Valentina Shevchenko ACCEPTS Sean Strickland’s callout! Ian Garry KO’d by Leon Edwards in sparring?!

MMA news today:

CONOR MCGREGOR MMA return delayed once again

MICHAEL BISPING shares his take on Tony Ferguson training w/ David Goggins

PADDY PIMBLETT reveals interesting information regarding Leon Edwards & Ian Garry

VALENTINA SHEVCHENKO accepts Sean Strickland’s callout

LEON EDWARDS wants the winner of Sean Strickland vs. Dricus Du Plessis

00:00 Paddy Pimblett reveals interesting information regarding Leon Edwards & Ian Garry
00:55 Conor McGregor’s MMA return delayed once again
02:38 Bisping shares his take on Tony Ferguson training w/ David Goggins
04:28 Valentina Shevchenko accepts Sean Strickland’s challenge
05:14 Nina Drama shuts down talk of beef w/ Shevchenko
06:37 Leon Edwards wants the winner of Strickland vs. Du Plessis
07:29 TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get the show Started in today's news Petty piml has Revealed some interesting information Regarding Leon Edwards and Ian Gary Recently Edwards and Gary have buted Heads as the Irishman claims he was Kicked out of the gym where Edwards Trains Gary said it came as a surprise As he thought having two Elite Welterweights Training Together made Sense following Gary's comments Leon Edwards's gym responded that they Refused to allow the Irishman to train Because he bounced around different gyms Now following the back and forth Patty Pilet was interviewed by Sky Sports and Was asked about Edwards and Ian Gary the Baddy claimed that Edwards has already Knocked Gary out in training Ian Gary's Mak shat Leon he'll thank you for that Yeah no Ian Gary doesn't deserve to take The shot come on and what's Leon's Already knocked them out in so we don't Need to know about that was that what You've heard yeah it's what I've heard Like knocked out yeah coach Kevin AER is A major update on Conor McGregor's Return McGregor's long awaited UFC Return has been delayed once again According to McGregor's longtime coach John Kavanaugh of SBG Ireland during Monday's appearance on the MMA hour Kevin all admitted that McGregor and the Team are very frustrated by this news

And speculated that the UFC may have Decided to postpone McGregor's return Because of their belief that UFC 300 in April will be a big enough event without McGregor's presence on the pay-per-view We were hoping for April that was the Hope that was the what we were told and Then now it seems to be the summertime Meaning this coming April not this past April yes sorry uh this coming April That now it seems to be the summer time Yeah I mean you probably saw the same Sound bite as I did and um why do you Think so long I don't know that's Literally what we were having a bit of a Back and forward with today is it and I Think he said you suggested that maybe 300 is already big enough Kevin also Mentioned that Connor has already Started training camp with a group of Pro Fighters and will probably make his Return in July he's at the finding this Great group of training partners and at Least he's doing that hey it's not quite The same as getting to compete in in Front of a a large crowd but at least He's getting training in and I that's so Important we heard vul talk about that You know keep me busy I don't like yeah Um so I I love to hear that he's he's Training hard with these guys but um Yeah look and this is what I was saying To him as well yeah okay it's a Knockback of we're hearing it was April

But now it's July but it's not the end Of the world you know it it is an extra Couple of months it's it's not great but Hey you're you're enjoying your training At the moment let's just keep that going Michael bisbing weighs in on Tony Ferguson training with David gogins Recently videos of Tony Ferguson's Brutal training with X Navy SEAL David Gogins have raised concerns from some Fighters including chel sunnon and Rafael Doos they believe that gogin is Pushing Ferguson too hard in preparation For his fight with Patty piml at UFC 296 speaking on his byn podcast Michael Bisping shared his take saying that he Agrees with the statements however Bisping also believes that gogins can Help Tony improve his mental game after Suffering six losses in a row I have Seen a few people talking about it about Goggs not be in the right fit you know Long distant runs long distance running Things like that uh this is 15 minutes 50 minutes of high output fast work Sprinting power things like that I mean Goggins will help get your mind right But I'm not sure if running Ultra Marathons across Africa is that Necessarily what's going to give you the Best version of yourself for 15 minutes I think the main thing for Tony Ferguson And and that David Goggins can help with Is the mind you know obviously losing

Six in a row that's going to affect your Confidence it just is it doesn't matter Who you are an Tony Ferguson's a warrior He's been in there with some of the best In the world he's a legend of the game He truly is is uh but losing six in a Row I mean you got to respect the man it Takes a lot of balls to keep stepping Back in there certainly when people are Saying that you're done people are Saying that you need to retire so if There's one man on planet Earth that's Going to help fix this I'd say David Ggins is that person and uh you never Know Tony comes back gets a win against Py pimer and it's not a crazy bad match Up for him you know so Hey listen if Tony can pull it off fair play to the Man they shenko accepts sha Strickland's Call out the conflict between sha Strickland and Valentina shenko which Was caused by Sha's offensive remarks About women's MMA will be settled with The help of firearms after a back and Forth on X Strickland and Valentina Agreed to a shooting contest Strickland Wrote just had a 10 round death match it Was glorious but all the demons are gone And the voices in my head are giving me Peace now valtina you're right you have Good head kicks next time you're in Vegas let's go shooting have a great day Val accepted the challenge writing best MMA shooter Championship is next Sean

Strickland don't cry when you lose heads Up Nina drama Red Corner MMA once my Hand is healed and ready at Dana White We will need a belt for the champion Nina drama who's an initiator of the Idea is currently working on making the Competition Happen Okay so everyone is asking me if Valentina is beating with me no no for The love of God no she's not beefing With me she beefing with Shawn why you Ask because Shawn one day randomly Decided to attack women's MMA Because Sean you know so she responded And then that got him all fired up and So they've been going back and forth at It so I was like this would be Funny uh since you're both like gun uh Enthusiasts Why don't we turn this into a Competition and I called it the uh Intergender shooting Competition and I I think it would be Really fun to like actually set this up Proper and have them compete against Each Other so I'm actively working on that as We speak and I think it would be a lot Of fun but to answer your question no For the love of God I am not beefing with Valentina and she's not beefing with Me Leon Edwards Reveals His plan to move Up to 185 Edwards is currently slated to

Return next month at UFC 296 against Kobe Covington however it seems that the Welterweight Champions time at 170 might Be limited afterward in a recent Interview with Sky Sports Edwards Revealed that he wants to get a second UFC belt and is eyeing a potential fight Against sha Strickland or Drake his dupi At UFC 300 he said any of Strickland or Dupi will be great to fight I'm big Myself so I feel like that would be Perfect going out there and becoming Double champ the first ever from the UK Anyway to do it that's definitely one of My goals it's in the cards for sure next April would be perfect to be honest the Division right now there's nobody that's Exciting to go out there and do that That would be perfect UFC 300 putting me On that card would be massive let's see Here are the top three memes found on The internet today third place was found Over Instagram and was posted by a Username as shopped as a Gets second place meme was found over Reddit and was posted by usern named Elridge [Music] 2E and the number one meme was found Over Facebook and was posted by a Username Jesse thanks for watching if you like The content smash that like button and Don't forget to subscribe to stay in the