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00:00 Dominick Reyes healed from blood clot
01:24 Merab continues to mock Sean O’Malley
02:20 Conor McGregor rejects any sort of retirement talk
03:48 Jamahal Hill talks what’s next after UFC 300
05:13 Sean Strickland outboxed by a featherweight fighter
07:16 Max Holloway fires back at critics
08:37 TOP 3 MMA memes



All right let's get this show Started in today's news Dominic Reyes Reveals he has fully recovered from a Life-threatening condition Reyes had his Sight set on returning back to his Winning ways with a fight scheduled Against Carlos olberg back in January However olberg withdrew from the fight Due to injury only one week later Reyes Had a health scare of his own one that Was significantly more serious oh man uh God God puts us through some trials man I'm I'm having another hard go right now So uh me and Carlos lated to fight January 20th he pulled out I don't know Why um and then a week later I ended up Getting blood clots deep vein thrombosis So yeah I'm out for a minute oh yeah I'm I'm lucky to be alive right now that's That's always nice you know we caught it Early right so uh it didn't become a Pulmonary embolism and thank God for That on Saturday Rey has revealed that He has fully recovered from Life-threatening blood clots and is good To Go hey everyone I just got out of my Appointment at Victor Valley Imaging um Yeah I got clean bill of health no uh Evidence of deep Vin thrombosis anymore Um pretty excited man I just got to Finish off uh these next few days of Blood dinners and I'm I'm good to go 100% uh thank you everybody for the kind

Words and love and reaching out and Everything time to get back at it baby Ready to go love you guys much love Peace Rob villy continues to mock sha Ali Rob the comic Vil is back at it Again this time sharing a fun skip Featuring a lookalike of Shan Ali 2025 my name is N bro learn to read and speak English sh I want to fight with him so y sh keep Smoking I will keep training and we'll See who's Better I mean RB's next RB's [ __ ] Next let's go let's fight Now where' this guy go Conor McGregor Rejects any sort of retirement talk McGregor is set to make a comeback after Not having competed in nearly 3 years With the release of the remake of The Roadhouse movie the Irishman now hopes To shift focus and make a return to the Cage this summer against Michael Chandler there have been speculations About McGregor possibly retiring if he Loses to Chandler however McGregor Dismissed any retirement talks during an Interview with TNT Sports saying look at Mike Tyson he's fighting Jake Paul now He's fighting again he fought Roy Jones Also so you know there you go that's an Older guy when he was fighting Roy Jones Jr something that really stuck out to me Roy Jones is also an age guy who had

Retired for so long why retire Recalibrate your competition there's Competitions everywhere there's a reason In jiujitsu tournaments there's the Veteran Division I don't feel like I Could ever really call it a day until I'm laid out flat in a box going out Into the ground that's when I'll call it A day something that really struck with Me was Mike Tyson was he was asked in an Interview around the Roy Jones Jr fight What do you think custom model would say To you after all these years why come Back now Tyson said what cus would say To me is what took you so long that Really hit me I'm not going to be 40 and Looking at the 19-year-old Wonder kid From wherever he's from if these people Are similar age to me and I have an Audience interested which I do who's to Say these fights won't take place you Get me it's to the Grave my man it's to The mother Grave Jamal Hill Reveals His plans after UFC 300 during a recent interview with Michael Bisping he'll said that he's Eying a fight with Yuri prohaska or Magamed ank live if he wins that UFC 300 Jamal also waited on Year's loss to Alex Pereira and believes the fight was Stopped early face assuming you get the Job done who would be next in Line Depends

Depends what do you think about rage and Yuri that's what I'm saying like um I Think if I think if Yuri goes out and he Knocks rage out in an impressive fashion You know gets has a good performance That's still a fight that I want you Know I still I still I still want that Fight but um it's got to make sense so And I think if he him going out and Knocking out rage could make that make Sense as well as you know um just Because also just because of how he you Know I mean how he lost the how he lost The Alex fight I don't feel that that he I don't feel that he was given the Respect of a champion to to battle Through adversity and uh and to keep to To you I mean to get his belt back So yeah bro I I feel like his value is Still there and I feel a fight of that Fight is still a great fight if not him Mamed mad's there he's waiting he's There he'll wait Sean Strickland engages An intense sparring with Yer Perez Strickland is known for crazy sparring Sessions and beating up his training Partners however during a recent Sparring session featherweight Yer Perez Gave Strickland some competitive rounds And in some moments got the better of The former UFC Champ my point Is Also head

Also go forward why go Back Little kid is bitting you go Forward you make the go Forward me don't like you see your nose Catch Everything People bully people bro can I take a Picture with all you guys it's my last Day So Max Holloway fires back at critics while Many fans think Holloway is making a Mistake by facing a highly dangerous Jus Gagei Max holds a different perspective On the matchup stating that people Shouldn't put labels or limit ations on Others and question the purpose of the Pound-for-pound rankings if Fighters are Not willing to test themselves against Any opponent I see the mind blown being Like Oh yeah every Mark's talking like This went into heavyweight Francis Nano Actually to fight him bring it on Brother think I care you think I'm care I I you know that's why that's why me And you guys are different that's why a Lot of Fighters is Cut From a Different Cloth so even some Fighters is is Worried about certain weights why if you Don't if you on the pound for pound l The PM for Pon list you should you Should be willing to fight anybody That's what the that's what the PM for

Pon list is for right ain't that what The PM for Pon list is for I thought the Pon list is the guys of like not just Their weight class you know if you're a Weight class you're number one in your Weight class you're a champion on your Weight class I mean but if you're on the P for pong list that means P for p where You stand where you stand among these Other PM for pong guys and and I'm sick And tired of everybody telling me what I Got to think how I do putting a limit on Me you know what I mean just because you Put a limit on yourself don't don't put A limit on others You know your guys liming in the sky I'm Reaching for the Stars I'm reaching for Other universes so but I like I said We're not the Same time for today's top memes third Place was found over on Reddit and was Posted by Hermanson beat Silva second place meme was found over On Instagram and was posted by TMM Official and the top picked meme was Found over on IG and was posted by Dr Mad What's Joe Rogan's dream what's Joe Rogan's dream Joe Rogan Dana White what's Dana White Stream think that was Joe I totally did You just call me Joe Rogan you thought Was Joe R yeah I thank you guys for watching if you

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