Sean Strickland FIRES BACK at Navy Seal! Conor McGregor MOST TESTED fighter in 2024! Cejudo-Moreno

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00:00 Henry Cejudo calls out Brandon Moreno
01:24 Jon Jones meets Fedor Emelianenko
02:06 Donald Cerrone reveals shocking fight purse from Conor McGregor bout
03:46 MMA community react to Cerrone’s fight purse
04:26 Conor McGregor most tested UFC fighter in 2024
05:03 Raul Rosas Jr. issues a statement following UFC Mexico City withdrawal
05:45 Sean Strickland fires back at Navy Seal
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All right let's get the show started in Today's news Henry cejudo calls out Brandon Moreno despite two back-to-back Losses Triple C has made it Crystal Clear he has no plans of retiring again Just yet now he wants to square off Against Brandon Moreno in a grudge match At UFC 306 later this year in a recent YouTube video cejudo revealed that the Few dates back to The Ultimate Fighter 24 Henry trained with Brandon and Regarded him as family but Moreno Betrayed him by departing from Henry's Camp in training with Joseph benovitz This could have contributed to cejudo's Loss against benovitz that December of 2016 so what fight wouldn't it be better Than than the Triple C Brandon Moreno The Mexican American versus the true Mexican and they come together and they Do a five round showdown at the sphere In Las Vegas for Mexican Independence Day I like it I think there's any way That we should settle it and enough talk And enough cringe and enough Antics and Enough all of that the only way to get It on Bron Moreno is I accept your Challenge let's do it Mexican Independence Day what you got you sign That contract are you a Mexican or a Mexican are Jon Jones meets Fedor Milan Enko the two fighters were both in Attendance at Kingdom Marina in Riad on

Saturday for the historic pfl vers Bellator Event I love You you one of my favorites Always Forever always always you and Alexander Yeah tell your brother I said Hello Johnny yeah I you I you let me make A actually do This Donald Cerrone Reveals His fight Purse from the Conor McGregor bout in a Recent interview on the rodeo Time Podcast UFC Hall of Famer Cerrone Dismissed the idea that he received a Substantial Payday for his fight with Conor McGregor at UFC 246 in January of 2020 McGregor claimed that he would make At least 80 million for the fight which He went on to win by knockout in just 40 Seconds as Cerrone mentioned several Times in the past he is not in the habit Of negotiating for more pay outside of His existing contract and he was Reportedly guaranteed 200k to show with An additional 200k if he were to defeat McGregor sign which is unheard of eight Fight deals most people do one two three But I knew I wanted to fight eight times A year so an eight fight deal for me was A year or a half a year you know what I Mean like so eight F deals I'm locked Into that it's not like three fights in Then I like time to renegotiate yeah Because I'm fighting Connor cuz I'm Fighting Connor no uh you still have

Four more fights on your contract this Is what you're getting paid so Everyone's like red panty night you got Paid no I didn't I paid what I always Got paid which is good yeah I ain't Complaining not making [ __ ] up saying Danny he owes me money no I I made great Money yeah so um but you had the so you You you you agreed to the 85 deal mhm And then they call you along the way Just like anything and it's anytime Anywhere so when they called you about Connor you were like hell yeah hell yeah Let's go that's so bad ass right of Course I and I didn't call like o I'll Only fight Connor if right no let's go That's so bad let's do us here's how the MMA Community reacted wild Mount wrote And he's willingly testifying on the Side of the UFC in their lawsuit based On his performance he was overpaid he Got paid 200k for the fight which worked Out to5 ,000 per second he spent in the Octagon that night and he is one of only Five people to voluntarily remove Themselves from the class action lawsuit You can't make it up 1.3 million Pay-per-view buys and they cost $65 Dana White made 84.5 million that night and Gave Cerrone 200k crazy how much money He pocket for himself that's terrible Work from his management team best Believe Connor got paid though Company Men are the biggest

Tools Conor McGregor emerges as the most Tested Athlete on the UFC roster with The UFC working with drug free sport as Of 2024 the former two Division champion Has now become the most tested fighter In the promotion this year the database Was just updated on February 25th and Here's a list of Fighters with two or More tests this year Conor McGregor with Four tests Shan Strickland with two Tests Alex volkanovski with two tests Draus dupi with two tests Tempa gimbo With two tests Taylor lapis with two Tests and 10 other Fighters show two Tests with 29 99 Fighters showing one Test so far this year R roses Jr's team Releases a statement following UFC Mexico City's withdrawal roses Jr was Forced to withdraw from a scheduled Bantamweight fight Saturday night at UFC Mexico City just minutes before Fighters Were supposed to enter the cage now Roses's team released a statement Explaining what happened the statement Reads to all the people asking what Happened to rul he was feeling Light-headed dizziness and had low Energy he still was ready and had his Gear on and didn't want to pull out of The fight he was still going to go out There and fight but we as a team didn't Let him go out there his health comes First and if he's not 100% it's not Worth going out there right now he's

Getting checked by the doctors thank you All for the support to Raul he'll be Back Sean Strickland responds after Being called out by a Navy SEAL earlier This week Strickland took to social Media commenting on the training endured By Seals and expressing his belief that It wouldn't measure up to his everyday MMA regimen I don't think there's one [ __ ] Navy SEAL who could survive a Week training with me I'm kind of sick Of seeing it cuz like you guys think Badass come trade with me for a week I'll show you what's up I'll fing break You it didn't take long for Sha's Comment to begin receiving heavy Backlash one Navy SEAL even sent in a Short clip explaining how his training Differs Sean we get it you're a badass Bro but check it out your training Partners get millions of dollars and They actually live my swim buddies they Die every single year do you have any Idea what that means we've already Proven that any kind of beat down will Not break us but our training will Simply just end your career Sean I'm Talking about skin grafts on the thighs Sean you talk about taking people's Souls from their body well me and my Boys we've actually taken a lot of real Souls from people you know what I'm Saying bro your training is absolutely Brutal man we get it I understand but

Your training doesn't kill dudes every Single year and that's the world that we Live in brother my best advice for you Sean is to stay in the Octagon keep Fighting for that next purse in US seals We'll keep fighting for your freedom Brother now Shawn responded tweeting I Made a Navy SEAL upset he said we Protect your freedom I'm very Pro-military but anti-government but to Say I protect your freedom y'all need a History lesson on the federal government Google Snowden in the Constitution the Sand people aren't taking away my Freedoms a viewer then tweeted the US Military's purpose has nothing to do With protecting our freedom if it did it Would only be fighting on us soil Sean Replied Facts time for today's top memes third Place was found over on Instagram and Was posted by as shopped as it Gets the second place meme was found Over on Reddit and was posted by a user Named bedorf 69 And the top picked meme was found over On Reddit and it was posted by the his 08730 thank you guys for watching if you Like the video please leave a like And Subscribe to our channel to keep up with The latest MMA News