PPV buys for Dillon Danis vs. Logan Paul REVEALED! Dillon APPEALS his DQ loss! Till SLAMS Dilon&Paul

MMA news today:

CONOR MCGREGOR continues to praise Dillon Danis’ performance vs. Logan Paul

DILLON DANIS says he will appeal his disqualification defeat to Logan Paul

ALEX VOLKANOVSKI reveals his plans to fight Ilia Topuria in January

DARREN TILL slams ‘embarrassing’ Danis vs. Paul fight

MICHAEL BISPING criticizes Dillon Danis’ performance vs. Logan Paul

PPV buys revealed for Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis boxing match

BELAL MUHAMMAD has some words for Paulo Costa

00:00 – Volkanovski reveals his plans to fight Ilia Topuria in January
01:30 – Conor McGregor continues to praise Dillon Danis’ performance vs. Logan Paul
02:17 – Dillon Danis says he will appeal his disqualification defeat to Logan Paul
03:15 – Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis PPV buys revealed
04:05 – Michael Bisping criticizes Dillon Danis’ performance
05:46 – Darren Till slams ‘embarrassing’ Danis vs. Paul fight
07:12 – Belal Muhammad has some words for Paulo Costa
07:40 – TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get the show Started in today's video volkanovski Reveals His plan to fight ilot toor in January Conor McGregor continues to Praise Dylan denis's performance danis Says he will appeal his disqualification Defeat to Logan Paul Logan Paul versus Dylan danis pay-per-view by is revealed Michael Bisping criticizes denis's Performance Darren till slams Embarrassing danis vers Paul fight and Bal Muhammad has some words for Paulo Costa as most of you already know Alexander banovski has stepped in on a 11 days notice for a blockbuster Lightweight title rematch with Islam ma Chev UFC 294 also this hasn't altered His plans to defend his featherweight Title in an interview with ESPN MMA Mark Randi vul revealed that he wants to face Ilot Toria in January just three months After the October Throwdown in Abu Dhabi There's no way you can turn around in January and fight iot toor as planned Right yeah I don't a lot of people are Saying that I don't see how they think That I wouldn't do that well how long is It it's like over three months away Isn't it October November November December January yeah three months That's what I want to fight every three Months I didn't I didn't have to like I Didn't even have to do a camp so I'm not You know what I mean like I said I'm

Fresh mentally and physically going into This Camp uh going into this fight uh so Straight after it you know what I mean Enjoy this crazy Victory this uh enjoy Me shocking the world uh maybe for a Week or two then we get back to business Conor McGregor has praised Dylan danis Over social media for taking on Logan Paul in boxing he tweeted what a show Brother well done the world is excited For what's next # Legend Dylan replied Just an appreciation post for my brother I've learned so much from him in my life And he always had my back through Everything he's the greatest fighter of Our Generation and I'm blessed to call Him my brother I could go on for Paragraphs about what this man has done For me but just wanted to say love you My G got your back till the end in Response Connor wrote proud of you Dylan You built that c tremendously and went Out swinging four times jiujitsu world Champion with the battle to go into pro Boxing in front of the world chalk it up For the first time ever in history that Has been done well done brother Onwards Dylon danis has insisted that he Will appeal his disqualification defeat To Logan Paul due to multiple offenses After security entered the ring in the Final round ifn boxing tweeted This To which Dylan replied there was

Multiple offenses I'll be submitting my Appeal to the commission today Dyan also Continued to take shots at Logan writing You ran from jujitsu guy for six rounds Every interview you bragged about Knocking me out in the first but guess What you barely touched me give me a Proper boxing camp and considering your Pathetic unwillingness to fight I'd Obliterate you I did worse damage to Logan's face in a second than he did to Me in 18 minutes what do you guys make Of Dylan danis saying he will appeal his Disqualification defeat to Logan Paul Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below it looks like Saturday's Misfits boxing event did some huge Pay-per-view numbers according to a Report from Happy punch the card headlin By KSI vers Tommy Fury and Logan Paul Dlan danis reportedly earned 1.3 million Pay-per-view buys as of now the report Itself is yet to be confirmed by any of The men themselves or Misfits boxing However if it turns out to be correct it Wouldn't be a major shock while Dylan Danis and Tommy Fury haven't been proven Pay-per-view draws on their own that's Not the case for Logan Paul or KSI Logan Previously generated over a million Pay-per-view buys for his 2021 fight With Floyd Mayweather ksi's two fights With Logan Paul each also hit that same Figure making 1.3 pay-per-view buys on

Saturday a very feasible possibility What do you guys make of this report are You surprised by the Numbers let us know Your thoughts in the comments Below speaking on his b podcast Michael Bisping criticized Dylan denis's Embarrassing performance against Logan Paul at Saturday's Misfit boxing event Bisbing also noted that people should Not refer to danis as the MMA guy as He's only fought twice in mixed martial Arts and is a Jiu-Jitsu dude I saw a Tweet from somebody the other day and it Summed it up perfectly but I can't Remember it it was like he trolled his Way into this fight trolled everyone at The press conference he trolled um Logan All the way through it he's got the Lawsuit going on he still continued to Troll and he trolled everyone at the Fight because he didn't show up he Didn't even really try to fight he was Just he I don't think he took it Seriously from start to finish the only Reason why he would have wanted to win Was because of his pride and then in Round six where he knew he was clearly Going to lose he just thought right here We go I've got my insurance card I'm Going to get myself disqualified I go for a double leg try and create Some viral moment try and get some bit Of a moral Victory out of it by maybe You know everyone can laugh and say oh

You were hilarious that was just his Last attempt at saving any kind of Dignity in the fight world I think and It failed miserably as well you know you Can't take down a boxer that isn't Expecting game then my word because he Isn't a boxer he isn't a striker and he Isn't an MMA fighter that's why I do Take a little um I have a slight grievance with everybody Referring to him as the MMA guy he's had Two fights in Bellator uh he's not an MMA guy he hasn't fought in years he's a Jujitsu guy and you can't use Jujitsu in A boxing fight during Monday's interview On the MMA hour Darren till shared his Thoughts on the boxing match between Dylan danis and Logan Paul while he Acknowledged Dylan's Jiu-Jitsu skills in Logan's athleticism he didn't mince Words about the fight itself calling it Disgusting to watch and no matter what Connor says and no matter what he says He can't box he he Physically and mentally cannot box Jiujitsu yeah I mean I don't know in Terms of one of the greats how good he Actually is like I'm I'm like the Biggest Super Fan ever of Gordon Ryan he Was there the weekend and I know him and Dylan have got like a beef I don't know What it's about I don't really care but In terms of how good Dylan actually is In the jiu-ju world and I'm unaware I

Just know he is very good at Jiu-Jitsu so obviously that side of Things Logan on the other hand can't box Got no power he is a very athletic guy Like he's big he's strong he does like The the the stuff he does in the WWE no Normal person can actually do that so You have to give him credit for that Side of things but in terms of boxing And the art and Knockouts and stuff like That it was Preposterous and I say that Word because I don't know I think I've Used every other word so I want to sign A little bit intellectual now me 30s it Was disgusting to watch it really was B Muhammad has some words for Paulo Costa pauloa you fudged up you posted on Social media 10 days before the fight That she had surgery like what did you Think was going to happen do you think That the world was going to ignore it The commissions were going to ignore it There's little things little injuries Happens all the time to a lot of Fighters you want to keep those on the Hush hush you want to keep your camp on The hush hush staff is a terrible thing I've dealt with staff I've seen staff I Know it's a bad thing as you say you Really wanted to fight you didn't want To get pulled out why' you tell the World then Kaa Why here are the top three memes found On the internet today third place was

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