UFC Fighters PREDICT Islam Makhachev vs. Alexander Volkanovski II at UFC 294 Abu Dhabi

In todays MMA news You can see prediction for Islam Makhachev vs Alexander Volkanovski ( UFC 294 Abu Dhabi) from:

– Rose Namajunas
– Johnny Walker
– Donald Cerrone
– Bruce Buffer
– Ben Askren
– Tracy Cortez
– Alexander Volkanovski
– Georges St-Pierre
– Islam Makhachev
– Colby Covington
– Bryce Mitchell
– Kamaru Usman
– Aljamain Sterling
– Dan Henderson
– Nina Drama
– Sean Strickland
– Chris Curtis
– Paulo Costa
– Yves Edwards


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All right let's get the show Started um I'm going to go with the Underdogs in this one Usman volkanovski Um they're just not going to be all beat Up from a long training can I just feel Like there that's very advantageous for Them and they just seen it all they've Done it so um that's what I'm going with And um yeah B is a monster for me the Gold stuff but you know it's not have The advantage of size and Everything what's going on I'm in Vegas Dana wi Bowl Twisted Ste is Bucking the Dbr tonight and tomorrow for the uh Team Finals be deciding to go also set your Clocks because the rbw fights go on Tomorrow between 10: depend on your time On 11: and 1:00 tomorrow morning so uh Set your Clocks I'm going with The Underdogs guys I'm going with the guys that called on 12 days notice I'm going with Usman and Vul because I think they're going to Shot the world I'm going to put a lot of Money on these boys so I'm riding with You ganowski I'm a huge fan I love Introducing him you're talking about one Of the greatest Fighters the USC has Ever seen anything can happen and if Anybody can make it happen it's fosi man I see CH Chay beating Usman I do think It's going to be closer than everyone Else thinks I think a lot of people Think chay's just going to give him the

Beat down I think it's going to be Competitive I think Usman is going to be Really hard to take down I think he's Going to land Some solid strikes I do Think chay's going to Win uh but I think it's going be very Competitive and then for the main event I love that volkanovski took this fight On late notice I think it's really Tremendous I think it shows a lot of Courage I think it shows a lot about his Character um that being Said man this is a knockdown dragged out I have a hard time seeing him win this On 11 days notice and you know sometimes 11 days notice short Notice you can have these guys who you Know they don't have to have the anxiety Of the build up a camp I don't think That type of stuff affects Alexander Banovski I think he's a real amazing Competitor but I think this one's going All 25 minutes and the fact that he got Late notice even I'm sure he was Training I'm sure he was but he wasn't Training at that level I think that's Going to be a serious Hindrance him doing really well in this Main Event you guys this is my third TI Trying to attend this dang video so this One has to be the one my pics I'm going To bot his last name so please forgive Me woski

Versus Mak Makach I'm going to have to go with a Champ that's my pick even though I know I can go five rounds I don't want to Test no gas tank cannot wait I'm going To get it done and new hey guys here's J For 99 this weekend we got an amazing Card I think the winner of the final Will be crown probably the best pum Around right now that we have in the Sport I got wovi as a winner by decision I think it's going to be an amazing Close fight everything is going to be on My side I prepare so hard for this I Make him feel something he will give up We have UFC 294 coming to you live from Abu Dhabi headlin by Islam makev and That little Australian Alex volovski [ __ ] maev should have his way with Spoke this afternoon but it's time for Him to move up to a real man's weight Class and America's champ will be Waiting for him USC 294 is going down in Abu Dhabi I don't care if it's Abu Dhabi Or Hobby Lobby I'm not a betting man but If I could Bet I would bet that uh Usman would Finish by knockout and volovski would Win by Decision and uh U check it out I hope Y'all enjoy these fights I'm frying up Some pios I'm going to put some beef in There I'm making taco meat thank y'all For watching I think Islam is a very

Very dangerous guy now Islam's felt vog The first time I see Islam pulls out the Decision vul's a tank but I think Islam Pulls it out I can't call it but I'm Going to go with Islam and I got to go With Hamza the two guys who have not had Their opponents Fallout have been Training fulltime for this this fight Date in particular I got to go with the Guys that who I feel like is going to be Sure money you know I feel like uh Volkanovski probably has uh more tools To use than than Islam does Islam you Know he's not bad on his feet I think Banovski is better I think banovski has Some pretty good power and his cardio is Definitely better than than Islam I Think if banovski makes a few minor Changes not quite as aggressive and Squaring up too much when he comes in He's got a good chance of winning the Fight just basically being able to stop The Tak down a little better and Scrambling right away when he starts Getting taken down if he does that Better than he did this fight I think He's got a good chance of winning on the Flip side if makach kind of makes some Adjustments and pressures him a little Bit more and makes him start swinging That makes it easier to take down the Guy so I think marip definitely has a Chance to win as well especially if he Can get on top and control like he did

In this fight you know but I'd probably Put my money on on volkanovski in this One last fight I mean have gone either Way V is the man I think he's a great Fighter I think Islam's a great fighter I think V can pull it off and that's and That's the thing is you guys like this Whole card I'm happy it was saved but Like the main event and co-main event It's like even to make a decision I mean Again we're we're we're going to I'm Always going to bet on the guy who had The full Camp I mean we're talking about World class athletes here so I'm bet on The guys have full camp this I would Wish they would run it all back on a Full Camp it just sucks because like you Know once again like vk's already Fighting up away class again 10 days Notice and I mean I thought I thought it Was like close the first time around With a full Camp there's no way it's That close again so unless he catches Him I think vul's getting but getting Paid guys here say they're probably Bringing vul like 2 m maybe maybe even More so like bulk probably making more Than two maybe even more we're talking About that Saudi money bro we're talking About that sa yourself money go pissing And golden toil it so so we we we we've Argued about this before I think vul is The most technical fighter in the Company right now it just for me it

Sucks I think he's the best F in the Company I think it sucks that like he's Going to take another loss because it Was 10 days notice yeah like that's dude The the c main event Main Event dude I Would just it don't matter this this is He V deserves a chance to be double Champ he does deserve a champ way to Like get it I'm just it sucks but he's Making some money so you know what V You're still the featherweight champion And enjoy your I'm for the guys no Camp [ __ ] that's our picks man me and K for a Little bit longer but yeah all right so We got to Main Event we got vul just Because we're pulling for him main event We got Kamar because 10 days notice fing Sucks so up off is so tough we knew that We saw that maybe this fight is more for Islam because Volkanovski know This very short notes Like 10 Days he was fed what's not good what Means he was not training hard you Know so on His Match I'm pretty sure is one going to Win Because it's five rounds here in desert Abu Dhabi And Vov doesn't

Show uh he was training hard and his Physic is not good So that's why my for my in my opinion He's so under dog man I mean this this One is up in the air because of the last Fight you know we don't know we don't Know how upset makev is about about Going to a decision a hardfought Decision a war of attrition with with a 45er and then we also don't know how Obsessed volkanovski is I mean that's a Guy I I've never seen anybody do the Things that I've seen volkanovski do V First of all volovski makes M made Max Holloway look human like that that that Itself that in itself should give that Guy more credit than than than most of The guy the elite guys in the sport so Um for him to be obsessed with somebody I I can't put it past him to be able to Come back out there and take take take Makev out but then at the same time we Get two bulls in that ring and these Guys are going like this 25 minutes I Like I could appreciate it all man um This this fight I wasn't too hyped about It cuz I really wanted to see all Vera Get another shot but like when when I Start thinking when I sat back and sat Started thinking about it it was like Yeah he may not have had the time to get Prepared but he may have been preparing For this for a long time he may be Obsessed with with makev and if he's

Obsessed with makev this fight has the Makings of being the the the first one All over again with potentially a Different Outcome thanks for watching if you like The content smash that like button and Don't don't forget to subscribe to stay In the Talk