PFL ‘interested’ in SIGNING Conor McGregor! UFC heavyweight BANNED for 4 years! Aljo GRAPPLES w/Hill

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00:00 Dana White says Kamaru Usman is the welterweight GOAT over GSP
01:23 MMA community react to Dana White’s statement
03:07 Aljamain Sterling grappling w/ Jamahal Hill
04:56 Alex Pereira reveals how he approaches females
05:40 Jorge Masvidal sends a fiery warning to Nate Diaz
06:56 UFC heavyweight banned for 4 years
07:34 PFL ‘interested’ in signing Conor McGregor
09:12 TOP 3 mma memes



All right let's get this show Started let's start today's news with Dana White saying kamaro Usman is the Welterweight go Usman held the Welterweight tile from 2019 until 2022 Successfully defending the belt five Times while acknowledged as a dominant Champion many fans still consider George St Pierre as the greatest welterweight Of all time due to his longevity as Champion contrary to popular opinion While speaking on the pound-for-pound Podcast Dana White made it clear that he Considers Kamar Usman as the towe goat Even over GSP and doesn't think it's Even a conversation UFC you went through Death in row of the baddest mother in The sport in your division that you Could possibly fight right so when you Talk about a Camaro Usman who went through him Twice you might not like Camaro you Might not like whatever it is you don't Like about him but you cannot can deny That he's the greatest welterweight of All time o you put You can't deny it this going to start Some you can't deny it you can't deny it You can you're hearing it from Dana wi Everybody list don't like kamaro all you Want whatever you don't like about him That's youring deal I [ __ ] love it's Not boy you can't deny it I was talking Flooding Twitter fans were quick to

Disagree one fan wrote the version of Woodley he was the most most beatable Champion I've seen then he went on to Beat Kobe twice Mass FAL twice Burns Avoided balal luk Hamza he hates GSP Because GSP backed out of a deal they Made he retired after winning the Middleweight belt without defending it He promised DFW he would defend it one Time and he didn't probably cuz kamaru Still gets him paid LOL guessing him up To keep fighting four or five of usman's Successful title defenses were against Kobe Covington and Jim Idol don't talk To me about death and row of the baddest Mother in the sport and doing it twice Usman is closer to tyone and Woodley Than he is GSP GSP all day if Leon Edwards had Dana on his podcast he Wouldn't say Usman is the goat well to Wait not saying he would say Leon but 100% he wouldn't say Usman GSP has top Three or four fighters of all time Dana Needs to stop as soon as kamaru retires And doesn't promote the UFC anymore then The current welterweight champ will Become the greatest welterweight of all Time kamaru almost lost to Kobe twice GSP would have folded him one fan Compared the Two fighter statistics side By side saying conversations over GSP Had nine title defenses kamaru had five GSP had eight unique opponents during His Title reign while kamaru had one

Victories over UFC World Champs six for GSP two for Usman rounds fought 62 GSP 48 Usman strikes absorbed 497 GSP 647 Usman combined record of UFC opponents 438 to 80 for GSP 281 to70 for Usman Alain Sterling grapples with Jamal Hill aljo is gearing up for his UFC Featherweight debut against Calvin Kar At UFC 300 in a recent YouTube video Sterling grappled with former UFC light Heavyweight champion Jamal Hill and Presented him a formidable challenge Here's a clip you can check the full Video on alj's YouTube channel we've Attached the link in today's video Description found below But at a more moderate Pace he's a big boy grappling with [Music] Jamal uh he let me start mostly from the The the dominating top position trying To control him I think I did a Relatively good job maintaining the half Guard position side control positions And I think I even got to his back but I'm also so much smaller so I kind of Like slip into like these weird places When these bigger people try to explode Get out of these positions and even then He was trying not to use his size and His strength as much which was good for Him um from a technical standpoint for Him to work on some of the things that He's going to need to tighten up cuz if

Uh if he can hit those type of things Without using his strength and trying to Be just a bigger person I think that's Going to go a lot further for him than Just muscling out of everything it it Just lets me know that I don't need to Be too 60 to dominate somebody I mean yeah they Can explode a couple times but when they Get tired if you're in a bad position You're just in a bad position so I Definitely feel good about it and I know That I could do a lot better than people May want to admit because they just Can't wrap their head around someone That much smaller than them actually Being able to control them and pin them Down and submit them But this is Reality Alex P reveals how he approaches Female P and Pana Viana have recently fueled Dating rumors due to the frequent Interactions together that have been Posted on social media now in a recent YouTube video the UFC late heavyweight Champ revealed his secret to Successfully approaching a Girl George masal sends a fiery warning to Nate Diaz masal and Diaz are set to meet In a 10 round 175lb professional boxing Match on June 1st at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles the duo previously fought in

November of 2019 at UFC 244 with mosal Defeating Diaz via third round TKO to CL Claimed the promotions inaugural BMF Belt in a recent video posted to Instagram gamebr who's looking to be in Pretty good shape sent a warning to his Rival and revealed his motivation for Why he wants to beat Diaz up so bad my Name is H game bread Mas FAL and I'm Here at project Ro getting myself ready To put it all on the line to throw down And to Mur this mother pool called Nate Diaz June 1st fan meal pay-per-view Don't miss out get the pay riew now cuz It comes out way cheaper if you get it Later and only tune in if you're into Violent stuff or going into funerals cuz I'm going to kill this mother Nate I Hope you're watching this Nate I hope You're training cuz you know I only got One thing in mind when I step in there And that's to break your talking face All the [ __ ] talking you've been doing Since our first fight now we get to sett All this the doctor saved your life last Time God's going to have to intervene And save your life this time Brother W Harris tests positive for Peds Harris has become the first fighter to Face suspension under the combat sports Anti-doping program the UFC heavyweight Fighter has received a 4year suspension After testing positive for drostanolone Its metabolite and exogenous

Testosterone in samples collected on June 24th 2023 as well as July 12 2023 As confirmed by a UFC announcement The 40-Year-Old fighter will be eligible to Compete again in July of 2027 as his Suspension began on July 11th Harris had Previously accepted a one-year Suspension from the Nevada athletic Commission following a positive test in June of 2023 the pfl is interested in signing Conor mcgreger pfl founder Don Davis is Poised to make a significant impact in Free agency potentially involving Conor McGregor the Irishman is currently Eyeing a return to the cage this summer Likely against Michael Chandler in Recent weeks McGregor has shared Insights into his MMA future disclosing That he only has two fights left on his Contract with the Dana White L Organization during a discussion on the MMA hour pfl founder Don Davis addressed Conor's free agency where he extended an Invitation not only to McGregor but also To other top tier athletes like Jon Jones emphasizing the pfl's Readiness to Host massive fights and Grand events in The future well not addressing Conor per Se but just addressing any fighter Whether it's um you know John Jones Whether it's Conor McGregor anybody the Market understands that we now have the Capital

To do Anything Anything um the market understands that Our desire to think differently um is Unlimited and the market understands That our partners want to Stage the Biggest fights in the world Beyond What's ever been Done so we don't need um anything that We don't have to make the biggest fights Happen with the biggest fighters on the Biggest stage so anybody who's Interested whenever they're Available we're ready and we're the most Creative and were the most aggressive And were the most interested so that Applies across the Board time for today's top memes third Place was found over on Instagram and Was posted by not WWE the second place meme was found over On Instagram and was posted by as Shopped as Gets And the top picked meme was found over On Reddit and was posted by cumber fuk MMA too what the is that I've never seen Nothing like this guy is a Genius thanks for watching if you like The content smash that like button and Don't forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk