Sean Strickland REVEALS the reason why he ATT4CKED Du Plessis! Trump LEAVES during Colby’s speech!

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00:00 Bryce Mitchell reacts after brut4l KO loss
02:14 Leon Edwards goes off on ‘coward’ Colby Covington
04:32 Colby Covington claims he won 3 out of 5 rounds vs. Edwards
06:15 Donald Trump leaves UFC 296 during Covington’s post-fight speech
06:44 Dana White criticizes Covington’s UFC 296 performance
08:19 Du Plessis reacts to UFC 296 alterc@tion w/ Strickland
09:25 Strickland reveals why he att@cked Du Plessis
09:55 Adesanya reacts to the Strickland-Du Plessis alterc @tion
10:32 TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get this show started Bryce Mitchell has reacted after Suffering a brutal knockout loss at UFC 296 last night Mitchell was on the wrong End of one of the most brutal Knockouts The UFC has seen in years when Josh EMT Landed a jarring overhand right to the Face of Bryce during Saturday's Bout The Knockout was so rough that Mitchell Showed concerning Signs regarding his Health after the hit fortunately a few Hours ago Mitchell took to Instagram Where he appeared all right and issued a Statement attributing the brutal loss to A bad game plan here it from Bryce Himself hey I want to let everybody know That I'm okay I want to thank y'all so Much for watching and I've just been so Blessed this weekend I cannot complain About anything and really where I messed Up is a poor strategy so my strategy was Stick to the jab make my reads work my Feet kind of sit on the outside but that Put me to where I'm not putting that Forward pressure that I really like to Put and and it also made me look like uh Timid you know and that's not how I Fight I fight very aggressive and so I Encourage anybody who's got a fight in Their life not just a f fight I'm Talking about any type of fight be Aggressive and attack it because at Least if you go down and you lose that Battle you're going to know you fought

And you went head on towards it and so Uh just a bad strategy by me Tonight and uh gosh the Josh HS hard and He's so low to the ground when he throws That overhand right uh it's it's hard to Hit him with anything and Uh what can I say you know uh I could Have done better but I obviously didn't You know um I'm so lucky to live the Life that I live I have a wife because Of this sport me and my wife would have Never met if it wasn't for this sport I Have a kid coming cuz of this Sport um I have a house cuz this sport I Have a farm because of this sport I Wouldn't trade it for nothing and There's nothing that's going to get me Down I'm just going to Refuse to let negativity control me and I just want to tell y That I Love You Leon Edwards slams coward Kobe Covington it sounds like there's still Bad blood between Lon and Kobe speaking To Media during the UFC 296 post fight Press conference Leon reacted to his Dominant win over Kobe and slammed his Opponent for being a cow who can't Accept a loss like a man kids are out of It I feel like you a murdered parent Should definitely be out of it it's just Like I don't I don't get how I use that As as a way to selly to entertainment You know and um I think uh I think That's what put him in the show I think

My reaction to to it kind of like threw Him off a bit and no no one wer feeling What you're saying you know like the Fans turn against him and the media like What what what are you doing I feel but He's a coward and he's always been a Coward you know even even he lost the Fight he keep making excuses that I won The fight even was knocked him out and Broke his draw he yeah Mark fault it's Always someone else's fault um when when He loses you know Leon also admitted That Kobe got in his head with talk of His father like how challenging was it There to keep the proper mindset um very It was hard you know like even even to The ways yesterday I was like fuming and Shaking and um but I was after speaking To my mom and my my coaches and just Just okay just like [ __ ] this guy Basically and just focus on yourself um This is what he wants he wants you to Come out there and fight emotional and Like try swing and and take it down you Know so I thought okay this is like I What he said is [ __ ] up but let's Switch all off and um go out and and do Your job you know here's how the Welterweight champ celebrated his UFC 296 [Music] Victory [Music] Let's

[Music] [Music] Go [Music] Here's how Kobe cumington reacted after UFC 296 is loss this weekend Covington Suffered the fourth loss of his MMA Career and his third lineal UFC title Loss speaking to Media during UFC 296 Post fight press conference chaos Explained what went wrong and also had Some words for Stephen Thompson yeah I Would rate my performance a 5 out of 10 Um I can sit here all day and make Excuses you know I could have zigg went In when I should have zagged I could Have you know it was timing a timing Thing cuz I was off you know but that's Not the clo that's not the cloth that I Was cut from so I'm not going to make Excuses there's a reason the front Window is bigger than the rear view so You know it's in the past now I'm not Going to worry about the past I'm I'm Going to focus on what's next you know There's a there's a guy that's been Talking a lot of [ __ ] to me in the media You know Stephen Wonderboy Thompson you Know everybody thinks he's a nice guy He's had a lot to say about me so I'd Love to see him say that to me in the Cage you know I'd love to see him you You know sometime next year and you know We're we've been at the top of the

Division for the longest you know we're Two guys that have never fought that Have been at the top of the division for Years so you know I think that's the Fight that makes the most logical sense Next Covington also said that he Believes he won three out of five rounds But the judges hate him because he's a Trump supporter I did you know I thought The third fourth and fifth round were Mine the fifth was mine easily fourth I Thought was mine as well too and you Know I thought I I did enough in the Third you know he didn't put any damage On me he got a couple low kicks but then I started checking him at the end so you Know I thought I had the win I thought I Did enough but you know the judges have Never favor me they hate me because I Support Trump and you know everybody Hates Trump in this building so you know It is what it is life goes on Donald Trump leaves during Kobe Covington's Postf fight speech prior to UFC 296 Covington had stated that Donald Trump Would be the person to wrap the belt Around his waist when he beat Edwards However that did not occur and now Footage has emerged Trump leaving the Arena during Kobe's postf fight Speech I didn't take any [Music] Dage of my [Applause]

Life after UFC 296 Dana went on to Criticize the slow and old Kobe Covington the UFC 296 Main Event Definitely wasn't the barn burner that Everyone expected Covington who is Usually a high volume fighter both on The feet and the ground seemed tentative To exchange blows with Edwards Throughout the fight during UFC 296 is Postf fight presser Dana White was asked About Kobe's performance and let's just Say he didn't hold back I guess my take On it is uh and you guys will let me Know what you think but when you're 35 Years old and and and or any age in this Sport you're like yeah I'm going to wait Waiting is never a good idea in this Sport uh this sport doesn't wait for Anybody and I think he he looks slow Tonight Um he got out wrestled um you know Leon Leon looked good Leon looked fast looked Like he had trouble dealing with his Speed and uh and then getting out Wrestle too and and not to mention the Fact that Leon absolutely destroyed that Leg too yeah Dana also revealed that Michael Venom page has officially signed With the UFC as well as announcing Several fights for the UFC Miami Fight Card which includes the return of yan Gary I guess before I get started I I'll Uh I'll announce some fights for you Guys here uh this Miami card is stacking

Up to be badass uh Michael Venom page Versus Kevin Holland Sona dong versus Jean uh Gilbert vers versus uh Jack Dela And Ian Gary versus Jeff Neil draus dupi Has reacted after UFC 296 is alocation With Shan Strickland the heat from UFC 297 press conference between Strickland And dupi spilled over into the crowd Last night the two fighters got into a Physical alteration as Strickland moved Past seats to attack dupi UFC security And Dana White ran over to break up the Pair and according to John anik on the Broadcast Strickland was removed from The venue both dupi and Strickland have Now reacted to the altercation here's What Drake has had to say yeah well I Guess uh we as soon as we walk we said That close to each other almost knew That uh this isn't a great idea but you Know uh uh he turned around and I said What is what are you looking at and he Said what are you going to do and I Don't know there was some words not even Sure what it was he got the kids out of The way and it's almost like uh it Wasn't nothing was going to happen and Then he just jumped over the chair at me And yeah you know the r isy uh we can See it on the video but I mean now I Know the man punches like a girl I Understand his finish rate being 33% Makes a lot of sense I can't believe

That man drops anyone but uh like I said Uh come uh 20th of January the security Won't be there to save his life when I'm On top of him Strickland also explained Why he attacked D plusy tweeting I go Hard on everyone I know this I he mouth Feeding his dog Drake is kissing his Coach and grabbing his cup Elli talking About sharing his wife in a podcast You're a man on a world stage doing this In public and what do you pick you got Abused as a kid ha here's israad asan's Reaction to the draus Strickland Altercation The former champ reposted a video of the Alteration and posted a DM from his Conversation with Craig Jones Craig Wrote bro that was crazy funny [ __ ] Everyone stepped in I was like let this Ride please Strickland asked Gilbert to Move his wife and his kids first that's When Izzy replied LOL I'm just enjoying The [ __ ] show at least he didn't call Drake is to which Craig replied not yet LOL then he posted another screenshot From his DMS which read when are you let The Court Jester into the Castle the Kingdom becomes the Circus listen up fight fans we've been Working behind the scenes on a Newsletter that will allow you to read And see content we can't always post on Here this will allow us all to better Stay in the

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