Sean O’Malley LAUGHS at Henry Cejudo’s ‘BITTER’ reaction! Sterling GETS HONEST on his UFC 292 loss!

MMA news today:

SEAN O’MALLEY laughs at Henry Cejudo’s reaction to his UFC 292 win

MICHAEL BISPING reacts to Sean O’Malley’s win over Aljamain Sterling

CONOR MCGREGOR sends a message to Tony Ferguson

LUKE ROCKHOLD posts intense grappling footage as he prepares for MMA return

HENRY CEJUDO shares pre-fight DM’s between himself and Aljamain Sterling about a game plan for Sean O’Malley

ARIEL HELWANI reacts to Sean O’Malley becoming the new UFC bantamweight champion

DANA WHITE reveals UFC 292 has broken PPV record for the bantamweight championship

ALJAMAIN STERLING reflects on his UFC 292 loss

00:00 – Conor McGregor sends a message to Tony Ferguson
00:42 – Henry Cejudo shares pre-fight DM’s between himself and Sterling
02:19 – O’Malley laughs at Henry Cejudo’s reaction to his UFC 292 win
02:58 – Sterling reflects on his UFC 292 loss
03:17 – Michael Bisping reacts to Sean O’Malley’s win
04:44 – Ariel Helwani reacts to O’Malley becoming the new UFC champion
06:07 – Dana White reveals UFC 292 has broken PPV record
06:57 – Luke Rockhold posts intense grappling footage
07:54 – TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get this show started [Music] [Music] So let me let you in on a little secret Everybody You see I was hopping out algae with the Game plan but he absolutely followed None of it so what are you expecting him To do tomorrow night might as well ask Your opinion and I said this you guys Listen listen to me He's going to counter you or move like Crazy he doesn't have the ability to Stick in the center stick to your game Plan push him against the cage and easy Money I think the straight won't be There but he'll but he'll be wiry and as High and his length just got to be smart Closing the distance and cut his ass off Listen to what I'm telling him because Everything that everything that happened In the fight just happened watch defense Is number one hands up and close the Distance right away doesn't matter how You close it'll be dangerous at the Beginning of round one and the beginning Of round two but don't give him that So this is this is Saturday now I'm just Say hey one more thing don't react to His fakes he starts his game like that If you go away he starts to figure out His distance good luck break it now with The little kissy Did algeman do any of that no what did

That say in that message he's gonna Counter you and he's going to move and What did I say keep those hands up again This is Al Jimmy Stirling the champ Right now the current trap asking me my Advice did he do any of it no he didn't Henry's so mad I won look at him Look at him he's so short he's so bad I Won Dude Oh no I don't know how to catch him Oh no Look at him He's not happy Hey Oh yeah [Music] I mean listen I thought algeman Sterling Was gonna go out there I thought he was Gonna Ragdoll him I thought he was going To use the rest and like he did against Henry sohudo because he was so Successful against sehudo I really didn't see uh Sean O'Malley Being able to stop the fight from being Taken down to the ground right I was Wearing only dried twice in the first Round stuffed them both it was really Good I thought I thought ultimate Sterling looked a little nervous in There because well he just wasn't Himself he was throwing that wild Erratic attacks from way out of range he Was throwing some funky cakes from the

Funk Master you know throwing cakes and Then throwing Sidekicks and things like That Um but I mean I'm sure a lot of that was All down to the footwork the presence of Sean O'Malley and just I mean he was Absolutely on fire he was phenomenal I Thought when he walked out again he Looked very nervous I thought I thought Man it's not looking good it reminded me Of Derek Lewis when he walked out uh in Houston against several gone But then as soon as he steps onto the Octagon apron there was a change in his Energy and he embraced the crowd you Know and I thought oh here we go he's Back he's just taking it all in he's in The moment whatever it is that he's done I mean what a guy what a performance and What a champ Harrington Could say what you want about the road To get to the Belt you could see what You want about him not fighting since October you can say what you want about The resume you can't say anything about Who he beat and how he beat him and to Me Knocking out Tkoing in the second round after that Very close first round algeman Sterling Of all people who was on one of the Great runs in the history of the Bantamweight division uh to do that Erases any doubt that you can have like

That guy earned that build Um you know we talked and I talked about It he had not fought in 11 months maybe The resume wasn't as good but like you Do that to Alger made Sterling you Deserve to be champion of the world There are no knocks that could be made About that guy in my opinion that was Supremely impressive that doesn't happen Every day look at the guys that Alex Made beat Corey San Diego to the world Of Peter guns of the world the TJ dildos Of the world on and on it goes and aljo Got knocked out tko'd by Sean O'Malley Beautiful sequence Um those clips of him in the locker room Practicing are just tremendous and you Knew that that was the way in which he Was going to win the fight so that's Incredible unfortunately for Al Jermaine I I don't think he's gonna get an Immediate rematch Um obviously Sam Higgins there obviously Maraba's there but if sugar really wants To come back in December the fight has To be Cheeto Said uh this event broke the Bantamweight Title by pay-per-view Record yeah do you have a current Estimate on that number I do but that That belongs to ESPN so I don't I don't Give that out anymore but yeah it it it It it crushed the record for for the Bandwid championship

Um Yeah this this thing broke tons of Records the gate uh the pay-per-view Social media was massive too and now That he won I I get it's probably going To be even bigger Um and I guarantee we're going to do an Economic Study on Boston you know the economic Economic impact that we had on this city Had to be massive too For not a Celtics or uh Bruins game or Patriots game you know what I mean Oh Yeah [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] On the internet today Thank you guys for watching if you liked The video please leave a like And Subscribe to our channel to keep up with The latest MMA News