UFC 298 fighters advised about marijuana testing, possible fines and weight-cutting rules in California

The fighters competing at UFC 298 received a cautionary note from the promotion about drug testing for marijuana and weight cutting rules surrounding the upcoming event taking place in Anaheim, Calif.

The UFC advised the fighters regarding drug testing related to marijuana as well as possible fines that could be issued if a positive test goes over a certain threshold. In an email obtained by MMA Fighting, fighters were told under rules from the California State Athletic Commission, any positive drug test over 150 ng/mL would be considered over the limit.

Any athlete testing over the threshold would receive a $100 fine from the commission. The note warned “that you discontinue use immediately to ensure you don’t exceed” the threshold set by the California commission.

The UFC also advised the fighters that testing would be carried on either weigh-in day or fight day, which is usually standard practice for commissions looking for in competition tests.

The fighters competing in California were also advised about the commission’s “10 point plan to combat dangerous weight cutting practices.”

Under the rule, the California commission can “conduct remote weight checks on fighters participating on this card up to 30 days out from the event and leading up to the event thereafter.” The commission will also conduct a second weigh-in on the night of the event and “any fighter who puts on more than 10 percent of their body weight plus one pound, from weigh-in day to event night, MAY be recommended by CSAC to move up in weight class for their next fight.”

In other words, the weight cutting program can advise a fighter to move up a weight class based on information received by the commission but no requirement would be handed down in those cases.

UFC 298 takes place at the Honda Center in Anaheim on Feb. 17 with featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski defending his title against Ilia Topuria in the main event.

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