– I'm a, I'm a student of life. (laughs) (music) Good afternoon everybody,
6th of December 2018. It's about three o'clock in the afternoon. I'm about to start a
private Muay Thai class, here at T&Y Muay Thai. Literally across the road from Chokchai, straight through those wooden bars, and Titan fitness just outside there. So literally what I'll
do, I'll try and map up so you know exactly
where to find this place. Robs is gonna be driving the camera as I do the private session, with my custom, look at this, I'll show you real quick.

Newton. Five seconds, yep. Newton, it's my custom shorts right there. In a previous video I actually talk about how to get these done. If you decide to get custom shorts, Muay Thai shorts with your own name, it cost me about 1300 Baht from memory, something like that. But see one of the previous videos, you actually have your
name in Thai script. Pretty cool, anyway. And yeah so Rob's gonna
show you bits and pieces, highlights of my training session and a little bit about what
this gym has to offer as well.

And maybe Robsie will take you
outside while I'm training, but 700 Baht for private session and yeah, first time at this training centre and hopefully you guys like it. If you decide to come, here let me know. That's it guys. Time to start the class. (kissing) ("Mood" by Kick Lee) And let the games begin! The Muay Thai games. With my hips? I'm lost. I'm lost. I'm either like not with it or like, I just can't wrap my head around it.

pexels photo 10646540

– [Robyn] I think you're
possibly fatigued. – Maybe, I don't feel fatigued. I just, I think he's trying too
many new techniques, too many new combinations I mean and I'm trying to like, do
them all at the same time. So he's like corrected
everything I've done. So, yeah I dunno. It's part of the fun I guess. Part of the fun. – [Robyn] Tell me where you are Bradley. – I am a student of life. (laughs) No I'm at T&Y Muay Thai, in Phuket. And even though I feel a little bit a , my confidence is a little bit deflated, I feel pretty amazing.

I smell like crazy, my
endorphins, my adrenaline. (peaceful piano music) Alright guys, just finished
my private one on one here at T&Y Muay Thai in Fitness Street here at Phuket, Thailand. Finished with the session. Yeah I've talked about how I feel about it throughout the video. If you have any questions let me know, I'll map this place. Come and check it out, it's
actually a pretty cool place. You'd love the music and. Okay everybody that's
it, hope you enjoyed. Have any questions, let me know. We're off to get something to eat now. They're starting another class here. That's it, we're off. We're hungry, we're going. Let's go Robs, let's go. "Nocturne in Eb Major" by Amanda Welch..

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