Sean Strickland ignores towel throws, bloodies streamer Sneako; Jake Paul responds with $1 million challenge


UFC Hall of Famer Forrest Griffin was forced to save streamer Sneako from former UFC middleweight champ Sean Strickland. And par for the course, Jake Paul found a way to get in the middle (at least online).

Strickland recently accepted an invitation from Sneako — a fellow Trump booster and notorious “red pill” social media guru — to box at the UFC Performance Institute. The YouTuber quickly found out that there is no going light when he puts on the gloves.

Sneako absorbed several hard punches from Strickland, prompting several people from outside the cage to throw in the towel. Strickland ignored them and continued to pummel away until Griffin intervened.

“That’s enough,” a concerned voice off-camera said. Check out the video below.

In the full video, Sneako is seen trying to hit Strickland at full speed, punching the body as the ex-UFC champ declares, “Let’s see the influencer.”

“Think if you knocked me out, how cool that would look,” Strickland said. “You could actually accomplish something by doing nothing.”

Sneako continues to fire punches as Strickland walks him down and taunts him.

“As we get closer to the three-minute mark, you’re going to about to feel a significant more amount of pain,” Strickland said. “It should be setting in right now that nothing you can do can hurt me, and this is a moment, that as you’re realizing you’re about to have a really bad f***** day in the next minute.”

Sneako continues to fire away with punches, albeit with little effect, as Strickland laughs at him. And, true to Strickland’s prediction, he has a really bad day at the end.

Sneako’s nose was bloodied by the time the punches stopped. But as Strickland later acknowledged, he didn’t hit the canvas and earned his respect.

There was at least one major influencer-turned-boxer who wasn’t impressed with Strickland’s performance: Paul. Naturally, Paul’s diss tweet included a challenge.

“You weren’t even able to drop someone with no experience while going all out,” Paul wrote. “You’re a horrid boxer that only picks on inexperienced people.

“I’ll fly you to PR and we can fight on camera,” he wrote. “If you win I’ll give you $1 million (half your net worth). But if you get dropped you have to get Betr tattooed on you. DM me. But just like paddy I’m guessing you’ll find a way to run.”

Strickland is one month removed from a title-losing fight against Dricus du Plessis at UFC 297. The brash middleweight blamed his performance on a late-fight eye poke that he said robbed him of his vision. Du Plessis denied fouling his opponent and said that complaint wasn’t raised to him after the fight.

Strickland didn’t take long to respond to Paul, pointing out the influencer’s loss to Tommy Fury.

“You lost to a part time boxer,” he wrote. “Lmao……… don’t forget that…”


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