Sean Strickland BREAKS his UFC belt + FIXES it w/ duct tape! Adesanya REFLECTS on his UFC 293 loss!

MMA news today:

MICHAEL BISPING gets honest on Israel Adesanya’s loss to Sean Strickland

DRICUS DU PLESSIS calls out Sean Strickland & slams Israel Adesanya

MMA COMMUNITY go off on Dricus Du Plessis

SEAN STRICKLAND breaks his UFC belt

ISRAEL ADESANYA reflects on his UFC 293 loss

ERIC NICKSICK explains why Sean Strickland was able to dominate Israel Adesanya at UFC 293

00:00 – Dricus Du Plessis calls out Sean Strickland & slams Israel Adesanya
01:09 – MMA community go off on Dricus Du Plessis
02:41 – Bisping gets honest on Adesanya’s loss to Strickland
04:31 – Israel Adesanya reflects on his UFC 293 loss
05:13 – Sean Strickland breaks his UFC belt
05:47 – coach Erick Nicksick explains why Strickland was able to dominate Adesanya at UFC 293
07:39 – TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get this show started In today's video Drake is duplessy calls Out Sean Strickland and slams his Radissonia the MMA Community go off on Drake is duplessy Bisping gets honest on Arasani's Lost Strickland is rather Signing reflects on his UFC 293 loss Sean Strickland breaks his UFC belt and Coach Eric nixik explains why Strickland Was able to dominate Izzy at UFC 293. Late on Monday Drake's dupless he took To his social media to extend an offer To the new middleweight champion Sean Strickland while also directing some Harsh words towards Israel Sanya he Wrote well what an upset don't think for One moment I'm impressed in any way but Congratulations on becoming champion and Beating the Kiwi slash Chinese Nigerian Myself and Sean Strickland had the Biggest upsets of 2023 and I am Undoubtedly the number one Contender so Let's settle this like men Whenever Wherever after that I'll give style Bender his well-deserved hiding on my Home soil South Africa that being said Don't want to beat the amateur that Fought on Saturday night I want to be The best style Bender so take some time To get your [ __ ] together Soon after a fan questioned dracus's Injury writing lol and suddenly the Injuries gone laughing him out to which DDP responded yeah well makes sense

Since it's been over eight weeks since The injury right after that more fans Started writing one said Rich's duplessy You're undoubtedly the top Contender Deserving of a total shot however your Unwillingness to play the game and Decline a title opportunity to save the Sydney event has disappointed the UFC as Dana White mentioned at the press Conference just being the number one Contender doesn't guarantee a total shot Now you'll have to watch from the Sidelines hoping Paulo Costa defeats Hamzat and praying that Izzy doesn't Seek an immediate rematch it's a missed Opportunity that could have made you the Champion tonight another tweeted sounds Like a fan girl you got a few more Fights before you can call yourself a Number one contender Oh all of a sudden you're not ready Somebody came from hiding laughing my Ass off not gonna happen Dana don't want That he deaf salty drakis didn't accept Fight this Foo said no to the Izzy fight And now all of a sudden he wants to talk Trash Izzy had a rough night last fight And lost his title and that's the nature Of the game kudos to team Sean they did Great and it looked easy but to call Izzy an amateur is absolutely 100 stupid And silly it looks like chasing clout For more reviews What are you guys making this call from

Drakis would you like to see him for Strickland next let's talk in the Comments below during the most recent Episode of his bym podcast Michael Bisping shared his thoughts on Sean Strickland's unexpected victory over his Rod Sania at UFC 293 this thing also Analyzed the reasons behind arasani's Defeat and discussed how Strickland Managed to outperform the former Champion I think Izzy was he was under The impression that he was gonna have a Magical moment like he did against uh Pereira like he does you know some of The times you know and catch him with a Big shot you know he was just waiting For that moment and I think this he was Just being too cool for school on the Flip side Strickland was brilliant you Know he was pressuring enough to where He was keeping him well he was back in Israel out of Sanyo but he wasn't in Range to get caught Um counted everything perfectly checked The leg kicks landed some great shots in That first round when he dropped him I Thought it was done I thought was done And I think that gave busy flashbacks to The Pereira fight which wasn't that long Ago and then I think from then I mean That really knocked his confidence is That all of a sudden you're like [ __ ] This guy can knock me out because that Was that close away from being finished

In the very very first round and part of Me for Sean Strickland's sake I'm glad It wasn't I'm glad it wasn't because Then what happened was a systematic Beating over five rounds because if it Was the first round stoppage people Would say well he just got caught well He didn't get caught he beat him fair And square it wasn't a good game plan For Missy uh and Sean on the other side It wasn't necessarily a good game plan It's just how he fights that's how we Fight him that's how he fights everybody There was no secret there was no recipe You know there was no like oh never seen This before that's how sean fights and Is he didn't have an answer for it plain And simple his Radha Sanya has just Taken to Instagram to reflect on his Recent loss to Sean Strickland in UFC 293 in a powerful statement he wrote let Them Delight in my demise in the end I Will rise [Music] Thank you Foreign Just a few days after becoming the new UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland has already broke his belt Luckily the crafty Meister was able to Fix it right up with some duct tape guys I already broke my belt but I have a solution Good as new

During an interview on unlocking the Cage Sean Strickland's longtime coach Eric nixik revealed their game plan for The Ezra signing fight and he discussed The calculated chaos style that helped Strickland win the middleweight title at UFC 293. Man I I I'm being As you know I'm always transparent with You bro and I'm telling you it was it it Was the most calm I've ever been like Going into a a fight of this magnitude Like I had this this feeling all Freaking week that you know we're just Gonna disrupt the Apple car like it was It was just it was in the making it was So weird and honestly like I was living in the moment I had such a Good time watching Sean Um his style Is just people don't really understand Until you get in there with them and Spar with them or fight fight them it's It's the way that he approaches the game And it's just different Um the term we used all campus Calculated chaos And that was the style that he came After him with you know we we made sure We stayed disciplined but when we were In there you know make it make it Disruptive coach nixic also explained Why Strickland's fighting style was so Effective against Izzy so what my what

My my point is is that Izzy is such a a Beautiful Striker and he he does have Rhythm to everything that he does and His faints open up a lot of what he does In his data collection but Sean is a Disrupter and that's where I felt like We had the upper hand was if we didn't Get snake Charmed as I said in I think Between one of the rounds Um we could disrupt that Rhythm that Izzy has where he's that conductor to The orchestra but we take away the Conductor stick you know and we can we Can disrupt his rhythm Here are the top three memes we found on The internet third place was found over Reddit and was posted by a user named Dark X Second place meme was found over Twitter And was posted by a user named MMA Streams And our top picked meme was found over Instagram and was posted by a user named As shopped As It Gets Thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the talk