Alex Pereira MOCKS Anthony Smith after KNOCKOUT loss! Darren Till SLAMS Claressa Shields! Jones-Ryan

MMA news today:

DARREN TILL takes aim at Claressa Shields

CLARESSA SHIELDS goes on heated rant

ALEX PEREIRA mocks Anthony Smith after knockout loss


GORDON RYAN shares his experience training w/ Jon Jones

LEON EDWARDS believes the UFC wants Covington to win at UFC 296

00:00 Big heavyweight fight announced for UFC 298
00:56 Darren Till takes aim at Claressa Shields
01:39 Claressa Shields goes on heated rant
03:06 Leon Edwards believes the UFC wants Covington to win at UFC 296
03:39 Alex Pereira mocks Anthony Smith after knockout loss
05:51 Gordon Ryan shares his experience training w/ Jon Jones
07:01 TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get the show Started in today's news there's been a Big heavyweight bout announced for UFC 298 taiu iaso will be returning to Action this February taking on Marin Tabora in a battle of ranked Heavyweights the bout was announced on Tuesday by UFC officials with the fight Scheduled to take place at UFC 298 in Anaheim California this card will have a Strong Australia New Zealand contingent With Alexander banovski headlining the Event opposite ilot Toria Justin Batman Tafo will also be battling and Tu iaso Will be looking to snap a three-fight Skid which has seen him drop fights to Sir Gan Sergey pavlovich and Alexander Vov prior to his current slump bamb bam Had racked up five straight wins with Three straight performance of the night Bonuses meanwhile Tabor is coming off a Loss to Tom Aspen and is two and two in His last four fights he's currently Ranked 10th in the UFC's Heavyweight Division while tuivasa sits in the Number nine spot Darren till takes aim At claressa Shields recently footage Emerged of claressa getting knocked out During sparring by male professional Boxer arur zaks you can watch the full Clip in yesterday's talk after the video Emerged additional backlash surfaced Criticizing claressa for her pass call Out of former boxing champion Keith

Thurman alongside the backlash Darren Till also had some words for Shields Tweeting she shouldn't talk absolute Shite day in and day out about battering World Champs like Thurman then later Responding to a fan till continued I Mean this isn't any ordinary woman is it She willingly entered the ring she has Said for years she will batter men so I Don't really know don't know what to say To you old mate the drama doesn't end Here though later reacting to the Sparring clip boxing champ Rolando Romero who had defeated amatov in 2022 Came to Clarissa's defense tweeting I'm Happy I koed this mother shouldn't be Putting his hands on women like that Although claressa didn't like this and Went on a heater ran directed towards Roy for real and now yall talking about Some oh she called out Keith Thurman it Still remains that Keith Thurman do not Have any boxing skills and he got power Too him and roelly need to fight each Other and I'mma and Roy next time I see You you can you can put your dukes up Because I'mma punch the out your ass Because whenever I see you in person you Bow down and you be Respectful that's period but then you Want to come to my inbox talking about Somebody hating on you don't get don't Flatter yourself is you Stupid hey on Roy you sound stupid I can

I can guarantee you that Savannah Marshall can whoop roley's Ass Shakur gonna whoop ry's ass Devon Haney gonna whoop ry's ass Tia Fimo Gonna whoop ry's ass Ryan Garcia gonna Whoop Roy's ass so roelly while your Punk ass came came to my Inbox I will square up with you and Whoop your ass literally I will come to TMT gym and put my and and literally put My hands on you I will embarrass you With all that power you got I will Embarrass you L For Real Alex P mocks Anthony Smith after KO loss doesn't seem Like the UFC light heavyweight champ is Inclined to patch things up with Anthony Smith anytime soon over the past few Months p and Smith have traded shots Through media with p calling Smith Washed up after Smith was critical of His performance against Yan bovich at UFC 291 Smith later fired back saying That if P wanted a rival he found one Now P MOX Smith's recent knockout lost To khil rry on his Instagram stories he Posted a photo of Anthony knocked out Captioned this was a really good fight Leon Edwards blessed Kobe Covington for Having Dana White Privilege during Monday's appearance on the MMA hour Edwards pointed to the fact that Cumington got the title shot after Nearly two years of inactivity the Champion also noted that former

President Donald Trump is being promoted For the card on Saturday as well with That he believes that the UFC is hoping For chaos to win come Saturday it's Almost a year larger than any other Layoff why do you think he is getting a Title shot after such a long Layoff I couldn't tell you I couldn't Tell you you know I think I supp to I Supp to the UFC I supp to everyone and I Don't know I don't know what exuse is You know I think they brought him in in March to weigh in random I don't know Why um then you you got a white Privilege right and that's it he he Hasn't earn it um he fought masterov a Got everyone has beat in Last 5 Years is All retired right they all been feeding Him like these um guys on back end of The career and he just for some reason Got this mad mentality where he feel Like he deserve more than what he earned You know and for some reason USC is Going with it and here we are like um I'm prepared I'm ready and I show them The different levels and fars like what Beating watchh up marel and going Against the guy that's in his prime come Coming in with confidence and they get Stronger and I can't wait you know do You think the UFC wants him to Win uh probably probably I think um Think Tru wants him to Win George St Pierre kicks it with Dan

Bion GSP and Jake Shields have went to Visit the social media influencer in his Luxury La home AK that's AK47 you can go In the water with this and it doesn't a Classic Brother and true Yeah is it is it heavier it's not you Put the mag in it just to get a little Heavier like put the bullets In Gordon Ryan reflects on training with John Jones Brazilian jiu-jitsu's goat Gordon Ryan had been spending time Training with Jon Jones ahead of his Scheduled for title defense against stie Miic last month which ended up getting Canceled after Jones tore his pectoral Muscle speaking at the UFC Fight Pass Invitational post event press conference Ryan shared his experience of what it Was like training with mma's goat thing To ask about John Jones but was he Almost better than you were Expecting uh yeah for sure you know you Always you know you always go in and You Don't Know What To Expect When You're Training with with athletes from other Sports uh obviously he doesn't focus on On Jiu-Jitsu um but his wrestling is Top Notch as Jitsu is tough uh and he's he's Good from everywhere and he learns Incredibly quick most most of the time You see guys you know young athletes Usually learn uh you know a lot faster It's like the old setting the old saying

You can't teach old dogs uh New Tricks Um but you know he's he's nearing 40 now And everything I taught him you know if I taught him five things and he picked Up three he instantly put those three Things into his game and he was like Hitting them 100 times better by the Time from the start of the week to the End of the week so he was a really Impressive person to be Around time for today's top three memes Third place was found over Reddit and Was posted by user strife1 1212 second place meme was found over X And was posted by a user named Oscar Willis and the top picked meme was found Over Reddit and was posted by a username Sexy Kanye Balls I want to oil you up what does That Mean what the hell is going on on here Right Now thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk