Sean Strickland BREAKS RIBS of Power Slap Fighter & Dana White GETS MAD! Kevin Lee ENDS retirement!

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00:00 Justin Gaethje responds to Rafael Fiziev’s accusations
01:42 Johnny Walker drops N-word after finding out he’s 22% African
02:46 Joe Rogan gets honest on the UFC’s antitrust lawsuit
04:10 Bisping reacts to Cannonier’s callout of Khamzat Chimaev
05:44 Kevin Lee ends his retirement from MMA
06:32 MMA Community react to Lee’s return
07:16 Sean Strickland beats up Power Slap Contender
08:32 TOP 3 MMA memes



All right let's get this show Started Justin gatei fires back at Rafael FIV back in March of 2023 gatei And phiv engaged in a fierce three- Round War during the UFC 286 Edwards Versman 3 main card gatei emerged Victorious by majority decision putting An end to ph's sixf fight win streak Just recently physie did an interview With the All-Star and accused gatei of Running for the first two rounds and Stated that an I pooke changed the Course of their Fight the class him knock him out bro Who give him good fight you know he ran Away from me two round he ran away he he Start to win me only after I Pok because My eye doesn't see anything it's big big White big white circle on my right eye All fight big white circle I didn't see Anything with my right eye so he fight Going good only after I and round three When I'm start too tired you know but You know but he run away to round you Know he's run run run he's I like yeah Maybe his his his game plan my game plan Is [ __ ] and uh I do a lot of [ __ ] on This fight don't listen my carer don't Don't follow the game plan but still he Run away to R now gatei fired back Tweeting not a good look here I hit him So hard he forgot which IE got poked Your right eye got torched by my right Hand kid phive replied the fact is that

The fight dynamic shifted for me after The ey pooke it's my fault that I didn't Take the time to recover unfortunately Eye Poes happen and we as Fighters Should be ready for such accidents Especially your opponents no disrespect Me I'm rooting for you Johnny Walker has Unveiled the results of his genetic test In his latest Twitter video Walker Unveiled getting a 23 and me genetic Test which analyzed his ancestry as such He claimed to be from different ethnic Backgrounds like 22% African 72% European 3.8% indigenous American and 0.7% Western Asian furthermore since he Now knows he belongs to the African race He casually dropped a racial slur in the Video what's up guys I did my 23 eny Genetic task and it come back so I'm Going to tell you guys what I am my Genetic is a little bit crazy cuz have a Little bit everywhere so Brazilians was Like this you know we come to conquer Have a little bit peace for everyone Take look M so this is my version Nigeria my Friend I'm 3.3% Nigerian proud to be Nigerian I'm Also Angola and congol Le my Friend Joe Rogan gets honest on the UFC's antitrust lawsuit for years now Fighters like Kung Lee and Nate query Have been bankrolling a lawsuit against

The UFC the suit accuses the promotion Of purposely keeping down fighter pay Through anti- competitive tactics these Tactics include buying out competition And controlling market prices for top Fighters in the sport if the UFC loses The trial it could pay up to 1.6 billion In Damages to over 1,200 fighters who Competed between 2010 and 2017 UFC brass Has been mostly silent about the lawsuit With the exception of a recent comment From Dana White now on his JRE podcast Joe Rogan made a comment about the Upcoming trial saying they're definitely The best at it but here's the problem With the Monopoly argument You can make that argument with the NBA You can make that argument with the NFL You can make that with Major League Baseball well they bought out the Competition which is definitely true They bought out Affliction they bought Out Strike Force no it's not illegal They do it in everything in some Businesses they will break you up if you Have a monopoly and it seems to be Connected politically like how much Money are you donating to the Democratic Party how much money are you donating to The Republican Party how much money do You spend on whatever programs they want Whatever this whatever that whatever Foundations you have to play this game Still if people complain and a lawsuit

Comes about there is this possibility That you could be a monopoly but there's A lot of monopolies Man Michael Bisping reacts to Jared Ker's call out of Hamza shimay shimay Has been advocating for the next Middleweight title shot but may find Himself in a number one Contender fight After receiving a call out from Jared Canan year speaking on his bym podcast Bisping said that he likes the idea of a Potential bout between the two and said If hamzat beats number fourth in year People will stop saying he doesn't Deserve to fight for the middleweight Gold see I absolutely love that and Shout out to Jared caner because how Many people are calling out Hamza I know There's people in the past that have Done that but for Jared caner to be in The position that he is to have a win Over the former Champion Strickland a Man that's at the top of the food chain Although he's not the champion or Contending for it anytime soon top five Has been for a long long time and one Good win or two good wins he's run right There to call out hamzat Chim is a Gangster move because hamza's calling Everyone out and also for Hamza right Because everybody points to the same Thing whenever hamz says he should get a Title fight when any anytime anybody Says or suggests that they turn around

Said well who's he beating at Middleweight that is what everybody says That is and and there's some validity to That argument right there is any way you Slice it um so for him BT Jared caner a Perennial Contender that's been there For a long time who is top of the food Chain that shuts that box up and for Jared caner a win over hamzat Chim is a big big thing it's a big deal Kevin Lee ends his MMA retirement Lee Announced his retirement in July of 2023 Following a 55 second submission loss to Rat fak radinov the appearance was his First fight back with the UFC since he Was released in November of 2021 now 6 Months later Lee took to Twitter Announcing that he will fight in MMA Once again most likely at lightweight no Timeline for the return has been given It's unclear if he will remain on the UFC roster his contract Frozen or if the Promotion severed ties when he notified It of his retirement Kevin tweeted I'm Coming out of retirement I'll fight MMA Again I don't know when where or who yet But I'm dropping weight and getting into Shape now followed up with I'm going to Get in the best shape of my life that's My focus right now it's been months Since I retired and I miss being around The sport here's how the MMA Community Reacted to Kevin's announcement yasco Said do a grapple match before get your

Toes in the water don't jump in you're Un retiring and you aren't even in shape Yet laughing my ass off okay bro getting In shape doesn't matter if you don't Have the motivation and same energy that Drive that pep in your step you'll never Get it back again you've become slower And a more conscious fighter used to be An athletic strong kid your time on top Is passed need the Tony rematch whoever Loses retires just to get staff and lose Again all that to get sent into Retirement again you still got time bro I believe in you bro you good at Lightweight you was beating Charles Before you got finished lightweight your True weight Class Shan Strickland beats up a power Slap contestant Strickland made an Appearance on the most recent episode of The reality show Power slap road to the Ttle he has the group of power slappers Working out at the facility if anyone Wanted to box the former middleweight Champion usually gets flaged for going Too hard during sparring sessions which Is exactly what happened in the case of Colton Cole the power slap League Contender accepted Strickland's Invitation to some Spar boxing and got Beat up so bad that he was removed from The competition after suffering broken Ribs so the guys ran into Shan Strickland at the gym and Colton took

The opportunity to Spar with Strickland in the boxing Ring absolutely Stupid Oh my Goodness horrible decision he's hurt and Now he has to be removed from the Competition they see some problems in Your ribs no he just didn't want to uh You know put on a shitty fight said I'm Not feeling good right now probably best I I don't compete if I can uh I can't perform at 100% time for today's top memes third Place was found over on Instagram and Was posted by as shopped as Gets second place meme was found over on Reddit and was posted by usern named Pole MMA and the top picked meme was found Over on Instagram and was posted by Beaver Smash TV thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk