Sean Strickland RESPONDS to Mike Perry’s CALLOUT! Danis WANTS Mike Perry in BKFC! Green on stoppage

MMA news today:

BOBBY GREEN reacts to bad referee stoppage at UFC Austin

SEAN BRADY explains callout of Ian Garry

KELVIN GASTELUM reacts following submission loss to Sean Brady

SEAN O’MALLEY starts training camp for Marlon Vera

DILLON DANIS calls out Mike Perry to a fight in BKFC

MMA COMMUNITY roast Dillon Danis over Mike Perry callout

FOOTAGE of Green & Turner showing respect to each other after UFC Austin

SEAN STRICKLAND responds to Mike Perry’s callout

00:00 Bobby Green reacts to bad referee stoppage
00:48 Footage of Green & Turner showing respect to each other after UFC Austin
01:21 Kelvin Gastelum reacts following submission loss
02:21 Sean Brady explains callout of Ian Garry
04:05 Sean Strickland responds to Mike Perry’s callout
05:06 MMA community roast Dillon Danis over Mike Perry callout
06:09 Sean O’Malley starts training camp for Marlon Vera
07:08 TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get the show Started kick today's news off with Bobby Green reacting to the bad referee Stoppage referee Carri Hatley came under Immense fire on Saturday for what many Perceive to be a late stoppage for Jaylen Turner's first round KO victory Over Bobby green now green himself Reacted to controversial stoppage in a Video posted to his Instagram stories Here's what he had Say I wondering why everybody was Calling and checking up on me and I saw The fight I'm like Sh [ __ ] happens you know you don't get Focused on That you can't go back you can't change It you can't take too many punches back You know it is what it is just live with That on to the next one Bobby green ran Into jayen Turner after UFC Austin Here's some footage that the UFC Released of Bobby green and Jaylen Turner sharing respect after their Clash At Saturday's UFC Austin over so glad For brother hey you P the way you Already know that right yeah yeah Hopefully I can see you at Jackson we Going actually chill and chop up Everything you know a great opportunity Keep going out there and doing Your I'll catch you on on the other side Back in California all we do it Brother Kelvin Gast issues a statement

Following submission law at UFC Austin Guest's return to the welterweight Division didn't go as planned the 30 2-year-old shed the Octagon withan Brady On the main card of Saturday's UFC Austin Gast had little to off for Brady Who cruised in top control before Eventually earning a third round Submission via Cura T to social media on Sunday Kelvin reacted by posting Elon Musk's tweet which reads life is kind of Like a party you invite a lot of people Some leave early some stay all night Some laugh with you some laugh at you And some show up really late but in the End after the fun there are a few who Stay to help you clean the mess and most Of the time time they aren't even the Ones who made the mess these people are Your true friends in life they are the Only ones who matter fou it up with you Did your thing well tonight Shan Brady My congratulations welld deserved big Dog all the best to you in the future I'm 100x better than what I showed Tonight I'll fix it and get back ASAP Much love to everyone that supports my Mission stay blessed Everyone Shawn Brady wants to fight Whack Ian Gary next following his Dominant win over Kelvin gum Brady had a Name locked and loaded Ian Gary during The post fight press conference Brady Said that Ian is the easiest fight in

The division and he explained why he Wants to fight him so bad so after the Win you called out Ian Gary you know if He wins his next fight why Ian man uh I'm just going to keep just the way he Went about his whole thing with his team Like I just didn't he just rubs me the The wrong way he rubs the sport the Wrong way like I'm a true professional In the sport and I just don't like the Way he walks around with the cameras and Goes into to the gym he's getting kicked Out of Leon Edward's gym like he's just Always talking [ __ ] about people and It's whack and I think he's whack and um I'll rag all him so I think that's the Easiest fight in the division so if he Can get through luk which I don't think He will cuz luk is an amazing Fighter uh I heard they're coming to Atlantic City in March so we'll see Brady also revealed that he nearly gave Gary A Taste of his own medicine at UFC 292 I had uh I had so me and Jo play for Went to the um the Boston car when sh Ali fall and I had a shirt printed with An Ian Gary face on it and I was going To wear cuz he was fighting my boy Neil Magny and I'm like I'm like what if Neil Beats him and I got this shirt on I'm Going to look like a idiot so I aborted The plan but like I was just going to Give him a little taste of his own Medicine and that's just not who I am so

I kind of just I put it on ice but I Have the shirt and yeah if he wants to If he wants to get into it on social Media Hey it is what it is but when we get Into that cage I'm going to do the same Thing that I just did to Kelvin to Him after his te stoppage win over Eddie Alvarez at Saturday's bkfc 56 Perry Spoke to Helen ye and said that one day He'd love to fight the current UFC champ Shan Strickland in a bare knuckle Clash now Strickland responded to the Call out reposting the clip captioned at Platinum Mike Perry the only reason I Follow this sport LOL Great War man Where you at Sean Strickland that's a good one that'd be a Fun one he'd probably hurt me in there But you know he's busy being a champion Over in in the MMA world and I know he Hates the wrestleing stuff I fig maybe One day Perry also called out Jorge mval Writing a definite tough fight the Toughest out there would be the original Bare knuckle boxer I watched him on Kimbo fights on YouTube in high school I Know calling him out would open A Whole New World between us but man to man for The prize of a lifetime it would be an Honor to be knuckle fight gamebred Fighter the MMA Community Rose still and Danis over call out of Mike Perry while Disis was not named drop by Perry that

Didn't stop the controversial fighter From calling his shot at the newly Crowned King Of Violence danis took to X Issuing the fouowing challenge to Perry Writing let's do it bare knuckle for the Belt get the bkfc tweeted this gift of MJ saying stop it get some help up with Hordes of fans tweeting you can't box With gloves on what makes you think we Want to see you do it without laughing My ass off Perry in 30 seconds the Audacity of this guy I don't care what Anyone says no way danis does bear Knuckle against Mike LOL absolutely no Way not a great idea for your health Dylan keeps coming on Twitter like this GIF he vowed up with this image saying You already have your belt Henry posted This pick he thinks he's him here's Dylan danis after the fight with Mike Perry and bkfc you still here laughing Him out only belt Dylan holds the Keyboard Champion sea the trollo Mali is back at It again the UFC bantamweight champ has Officially started training camp for his First title defense against Chito Vera Which is scheduled for UFC 299 on March 9th Come on yeah let's go yeah yeah buddy Let's go Come on three 2 One here's today's top three memes third Place was found over X and was posted by

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