Logan Paul admits Dillon Danis is ‘top tier trolling’ ahead of fight: ‘The guy is f****** so good at Twitter’


Logan Paul may not enjoy the antics of Dillon Danis, but he can at least appreciate what the Bellator vet’s omnipresent trolling has done to promote their Oct. 14 fight.

“I can laugh. Some of them are really funny,” Paul said recently on the Flagrant podcast.

“I’ll be honest, they’re all good. They’re all good. The guy is f****** so good at Twitter. It’s top tier trolling, which is why I chose him as an opponent. I had no idea [he was going to go this hard], but we got people interested, right? At the end of the day, it’s all fight promo.

“Dillon hates me,” Paul continued. “I don’t give a f*** about him. I think he’s an excellent troll. I think he’s very parasitic, which is why I’m honored that I get to be the one to take him out and embarrass him. That’s why I took the fight. I was like, ‘OK, I know this guy’s going to promote the f*** out of it. People are going to be interested, because if he shows up, I get to be the one [to teach him a lesson],’ and that excites me.”

Paul, 28, is set to face Danis, 30, in an eight-round boxing match as the co-main event of the KSI vs. Fury card, which takes place at Manchester Arena in Manchester, England.

Paul lost a split decision to KSI in his lone professional boxing appearance in 2019. He also lasted eight rounds with Floyd Mayweather in a 2021 exhibition that was not scored.

Danis is making his debut as a boxer but is 2-0 as a professional mixed martial artist, having competed twice under the Bellator umbrella. He is also a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Danis has turned trolling Paul on social media into a central part of his promotion of the bout, launching seemingly daily attacks at the YouTuber and, in particular, his fiancée Nina Agdal. Paul claimed Danis has already “posted 170 [pieces of content] of her,” many of which centered around Agdal’s past romantic partners, and expressed sympathy for Agdal getting dragged into the crossfire of a fight that she has nothing to do with. Paul revealed that he plans to financially compensate Agdal for the stress Danis’ posts have put on her.

“That’s the issue, my man. Poor innocent bystander, third party, female, who has nothing to do with this fight other than being my fiancée,” Paul said.

“You want to know something? … I did say to her, I said, ‘Nina, I’ve got to be honest, you’re handling this s*** like a warrior and I will compensate you accordingly with my winnings.’ Dog, she’s never experienced hatred in her life. All of a sudden, because she’s linked to me, this is my fault, I feel so bad, but she’s strong as hell, dude. It’s part of the reason, how she’s handling all of this, why I chose her to be my fiancée.”

However, while Danis may have the upper hand in the war of words, Paul remains confident about his superiority as a fighter. When asked if he’s worried about Danis’ abilities to beat him once fight night rolls around, Paul dismissed the notion as ridiculous.

“No, I don’t. In fact, can I get a drink? Typically [I don’t drink while training], but come on, it’s Dillon Danis, bro,” Paul said. “What are you talking about?”


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