This Is CineMMA, ‘Here Comes the Boom’: Kevin James reminds everyone MMA is fun

MMA is freaking fun!

On the latest episode of This is CineMMA, the MMA Fighting movie review get their funny bones tickled as we watch the 2012 comedy “Here Comes the Boom,” starring Kevin James, Henry Winkler, and former UFC champion Bas Rutten.

When disillusioned teacher and former wrestler Scott Voss (James) finds out that a friend needs almost 50 grand to save the school’s music department, he teams up with the eccentric Niko (Rutten) to get himself back into fighting shape in the hopes of making some quick cash. Scott’s inspiring underdog story eventually lands him a chance to fight for the UFC, where the stakes couldn’t be higher.

After a season of episodes filled with doom and gloom, Alexander K. Lee, Jed Meshew, E. Casey Leydon, and special guest Mike Heck have their spirits raised by the heartwarming tale, which also might be the most accurate MMA film ever made.

How does the movie get everything so right? Would Scott Voss actually be a contender in the UFC? And is Bas Rutten the best MMA fighter/actor yet?

Put on your viking helmet and get PUMPED as we answer these questions and more.

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