roster Tracker which monitors the UFC roster And tracks editions and removals Disclosed that nine Fighters have been Released here's the list featherweight Mike Breeden Breeden last fought in October where he scored a second round Knockout win over Ana juble but missed Weight for the fight before this last Win Breeden was knocked out by Terence Mckin dropped the decision lost to naan Levy and was knocked out by Alexander

Hernandez bantam Fernie Garcia was Removed from the roster after going 0 And4 in the UFC featherweight Lu Sana Sana's last fight was in August 2022 When he battled Shawn woodston to a draw At UFC 278 he was 2-1 and one in the UFC Flyweight Dennis bondar Dennis went 0 And3 in the UFC and is coming off a Submission loss to Ronaldo Rodriguez That took place at UFC Mexico City Bantamweight Daniel Lera Lera was Released from the UFC roster after Competing in in six fights without Securing a victory his most recent bout Ended in a submission loss to Edgar chyz With all five of his other UFC losses Also resulting in finishes lightweight Mark Madson Madson announced his Retirement from MMA and has now been Removed from the UFC's roster he went 4-2 with the promotion late heavyweight Tyson Pedro Pedro announced his Retirement from MMA following his Decision lost to VOR patrino at UFC Vegas 87 Pedro was six and5 in the Promotion and has notable wins over Paul Craig and khil rry middleweight Jamie Picket picket announced his retirement From MMA following his decision lost to Eric Anders at UFC Vegas 87 pit went 2 And seven inside the octagon and ended His career on a five fight losing streak Flyweight Matas mandona mandona was Removed from the UFC roster after going

0 and3 in the Promotion Mark Coleman saves his parents From a raging house fire the UFC Legend Remains hospitalized after rescuing his Parents from a tragic house fire early Tuesday Morning in his childhood home Near Toledo Ohio keman was airlifted From the scene after pulling his mother And father out of the house and then Suffering smoke inhalation after rushing Back in a third time to save his dog Members from seven different fire Departments responded to the scene after The fire reportedly broke out in the Kitchen of the home the cause of the Blaze has not yet been revealed Coleman's longtime friend and fellow Former UFC fighter Wes Sims provided an Up upate on him via Facebook on Tuesday Writing I'm a very firm believer in the Power of prayer I sent family and some Friends a few pictures of Mark Coleman's Current condition I know Mark if he Could talk he'd say film this [ __ ] Wes We're going viral Mark's parents house Burnt down last night Mark saved both Dan and Connie fous Coleman and then Went back for Hammer his dog he was Life-flighted to Toledo and is currently Intubated and sedated I swear to God He's one of the toughest individuals Ever created been through so watch a Movie at this point could not give his Life work Justice please and share life

Is precious our thoughts and prayers are With you and your family Mark recover Swiftly Legend time for today's top memes third Place was found over on Facebook and it Was posted by Robert second place meme was found over On Reddit and was posted by Dustin Porier and the top pick meme was found Over on Reddit and was posted by guns 34 thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk