Sean Strickland TURNS DOWN Paulo Costa fight at UFC 302! Conor DESTROYS sparring partners! Chandler

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00:00 GSP reveals a boxing match vs. Mayweather almost happened
01:29 Poirier & Chandler go back and forth
01:59 Conor McGregor releases new sparring footage
03:21 Chael Sonnen accuses Charles Oliveira of ducking Islam Makhachev
04:49 Paddy Pimblett calls for a fight against a ranked opponent
06:16 Sean Strickland turns down Paulo Costa fight
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All right let's get the show Started in today's news George STP Reveals that a boxing match against Floyd Mayweather nearly happened in a Recent interview with cover Sports GSP Recounted discussions about a potential Fight with Floyd Mayweather under mixed MMA and boxing roles the offer involved A boxing match within an octagon which Excluded kicking and wrestling Ultimately they were unable to finalize The deal even flight my weather there's A promoter that want to organize this The way the describe it it was a fair Compromise between boxing and MMA Against Floyd Mayweather and I was Retired and I was like you know what This one I'm interested and he flew in I Was in Austin Texas flew in in private Plane he land we and we have dinner and I said what's the deal he said oh it's a It's a boxing fight but in an OCT Octagonal ring I'm like okay but what's The rule what's the the compromise it's An octagonal ring and you're allowed to Do spinning back fast I'm like well it's It's not really a fair compromise Allowed me to troll kicks I like oh he's Never going to AC that I said okay kicks Higher above the belt no no no it's not Going to work I said okay he allowed me To throw him down Bo he never wanted to Go to the floor I'm like I'm not saying Go to the floor I'm saying like throw

Him down take him down and then we stand Back up it's like no no I like it's like You don't allow me to use my legs to use My take down I'm not talking about go to The ground just my throw forget it cuz It's it's a trap I'm not that stupid he Okay I'm going to get back to you and They went talk to I guess to Floyd or One of his representative and then it Didn't work Mich Chandler and Dustin Porier rekindle their beef in a social Media spat in a recent tweet Chandler Weighed on Raquel Pennington and Kayla Harrison's recent back and forth by Jabbing at Dustin porier he wrote the I'd rather sell hot sauce Vibe poier Fired back writing remember when I Whipped your ass Chandler responded he Just can't help himself calm down champ Life ain't that serious with my ass you Did not and you know it I got caught it Happens in this game as you well know Conor McGregor releases new sparring Footage as he prepares for his UFC Return McGregor is looking crisp in Newly released sparring footage check This Out He Let good Job [Music] 10 Seconds chel suon accuses Charles alera

Of ducking Islam makev many expected Aliva to be next in line but with Islam Makev injured the Bronx was booked in a Title Eliminator bout against Armen Cukin set for UFC 300 speaking on the Most recent episode of good guy bad guys Sun and said that he's not only Convinced that the fight won't happen But he also believes alera has no desire Of even facing makev really don't and of Everybody's side that I'm on here I'm on Islam's truly I think that Islam who has Done everything that's ever been asked Of him that went into that fight with Vulcan then went and did it again on 8 Days notice when he only says I would Like some parody that's it I would just Like to fight guys that I haven't fought Before I think that it matters and hey Dana White isn't going to have an easy Job here I mean you want you want to Talk about real honest Ola has made it Very clear he does not want to fight Islam he made it clear before they Fought uh in October of which a paper Cut scrapped that one and Oliver and his Manager all within the last seven days Have both given separate interviews Saying if they win the fight they want Conor McGregor if you're sitting around Waiting for Conor McGregor it means that You're unemployed but if you go ask for Connor when somebody else is trying to Give you a world title fight we can't

Force you into something you don't want To do and and the reason I bring Dana Into this it's very hard prior to the Contest for Dana to say this is my Number one contenders fight not when Half of the bracket says I'm not going To do it Patty piml calls for a fight Against the ranked opponent in a recent Video on his YouTube channel Petty Responded to critics accusing him of Choosing his fights he talked about his Desire to face A ranked opponent at UFC Manchester listing potential names like Hanato moano Rafael Doos Drew Dober Dan Hooker and Bobby green I'm hearing Little rumors of July in Manchester Pay-per-view I think you might see your Boy on there hopefully moano the little Mushroom hopefully he beats jayena even Though I can't see it happening jayena Is good I think he's going to knock Moano out and then Mo car can come Running back to me for some publicity And try and get a fight and I'll knock Him out as well oh as well do said Something about me as well m one if Mo Gets his jaw snapped or something Multiple people want one or slice isn't There know what I mean d do he's another Ranked opponent nice to fight him I Right through do I mean he's got power In his hands couldn't knock me out Though and if moo was out grappling the Eff to of three rounds imagine what I do

To on the floor maola's always Mentioning me I like Maola as well I Like his style he's a bad fan also with A man fighting for a v but I'm sure he's Not ranked anymore is he we've seen me V Or someone I've seen me v d on another Me B Bobby green on Another it's whoever you know what I Mean I don't care I want to fight the Ranked opponent next people keep Bitching online oh you haven't fought no One rank I don't pick me fights you know What I mean I've just fought a former Incident Champion I'm claming the Ladders I want to fight someone ranked Next Sean Strickland reveals why he Turned down the pooll cost to fight During an interview on the coach in the Casual coasta shared that while the UFC's initial plan was for him to face Jared Canon here in June they later Proposed a fight against Sean Strickland For June 1st at UFC 302 however Strickland declined the offer tell us About your next fight what's your next Fight yeah yeah this is a great great Stuff UFC suggest uh fight Colonia What's is a is a nice fight I love the Idea to fight konia and they suggest That fight for June but then two days Ago UFC come back and say Paulo you Fight Strickland on June Let's go great fight a fun fight you

Know even funnier than Canon I think he Accepted the fight or what unfortunately I I don't know what happened say no he Fight Tri refused refused to fight me Unfortunately that's what FFC told me You know Sean then responded in the Comments writing I never say no I say How much Strickland provided some more Information on Twitter writing out of Curiosity what do you guys think I was Offered to fight Costa on 7 weeks notice Base contract a fan replied 200k show 200k win 10K fight week incentive Strickland wrote back close but less LOL Another fan wrote 500k Sean responded Way less LOL laughing my ass off my man It's Cutthroat in here 99% of UFC Fighters will never see a million their Entire Career it's time for today's top memes Third place was found over on Reddit and Was posted by your Mom second place meme was found over on Instagram and was posted by as shopped As it Gets and a top picked meme was found Over on X and was posted byble MMA thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the talk