Sean Strickland GOES AFTER ‘P***Y’ Brendan Schaub! Nate Diaz FIRES BACK at ‘b**h’ Daniel Cormier!

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00:00 UFC 298 fighter gains revealed
01:39 UFC to add 165-pound weight class?
03:04 Volkanovski says his next fight will 100% be the Ilia Topuria rematch
04:13 Nate Diaz fires back at ‘b**h’ Daniel Cormier
05:56 Sean Strickland goes after Brendan Schaub again
07:05 Ilia Topuria granted Spanish citizenship
07:59 TOP 3 MMA memes



All right let's get the show Started UFC 298 post-fight weight gains Have been revealed in 2017 the California State athletic commission put A plan in place to try to cut back on Excessive weight cutting within those Rules was a cap on how much a fighter Could gain from the official weigh-ins To the fight if a fighter gained more Than 10% back before the bout the Commission then could make a Recommendation that he or she moves to a Higher weight class if a fighter gained More than 15% the commission had plans In place to potentially cancel fights at UFC 298 11 of the 24 fighters on the Card gained more than 10% of their way Back before their actual fight six of 11 Exceeded the 15% threshold MMA reporter Aaron bronstad shared a full list on X Here's the biggest weight gains by Percentage these are all over 15% Jeff Neil went from 17.5 lbs to 20.8 morab Vaj villy went from 135 5 to 156 Volkanovski went from 144 to 166 Carlos Vera went from 135.5 to 158.3 Danny Barlo went from 171 to 197 Paulo Costa from 185 to 215 and ilot torya from 144 to 167.5 Ian Gary only gained 10.6 lbs Jumping from 170 to 18.6 Henry cejudo Went from 135 to 1 15.6 mcken D went From 115 to 127 lb and Robert Whitaker Went from 185 lb to 27.6

Lb Raphael phiv reveals that the UFC is Adding 165lb weight class for the Longest time now fight fans have been of The belief that the UFC needs to Introduce 165 lb division with Lightweight being situated at 155 lb and Welterweight being at 170 some feel as If the 15lb Gap is too big in what feels Like forever now this has been little More than an idea however as of late It's started to gain a bit of traction In a recent interview with Russian Outlet Usha TAA rapael FIV revealed that He's heard this will come to reality Sooner rather than later saying this is Not a rumor this is already for sure as Far as I know I heard that this is Already true and even they have already Fought they even identified something There I heard yes FIV was then asked for His thoughts about competing in the 165lb weight class to which she replied I feel good at 155 I ate pasta during The week of the fight I ate in fight Week even before the weigh-in I've never Had any issue with this I just out of Discipline sat down well before as I got A hold of it after the fight now the Experience has already come where you Can restrain yourself where you need to Not get a hold of something for the Night you don't have to eat 10 Snickers That's why it's become much easier to Lose weight in my last four fights I

Generally lose weight like this that's Why 165 No Alexander volkanovski vows to get his Belt back in a recent video posted to His YouTube channel volkanovski Reflected on his UFC 298 lost helot Toria and promised he'll get his belt Back FKS said that he will now take some Time off and that when he returns his Next fight will 100% be the rematch Against Toria obviously disappointed but at the Same time you know it's just going to be A part of my story I'm going to get some Rest then mark my words I am getting That belt back I'm going to do Everything in my power obviously I told You I'm going to have some rest but when I do decide to get back in there or when We do have a date I'm going to do Everything in my power to make sure I Get that build back here to me and my Family I'm going to do this not I've Always done it for my family and Supporters in Australia and whatnot it Ain't just going to be about that I'm Doing that for me we've done a good job Where we've set a standard for for for Champions to want to be active so if he Wanted to be really active and have a Quick turnaround obviously I'm not going To do that cuz of my head I want to you Want to take that serious but uh my next Fot will definitely 100% be the the

Rematch Nate Diaz responds to Daniel Cormier's criticism earlier this week Diaz to social media announcing plans of Returning for the UFC's event planned to Be held at the Las Vegas sphere in September on his YouTube channel Cormier Discussed the recent comments made by Diaz and admitted that he doesn't really Want see him in the headlining act Anymore unless he's fighting someone Like Conor McGregor DC also said that Diaz's best days are over and that he's Not the fighter he used to be I respect Nate Diaz I like Nate Diaz but I believe that now it is time For us To start to be honest with Ourselves so that Nate can start to be Honest with himself while the name value Is Exciting Nate Diaz The Fighter isn't That guy Anymore and he'll get mad at me and and He might say something to me when I see Him I don't know I don't really Care but we have to tell the truth so I Don't know that I need to see him Main Event the sphere would I watch him fight On the pay-per-view card absolutely Because most of these great guys from The past get that chance But to be the Headliner with all these great Fighters

That Are deserving of that Spot I don't I don't think so of course Diaz wasn't happy with these comments And fired back by posting a photo of DC Crying after his loss to Jon Jones Captioned this is not a fighter complete Opposite good talk DC Shan Strickland goes after Brenan sha Again again BR Shaw flipped his truck During a crash earlier this month in an Accident he captured on video this Happened while the former UFC fighter Was trying to show off his souped up TRX For an episode of his YouTube show tont Town start Emer to call to the SOS Service provided by the manufacturer to Cancel press the SOS s or cancel Button starting SOS Call now Strickland shared his Unfiltered view regarding the incident Tweeting y'all did you see Brenan sha Flip his truck the panic in that Man's Eyes laughing my ass off I've handled Motorcycle wrecks going 80 better than You handled a roll in a truck laughing My ass off maybe you should come hang Out with me I'll help you not be a [ __ ] ilot torya has been granted Spanish citizenship after becoming the UFC featherweight Champion torya met With Spain's prime minister Pedro Sanchez on Tuesday and brought the UFC Belt with him Sanchez posted a video to

His social media congratulating to poron Becoming the UFC champion and also said That Ilia will soon get a Spanish Citizenship It's time for today's top memes third Place was found over on Reddit and was Posted by Endlessness second place meme was found Over on Reddit and was posted by a usern Named little boy 608 and the top picked meme of the day Was also found over on Reddit and was Posted by Spyro thanks for watching if you like The content smash that like button and Don't forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk