Sneako CHOKED OUT by Merab Dvalishvili! Yair THREATENS to ‘f**k Ilia Topuria up’! O’Malley-UFC belt

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00:00 Jorge Masvidal eyeing future BMF vs. BMF fight w/ Gaethje
00:48 Sean O’Malley gives SteveWillDoIt his UFC belt
02:02 Yair Rodriguez threatens to ‘F***k Ilia Topuria up’
03:33 Alex Pereira open to training w/ Israel Adesanya
04:55 Sean Strickland goes off on MGK again
07:09 Merab Dvalishvili chokes out Sneako
08:13 TOP 3 mma memes



All right let's get this show Started in today's news Jorge MF All Eyes a future BMF vers BMF fight in a Recent interview with low kick MMA Mosford all discussed plans for his Return possibly against Justin gatei for The BMF Championship saying when I won The belt Dana said it would be one of One the belt would be done there would Be no defending it so there was no talk About it at least for me but I think now The temperature on that theme has Changed you know now it's a little Different they're doing things a little Different Justin's very good the dude he Beat to get the belt is a stud a killer In Dustin porier but I just feel like if You put BMF against BMF you put me Against Justin gatei in there I will Break his eye orbital and I will chop Him up man so hopefully that can happen At some Point sha Ali gives Steve will do it his UFC belt Steve is a really close friend Of omali and has been a loyal supporter Through thick and thin Steve also shares A good friendship with the UFC president When Elli won the banto belt back at UFC 292 Steve was definitely one of the Happiest people in the arena now as a Token of appreciation the social media Star has been gifted a UFC championship Belt deserves this other than and the Team brother

St love give this to Brother see 292 staring vers Gied me a d I never had a conversation The first time I ever hung out with you In Miami the same night you me that Crazy Stein said he doesn't matter but I Told Stein said I'm going to get the Belt I'm going to give it to steeve Someday you know Onec like this you is always up always Right Shoulder it looks Good y Rodriguez threatens to Kia Toria Up when he sees him Tor and Rodriguez Have taken shots at one another in Interviews and social media posts over Recent weeks which has caused boiling Tensions the beef started after torya Stated that he'll never Grant Ortega Holloway nor Rodriguez Tuttle shots After UFC 298 Ilia also stated that the Featherweight division really sucks During Wednesday's media day ahead of You Mexico City Y responded to these Comments and didn't hold back his Feelings regarding the new 145lb title Holder um what do you make ofilia cuz Clearly he he's thrown some shots your Way you've answered as well I saw your Your Instagram stories Um what do you make of him in the Division sort of his personality and is That someone you want to fight down the Line I I would love to him up no I don't

Want to fight him I want to him up There's a big difference on that just to Make that clear and anywh where I [ __ ] see him I'll him up and you're Usually like super respectful with with Everyone um you say this is the person That you like the most in the division [ __ ] this I don't like him yeah with That being said you win on Saturday is a Title shot next yeah I think that's That's where is up next for us any any Of us whoever wins the title is next and And just last question um a lot has been Talked about maybe his first defense Being in Spain would you be willing to Go to Spain yeah I'll find he's B if he Wants thank you good luck on Saturday Thank you Alex Pera is 100% open to Training with isra adna during his Appearance on the MMA hour this Wednesday Pera revealed that despite the Rivalry between them he would be open to Training with Izzy but only if one Condition is met Pera noted that he is Only open to the idea provided they do Not fight again he added that he doesn't Think he will ever share the octagon With Izzy again which makes him open to Training with the two-time middleweight Champion He feel that it's over right but Anything can happen if he show interest The organization show interest he'll do That fight but at this point the way

That he was shown he think is over even To a point that he think that he they Both could even train together it comes Down to that really because he feels That if that ever happen is is a very Experienced guy a very experienced guy Have his all creds similar styles of High level striking different aspects of The game that one C add to the other but If come down to that fight will be good But there's not something that he's is Holding on to no more wow you would be Open to training with him after Everything wow even in the near Future yeah yeah Sean Strickland goes Off on Machine Gun Kelly again At Power slab 6 Strickland encountered Musician Machine Gun Kelly and to the Surprise of some called him out for Dressing like a weirdo vampire Unfortunately for MGK the smack talk Isn't over in a video posted to his Instagram page Strickland went on a rant Targeting MGK once more Strickland also Mentioned that he was removed from nitr Cross racing because he doesn't fit Quote unquote influencer Guidelines guys did it I violated the uh Influencer truster the circle jerk that I didn't know I was in you know no one Really gave me like a written invitation To the circle jerk of like I get famous You get famous we all help each other Out i' never got an invitation or the

Guideline so here we are but bad news Guys I'm not racing natural cross this Isn't Nitro cross is doing man they're Great people this goes beyond them but You know I guess there's like golden Rules of how to be a influencer and get Free [ __ ] and I guess I'm not I'm not I'm not the one for these guys I meet a Vampire a vampire wearing a man bag with Painted Nails that was so insulted that I didn't Know who the he was he acted like a Woman because I didn't know nor do I Care who he was dude you dressed like a Vampire wearing a man bag you are a Slight on society bro the fact that you Exist is mindboggling the fact that you Exist makes me think we need to go back To 1776 bro you are lesser than a and You do you have blood drinking rituals But you guys I regress you want to know Who these jerk offs are go look at any Sporting event they're the ones in the Front row seats who are given ,000 Tickets well you are made to buy a $500 Nose bleed ticket you are used to prop These up and yet these who have a little Bit of Fame because they they preach on Tik Tok or give in front row seat guys I Don't want to be in circle jerk I don't Give a give me a nose bleed ticket with You guys I'll be way happier com morab Vaj vly chokes out sneo sneo has been Slapped around and choked out once again

This time by morab vaj villy during a Round of Grappling a what the [ __ ] Good You want to you want to be fighter you Want to F pull that hand down pull that hand Down Pull his hand down off your NE time for today's top memes third Place was found over on Instagram and Was posted by as shopped as it Gets second place meme was found over on Instagram and was posted by Beaver Smash TV And the top picked meme was found over On Facebook and was posted by Jess thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk